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    [1986-09-03-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu

    PWF World Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs NWA United National Heavyweight Champion Genichiro Tenryu - AJPW 9/3/86 These two have excellent chemistry and the 1985 series seems to be when Tenryu finally got it (I will say he had a terrific match with Ted DiBiase in 1983, but this was different). The 1986 is less heralded except for the review above, which is both excellent as a review and extols the virtues of the match well. Choshu comes out with his ribs taped up a result of the war with Killer Khan just a little over a month prior. Choshu returns to his typical heel roots against #2 babyface Tenryu. In a great display of Choshu drama, he rips off the tape in front of Tenryu and the crowd in defiance. The velocity by which they run the ropes and Tenryu BOWLS Choshu over with a shoulder tackle is very 90s All Japan as is Choshu catching Tenryu subsequently and hitting a Back Suplex! Tenryu powders to regroup. This would not be out of place in a 1996 Kenta Kobashi match. They trade side headlocks. Their lock-ups are ferocious. Choshu knows how to make every little detail so big. Excellent Fireman's Carry by Choshu whilst maintaining wrist control to seamlessly transition into a cross-armbreaker attempt. Genius wrestling. Love it. Great struggle over the hold. Choshu wins the Shouldertackle takedown and figure-4s the head as he is wont to do. Choshu has been in control of most of the match, early Back Drop Driver and controlling the action via tight holds. Tenryu is able to reverse into a Bow & Arrow and for the first time, Choshu is in retreat as he powders to regroup. Tenryu allows him back in and is another of those batterring ram lock ups. The first strike is delivered a Tenryu overhand chop. Choshu hits a reverse elbow in the corner. He has his back to Tenryu. Tenryu kicks him with the toe of the boot right into the injured midsection. Dick move by man who hitherto was not known for his dick moves but would later become a King Prick. Tenryu does not continue the attack there, rather consolidates around arm work. The idea is perhaps that is more honorable and that that kicks to the injury was a desperation tactic and he was back to wrestling with honor. I LOVE how Choshu struggles to get out of these holds just throwing kicks from his back in the hold trying to connect with any part of Tenryu's body. They are doing a great job changing the holds as Choshu struggles, Tenryu repositions, rinse, lather, repeat for maximum entertainment value. Choshu bullies Tenryu into the corner to force a break but does not give one. Instead, he attacks Tenryu's knee and then delivers two WICKED, HEATED ELBOWS to Tenryu's head that pops the crowd. Tenryu's responds in turn with an AWESOME DROPKICK! Best exchange thus far! Tenryu Mack Truck Lariat on Choshu wins the Criss-Cross battle. Kneedrop re-consolidates his advantage into an armbar. Showing Choshu's rally was really just a hope spot. Choshu feels more like the babyface and Tenryu the heel here, which probably suits their personalities better. I LOVED Choshu catching the High Knee, Sweeping The Leg and IMMEDIATE SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Great struggle to turn it over, slapping Tenryu's in the face, but too clsoe to the ropes and Choshu goes right back to it. But again too close to the ropes. Choshu takes full advantage of the count. Huge highspot when Choshu goes up top and Tenryu hits an Enziguiri wicked bump by Choshu to the apron. They battle on the apron! Choshu ducks the Lariat and nails his own to win the Apron battle. I like their Battling Ram Mini-Battles. Choshu is too injured to captialize. It is actually Tenryu, who is grabbing his jaw, that drags Choshu out by his hair into the railing. CHOSHU DANGEROUSSSSSSS BACKDROP DRIVER ON THE APRON! HOLY SHIT! This would not be out of place at all in mid-90s All Japan! Choshu is Winding-Up but Tenryu has a well-placed knee to the injured side of the charging Choshu. Choshu crumples into a heap. Tenryu turning full heel here is great. Choshu is writhing in pain as Tenryu delivers a series of standing elbow drops. Struggle over the Back Drop Driver, Tenryu breaks the clasp and kicks the injured side. SLINGSHOT SUPLEX BY TENRYU! WOW! This rocks! Tenryu applies The Octopus Stretch which pops the crowd but Tenryu loses his balance and they end up in the ropes. Toe kick to injured side. Choshu catches a kick and MUSCLES his way into a Scorpion Deathlock in the middle of the ring! Great heat for this! Choshu injured ribs force him to break the hold. Vertical Suplex by Choshu gets two.. Tenryu lunges at Choshu from his knees and attackes the injured side. Choshu MANS UP and fights through the pain and hoists Tenryu over in a Dangerous Backdrop Driver. Tenryu tries for a Top Rope Reverse Elbow. Choshu pulls him down with a Back Suplex! Tenryu moved too quickly to go up top in my opinion. Another Backdrop Driver and gets a heated nearfall for two. Choshyu hammerlocks Tenryu and drives him shoulder first into the post and then he BASHES Tenryu's head into the ringpost to bloody him. It is amazing how bloody All Japan was compared to the sterile 90s. Choshu tees off on the open wound in typical awesome Choshu fashion with great punches. Tenryu collapses into the ring as Choshu winds up! MACK TRUCK LARIAT! I love how Tenryu doesnt budge initially to absorb all of the blow to make it extra meaty and then collapses. Choshu smashes him into the railing. Back in the ring he continues to brutalize Tenryu and he triggers a DQ in the only surefire way to trigger a DQ in 80s All Japan by attacking the ref. Tenryu nails an Enziguiri in the post-match but other than that Choshu is a man possessed punching Tenryu and Young Boys. I am shocked this placed #63. You have Prick Tenryu, Badass Rockstar Choshu fighting from underneath to overcome Tenryu's dickishness, you have the side injury, you have a ton of MOVEZ~! and blood. DQ finishes dont bother me too much and I thought this was a good one honestly. Choshu was seeing red. Tenryu had been a docuhe to him the entire match. He bloodies him and just starts teeing off. He cant stop, the ref does the right thing to protect Tenryu and Choshu does the right thing to signal to the audience how pissed he is by decking the ref. I really liked that Tenryu always had to use the injury to gain the advantage and as the match wore on he would become more & more focused on it. I didnt think the beginning (as much as I liked the early Backdrop Driver) was wrestled at a ***** level even though the later stages of the match got there for me. The Lariat battle on the Apron and the BackDrop Driver on the Apron were NUTS! The finish stretch was crazy! Call me crazy, but I liked this definitively better than Choshu/Killer Khan match. ****3/4
  2. PWF World Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs Ricky Martel - AJPW 12/03/86 If there is one wrestler I cant resist, it is Ricky Martel, baby! I enjoyed this match. I like a good narrative and the fact this didnt really have one puts a ceiling on how much I enjoyed it. However, besides a narrative, this had everything else I really enjoy in pro wrestling. Lots of struggle, trading holds, and huge charisma. You cant have a bad time watching Rick Martel work. He is so quick and moving with such vigor. Watch his side headlock into a toehold. Or watch his O'Connor Roll. He is such a joy to watch. Choshu is a total rockstar. Just a really hot opening to the match without any highspots. Martel shoulder gets rammed into the post. Choshu nails a suplex and thinks Scorpion Deathlock but cant get Martel over. Martel goes tenaciously after the leg. Great struggle over the Figure-4. Martel does the 'ol AWA standby of dropping his weight down on the knee after the figure-4 is relinquished. Martel starts driving the knee and misses the second knee into the mat. Choshu gets two deep Scorpion Deathlocks and Martel sells well. Martel goes into his finish run...reverse crossbody...gutwrench suplex...bodyslam...backbreaker. He goes up top and crashes and burns on the Top Rope Splash! Dangerous BackDrop Driver...Windup...MACK TRUCK LARIAT for the tidy 1,2,3. Not a whole lot of substance and Martel blows off what little legwork there was. Not a whole lot meat on the bone, but what we did get was fun. ***1/2
  3. Superstar Sleeze

    [1986-07-31-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Killer Khan

    PWF World Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs Killer Khan - AJPW 7/31/86 I am just finishing Jack Weatherford's excellent Genghis Khan and specifically the chapter about Kublai Khan trying to invade Japan twice. In the first invasion, they were only thwarted because a massive Wind storm blew up and destroyed the Mongol fleet. This Divine Wind is known as the "Kamikaze" in Japanese. The use of a "barbaric" Mongol heel in the 1970s/80s, 700 years after the Mongol Invasions of Japan shows the impact of history. It is only fitting I watch a Killer Khan and one of his three classics at that. Riki Choshu is such a badass rockstar. What is the backstory here? This is heel vs heel, no? They tagged in 1985? Where was the falling out? This a Clash of Titans brawl. It is very Choshu and Khan is a perfect villain for the the Choshu style. He is much larger than Choshu, very imposing and can go blow for blow with the meaty Choshu. Lots of intense lock-ups. The unique aspect to me in this match was Khan's use of "War Cries" or "Ghoulish Screams". He sounded like a banshee. He clubbers Choshu down, mostly focusing on the midsection. It is a stomp to Choshu while he is in the supine position after being battered by relentless barrage of kneelifts that we hear the first of these war cries. He continues to use the War Cries throughout the match. Another aspect of the match that makes it great is the amount of struggle in the match. There is a lot of fighting through offense. The first major turning point is when Killer Khan misses his favorite Bombs Away Kneedrop from the top rope to the floor! Choshu begins to go to work on the larger Khan by clubbering away. There is such a great intensity to Choshu that makes this engrossing. In the ring, he uses the Dangerous Backdrop Driver and the Scorpion Deathlock to get the quick victory. This is an aspect of 80s Puroresu, dont fuck around, humiliate your opponent by beating him so bad that it is a quick win. Khan gets to the ropes and escapes to outside. It is here we see the most emphatic use of the War Cries! Khan SCREAMS as he unloads with the Mongolian Double Chops! Choshu fires right back and bashing Khan's head into the ring post twice, he signals to the crowd that he is a badass and Khan is wearing the Crimson Mask! This is killer! Khan is stumbling and bumbling. I love how quickly Choshu closes the gap when Khan is trying to scale the apron. Those punches were wicked and the acceleration was ferocious. Choshu just keeps punching the head while Khan sells blood loss/concussed really damn well. He looks like he has been beaten to a bloody pulp on the floor. Choshu allows him to get back in presumably to end him. Choshu mercilessly punches the open wound but have he feels enough punishment has been meted out, he winds up for the Lariat but eats the BIG BOOT?!?! There is life in Killer Khan yet. Kneelift back to the midsection. Big double kneedrop followed up with the BOMBS AWAY KNEEDROP! Khan cant capitalize! He is too beaten up. Khan covers for two! Khan is incredulous! He is so besides himself, that he collapses outside to tell the front row fans that was three. This is crazy! I have never seen anything like this. He is telling anybody that will listen that was three. Back in the ring, KNEEDROP! He still has three fingers up to the crowd. Again Choshu kicks out! Killer Khan is besides him as the crowd chants for Choshu. I think the end is nigh for Khan. He settles for choking the life out of Choshu with his care hands and then with wrist tape. Choshu kicks him off and the tape goes flying. Choshu pours it on with Big Dangerous Backdrop Drivers, BIG POPEYE WINDUP, Mack Truck Lariat, 1-2-NO!!!! Are you shitting me? Another Lariat does Khan in. More things change, the more they stay the same. The extra Lariat would become a staple of All Japan, NOAH and now New Japan and WWE. I dont think it was necessary at all. There was more heat on the penultimate pinfall attempt than the final. This is Clash of the Titans Tokyo Dome, WrestleMania Main Event structure to a tee. Everything feels huge. Khan not accepting his two count felt very Ultimate Warrior looking at his hands at WrestleMania VII for instance. Very simple (Khan works the midsection, misses Kneedrop, Choshu kicks ass, bloodies Khan, misses Lariat, Khan finish run, Choushu hulks up final finish run), but incredibly effective because of the heat. The heat is Khan's War Cries, his Kneedrops and his crazy awesome selling. The heat is Choshu oozing badass charisma out of every pore, not giving an inch and just kicking ass. Not quite tippy top, Greatest Match of All Time, but definitely an awesome Clash of the Titans-style, Dome Main Event match that Choshu excels in. ****1/2
  4. Superstar Sleeze

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    @soup23 Chad! Brutha, glad you are taking the time to listen! Carolina Dreamin' was a big reason, I got hyped for this project! @JKWebb& I have reached our Top 50 Greatest WCW and Jim Crockett Promotion Matches of All Time on the Place To Be Network, the only Place To Be in your Pop Culture World! This is the front half of the Top 50 so #50-26, so buckle up because this is when the motors start to redline and your heart beats just a little bit faster. Enjoy! https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-38saw-f74b66
  5. AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs NWA United National Heavyweight Champion Genichiro Tenryu - AJPW 7/26/86 An under-recognized aspect of Stan Hansen's AWA World Title Reign is that it served as a major marketing ploy for the All Japan office after losing dates on Ric Flair & NWA Championship in '86. By having Stan as the World Champion, they were able to consistently book the World Championship Defenses on their tours throughout 1986. Baba must have known slightly ahead of time what Crockett/Flair were doing. I wonder if thats why he negotiated with Verne to do this deal and Verne probably needed the money. By using Hansen instead of Jumbo or Tenryu, Verne got an American who could cut promos and participate in angles. Genichiro Tenryu has basically been the United National Champion since 1984 except for a sight hiccup when he voluntarily relinquished the belt in 1986 due to being pinned in a tag match, what an honorable man. He defeated Ted DiBiase in tournament final, I loved their match in 1983. I am kinda surprised that this finished #119 as I thought it was pretty damn great and I know the All Japan set was fucking stacked but this had blood, struggle and great performances by both men. I think I prefer the inverted match structure that Stan Hansen provides as opposed to the traditional match structure. The way Jumbo wrestled him was typical with Jumbo having the advantage early and Hansen taking over for heat. Since Hansen does not bump around like a traditional heel and shine the babyface, it leaves these segments feeling like heel in peril. By doing the inverted match structure, you have Hansen open with heat and then when the babyface fighting from underneath takes over and works the Lariat arm it is still heel in peril BUT it feels more dramatic because you have seen what the Grizzly Bear can do and the babyface has earned the wound on the Grizzly Bear. Hansen comes out in all his clubbering Tasmanian Devil glory. He feeds Tenryu a bodyslam and takes an enziguiri, but he keeps on trucking. He works a side headlock. If there is one chink in the Hansen armor is that he is not always a great, entertaining grinder. Bret Hart and Greg Valentine are great grinders. Hansen relies on chaos and the bull in the china shop mentality to generate entertainment and excitement. He tends to leave the viewer longing for more when he is working headlocks. One thing Hansen does very, very well, maybe the best of all time, is that he makes you believe the babyface is fighting for his very life when he is in the ring with him. Hansen ends up missing a charge and then taking a knee to the lariat arm on a charge. Tenryu starts throwing Enzigiuris at the arm. Tenryu works the arm over like a champ. At one point, he is just grinding his knuckles into the elbow of Hansen. It is pretty typically great, work Hansen's lariat arm segment with Hansen, who is a very underrated seller doing great. I love when Hansen, Vader, Andre or Brock sell, that wounded Grizzly Bear selling is so good. Hansen flees to the safety of the outside only for Tenryu to bash Hansen's head into the announce table and slam the bad wing into hard metal objects. Hansen actually pulls Tenryu out after Tenryu went back in to break the count and this time Tenryu smashes Hansen's head so hard into the announce table he draws blood. He punches the open wound and a series of Enziguiris serve as nearfalls for the challenger. Tenryu goes for the powerbomb but Hansen blocks. Hansen BULLDOZES Tenryu with a Lariat that sends both men crashing to the floor. Tenryu is kicking at Hansen from his back on the floor in a great heated, scrappy moment. Hansen holds him back and as this is double countout as expected as it is a double championship match. Hansen crowns Tenryu with a chair and they brawl to the back. Given the blood, the great arm work and the sudden finish, I thought this was better than the two Jumbo matches (though the second one did feature some choice Jumbo working the midsection work). I loved the desperation, home run Lariat that basically said "I am fucked", "if I am going to Hell, I am taking you with me", "Fuck my bad arm, I am going to lose, I just need to clobber him with my killshot and take the draw to keep my World Championship" all in one blow. It still was not the epic, must-see classic but this was strong pro wrestling: establish the Monster, create vulnerability in the Monster, build heat to the big finish with blood & brawling, make you believe the Hero has a chance to win with nearfalls and then a badass climax and that hooks you in for rematches. ****
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    [1986-07-31-AJPW] Jumbo Tsuruta vs Stan Hansen

    AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs NWA International Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 7/31/86 Their next match in the series, quick recap in April, Hansen worked the arm, Jumbo lit off some fireworks, Hansen bulldozed Jumbo with a Lariat, but they both tumbled out for a Double Countout finish. Since this is again a double championship match, I expect a similar finish. The work in this match is a step above the work in the April match. We get the same intense struggle at the beginning of the match with Jumbo controlling with a side headlock. We see maybe more of a concerted effort targeting of Hansen's Lariat arm by Jumbo even applying a cross-armbreaker before Hansen is able to clasp his hands. From there, Hansen is able to gain control. He starts rattling off Vaderbombs but on the third one he eats knees and this would be important. He flees to the outside. Here, Jumbo hits Lariat to his kidney/ribs/side of Hansen. Hansen sells this like a million bucks. Jumbo gets greedy and Lariats the ringpost when Hansen evades. Now we get glorious dueling body part psychology with Hansen working the arm and Jumbo working the ribs/side of Hansen. This dueling body part psychology is what puts it over the April match for me. I love that Hansen never forgets to sell the ribs as he is the one who has control of Jumbo's arm first so it would be easy for his ribs to be lost in the shuffle. He goes hard charging into the buckles and make sure to take brunt of it on his side. Jumbo for his part is always wailing on this part of the body, coming down hard with body blows, double axehandles, driving the knee and even a stomach claw! Ted DiBiase comes to ringside to exhort Hansen on. Jumbo even remembers at one point to switch arms and hit the Baba Neckbreaker Drop with his left arm. That is commitment. Big Jumbo bodyslam! I love the struggle between the two. Everything is earned. Abdominal Stretch with a stomach claw! Great stuff from Jumbo! I love how laser-focused Jumbo is. Hansen kicks his feet off the top rope on a back suplex attempt and now the playing field is more levelled as Jumbo is shaking the cobwebs loose. Jumbo is up first as Hansen was trying to create distance and escape to the outside. Great dropkick by Jumbo. The biggest and best bump of the match was when Jumbo comes flying across the ring on a High Knee and Hansen backdrops him over the top rope. Insane bump by Jumbo! I thought for sure that would be the finish. The finish is anti-climatic and shocking at the same time. Hansen is selling like a million bucks on the outside. Hansen sandbags him on a suplex into the ring, just falling to the side. Then out of nowhere Hansen applies an O'Connor Roll of all things to win the match!?!?!? What the fuck? Hansen doing an O'Connor Roll is not something I expected. I definitely did not expect the title change. I looked it up; Jumbo had been champion for over THREE YEARS at this point, so a pretty shocking. So how can something this shocking, surprising be anti-climatic. There was no heat in this pinfall. It was too out of nowhere. Jumbo had been dominating him for five continuous minutes. I think the out of nowhere Lariat would have been cooler. Double Countout Tease off the High Knee bump to the floor was smart because I think every smart fan in 1986 was going to bite on that. The sandbag/O'Connor Roll just didnt do much for me. Hansen's midsection selling was really good and Jumbo's offense was smart, stiff. Even with a better finish, I dont think this touches the very similar, but even more compelling Hansen vs Taue '94 classic. The finish keeps it just under great status for me, but the body part work was really, really good in this. ***3/4
  7. AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs NWA International Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 4/18/86 Double championship match means there is going to be some sort of skullduggery at the finish. Hansen had just dropped his PWF Championship to Riki Choshu earlier in the month, who would keep until he returned to New Japan in 1987. Even though, Jumbo & Hansen are each considered two of the ten greatest wrestlers who ever lived, their rivalry is generally considered lackluster and I dont really hear of anyone pointing to them having that one match that is held up as GOAT material. I do see a match from 1986 did finish highly in the DVDVR voting. It was not this one, mind you. Jumbo starts off pugnacious. He takes it right to the ornery, Texan bully. Overwhelming him to start and really smothering him on the ropes. I was not expecting such a hot start from Jumbo, it was most likely a fighting fire with fire deal as Hansen loves to jumpstart matches and cause chaos. Jumbo started to try to just control Hansen with a side headlock. Maybe sap his energy. Lean on Hansen, make Hansen carry his weight. Hansen is like the Tasmanian Devil. I think Jumbo is thinking it best to just control/contain until he can strike. It is a feeling out process that drips with struggle as each man has their hands in each other's faces and they are really grapple for best position, but still it is not the most entertaining or stimulating beginning to a match ever. Hansen looks poised to work an arm injury but Jumbo armdrags out of trouble and back to side headlock. Hansen eventually does get a hold of this arm and just wails on it. He drags Jumbo out of the ring and wrenches the arm against hard, metal object. Great selling by Jumbo while Hansen continues to clobber. Jumbo is able to get a well-timed kneelift up which Hansen sells well. Hansen DECKS Jumbo with a wild swinging Lariat from the apron albeit from a stationary position. Jumbo recovers, blocks the suplex attempt, and hit shis own. This kicks us into the finish stretch with Jumbo rattling off those big Jumbo highspots that we are accustomed to Baba Neckbreaker Drop, Russian Legsweep, bodyslam, High Knees Galore! Hansen goes for the Lariat, but Jumbo decks and gets the Sleeper. On the Second Attempt, Hansen BULLDOZES Jumbo with the Lariat and then both careen outside the ring. Hansen restrains Jumbo from getting back into the ring by holding onto the foot. Lame, albeit, expected finish aside, I liked the work, but didnt love it. The early strategy of trying to contain the normally chaotic, havoc-wreaking Hansen was smart even if it was not visually stimulating. I did appreciate all the struggle. I liked the arm psychology at first as Hansen was working the arm well, but it was ultimately meaningless and just a means to fill time. Jumbo's finish stretch was good, but I know he has bigger fireworks in his arsenal. This was only their third singles match together. Their first was in 1982 and second was in March of 1986. So they might not have had their chemistry down, BUT even more importantly, they did NOT want to blow their wad yet. With Baba waning, these were the two big stars of the promotion so you want to get a lot of rematches out of the rivalry so as a "first" match in the series, this match is tastefully executed to make you want more. ***1/2
  8. Superstar Sleeze

    [1986-06-12-AJPW] Masanobu Fuchi vs Hiro Saito

    Masa Fuchi vs Hiro Saito - AJPW 6/12/86 Masa Fuchi is two for two in unexpected, bloody brawls in 1986! I am pretty sure I have seen Hiro Saito in New Japan or MUGA against Fujinami. He has a very similar body type and tights as his namesake the awesome Masa Saito. Much like the Kobayashi match, the tape cuts right to a chaotic start where Saito is roughing up Fuchi on the outside and ends up bloodying his ear ala Piper/Valentine from 1983. Saito punches, stomps and chomps on the bloody ear! He throws in a piledriver for good measure. The ear much like Pipers is a bloody mess and this already unique and badass. The match really picks up when Fuchi back suplexes Saito as a transition to his offense. I love the back suplex as a transition. The best part of the match by far is Fuchi just walloping Saito with some of the best potatoes you would ever see. He was fucking clobbering him. In addition to badass punches, we get a lot of enziguiris and a piledriver on the floor! I dont think I have ever seen babyface Fuchi but he is pretty damn good. The fight over an abdominal stretch, Saito with a wicked German! Saito crashes and burns hard on the Top Rope Senton! I like how this has gone from bloody brawl to high end All Japan finish run. Fuchi gets a Gutwrench Suplex and then Saito a Fisherman's Suplex, I love how Fuchi breaks it up. Love the variety of throws. Fuchi hits a gnarly back suplex from the apron to the floor and as someone mentioned previosuly it leaves a blood stain on Saito's chest from Fuchi's ear. Fuchi bumps into the ref. Saito yanks the chair out from under the timekeeper and jabs into Fuchi's head for a hot nearfall. Second German puts Fuchi away. Another great bloody, kickass brawl. Similar complaint to the last match, bit too much ragdolling, I would have liked to seen more fighting through offense. This has the pinfall finish as opposed to the DQ finish, but I thought it was a little anti-climatic. We had seen the German already and if Saito was going to go over, I think the steel chair jab to the head was a better route. Still this was a killer Fuchi performance and everyone has to see those punches!!! ****
  9. Masa Fuchi vs Kuniaki Kobayashi - AJPW 4/6/86 I love unexpected bloody brawls! I saw this on paper was thinking oh this is a technical gem. Kobayashi bumrushes Fuchi at the bell and just beats him pillar to post like he found out he slept with his girlfriend. This was a mugging. He starts swinging the steel chair with all he has got. Relaxed rules Japanese pro wrestling is the best. He tears into Fuchi and they end up in the ring. They spill back to the outside. FUCHI WHIPS KOBAYASHI THE HARDEST I HAVE EVER SEEN INTO A STEEL RAILING! That fucking railing most have went back 6 feet and really hurt some people's knees and shins. Wow! He wiped out! Then Fuchi took him a bulldog headlock and rammed his head hard into railing. OW! Then again slammed his head into the railing. Kobayashi ends up a bloody mess...brawling and juice! What a match! Fuchi kicks some major league ass while soaking in some jeers, he is clearly the heel as expected. Kobayashi chants start up. Kobayashi gets a tremendous finish run...amazing backslide...Fisherman's Suplex...bitchin' spinkick...SICK German Suplex! Wicked heat on all these nearfalls! The action spills to the outside again, it is raucous, a chair gets involved and FUCHI PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE CHAIR ON THE OUTSIDE! Fuchi beats the ever loving shit out of him in the ring with the chair and kicks the ref in the gut triggering the DQ. Kobayashi goes and gets a chair after the match. Hot Damn! My only complaint is they kind of ragdolled for each other. I would have liked their to be more struggle and fighting through offense, but regardless this was a badass, uptempo brawl. Doesnt look like they had any rematches which is a shame because this ruled! ****
  10. Genichiro Tenryu vs Ole Anderson - AJPW 4/6/86 When Ole Anderson was wailing on Tenryu's arm with a steel chair on the outside, I was thinking to myself how the fuck did this finish #147. Then the match ended like 5 minutes later and that's what was criminal. It was so short and there was not enough meat on the bone but what we did get was great. Ole was his usual, surly, ornery bastard self. Tenryu was NOT quite TENRYU~! yet but they had a damn good exchange early. Not much a feeling out process. Ole bodyslams him, double wristlock switches to hammerlock and throws Tenryu HARD into the buckles and I mean HARD! Tenryu takes a nasty bump on side of his neck. Ole was relentless on this arm as expected. Lots of throwing it into hard objects, the aforementioned swinging of the chair and some hard punches right in the front row. I wish I knew what the Japanese girl said to Tenryu as he was getting beaten up because her girlfriend kinda gave her a playful slap on the arm after that as if to say "I cant believe you just said that!". Ole continues the beatdown but before you know it is Eniziguri, Reverse Top Rope Elbow and Powerbomb for the win. Man alive, I think these two had a great match in them. Ole is a shit person, but I love watching the bastard wrestle. Tenryu gave a good selling performance, but this was the Ole Show. Ole in Japan is pretty rare. I figure he wanted a quick payday without having to come back from Crockett early. It doesnt get much quicker than this. What we got was pretty damn good. ***1/4
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    [1984-08-26-AJPW] Tiger Mask II vs La Fiera

    Tiger Mask II vs La Fiera - AJPW 8/26/84 For what ever reason, I have never been interested in watching 80s Misawa, this is literally my first ever 80s Misawa match. For all intents & purposes, in my mind, his career started on 5/26/90. I am looking to start back up my All Japan watching in 1986, but I just wanted to double check I didnt miss anything from the first six years and this was the only major match I didnt see. So I came back to cross it off. La Fiera translates to Wild One or Wild Beast. He was not what I was expecting. He is an unmasked, leather-clad, chain-donning, punk luchador very hip for 1984. Sub-ten minute match, tons of fun. If you like today's style, you will love this. I think in a lot of ways this is even better because the highspots are super high, but they let them breathe. This is just a bomb throwing spotfest to the nth degree. La Fiera in the traditional luchador style takes two massive bumps one off a monkey flip and the over over the top rope to the floor. Massive hang time on both. To follow up, the second Misawa did a Swanton Bomb over the top rope wiping La Fiera out on the floor! HOLY SHIT! The crowd was chanting Misawa early and then switched to Tiger Mask. Was there ever a day this dude was not over? Misawa was pretty good at mimicking Sayama's karate I have to say. Some really, really nifty takedowns that I highly recommend watching. He does the Misawa flip over the ropes only to flip back, which I always figured was something he did as Tiger Mask. La Fiera gets a great run of offense. HUGE SPLASH from the Top Rope to Floor! Tombstone! Frogsplash! Great climax! La Fiera crashes and burns on a somersault splash from the top rope. I MEAN HE PLANTED HIMSELF! Great sell. Running Senton from Tiger Mask for two. AWESOME TIGER SUPLEX FOR THE WIN! I cant go much higher than **** since there was not much in the way of connective tissue, but every highspot was entertaining, worth the ten minutes or so, lots of fun!
  12. Superstar Sleeze

    [1980-07-20-IWE] Rusher Kimura vs Spike Huber

    IWA World Heavyweight Champion Rusher Kimura vs Spike Huber -IWE 7/20/80 IWE is mostly famous for two matches: Strong Kobayashi vs Andre The Giant and Verne Gagne vs Billy Robinson. Its main star from 1975 until it closed in 1981 was Rusher Kimura, who I dont think I have ever seen wrestle. I am coming off watching a lot of St. Louis footage and look who it is, Spike Huber! If you have watched a Spike Huber match, you have heard it a million times he is the son-in-law of Dick The Bruiser. I shit you not, I hear the Japanese commentators say "Spike Huber" then some Japanese and then distinctly "Bruiser" I really hope they were saying he was the son-in-law of Dick The Bruiser. When that is the highlight of the match, there's not much going on. It was solid action. ~10 minutes, JIP, no clips after that. They hit hard, good stand up, wrestling was solid. Kimura did not come off as a huge star. The most unique part was Huber really put over how hard Kimura's head was late. He really sold his hand on a punch to the head. He knocked himself loopy after this with headbutts in a bearhug. Kimura wins with my favorite hold, the Butterfly Stretch, my finish growing up against my brother. For that and Huber's selling, ***
  13. Superstar Sleeze

    [1985-06-21-AJPW] Genichiro Tenryu vs Riki Choshu

    Welcome aboard KinchStalker! Thanks for the cool insight and answering my question! I am going to look into IWE more now.
  14. Superstar Sleeze

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    @BigBadMick, thanks for the listen! I have been to Newry got gas there on my way to Giant's Causeway and then partied in Belfast, good craic! Last place I travelled before Lockdown. @Ricky Jackson shit brutha I couldnt remember. I didnt realize you pulled the plug. My personal life was chaotic during then and for another year. We will hook up soon, brutha. Pro Wrestling Love coming at you hot & heavy w/ @JKWebb tearing through another 25 matches in each of our lists. We are breaking down #75-#51 of the Greatest WCW/JCP Matches of All Time! Keep the feedback coming! I hope everyone enjoys! https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-uerts-f697a2
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    Happy New Year my fellow PWOites! PWO 4 life, bruthas! Cuz we are just too sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Pro Wrestling Love has moved on from TNA/Impact Wrestling, but we would love to hear more feedback from the listeners, to the Greatest WCW/Jim Crockett Promotion Matches of All Time in conjunction with the Place to Be Nation! I welcome Justin, you know him as @JKWebb , I know him as a good brutha, we are taking his podcast virginity baby! We are going All Night Long in tribute to the Nature Boy, himself! Buckle up, baby, it is another FIVE, yes you read that right, FIVE-Part Mini-Series, this time devoted to the Greatness of WCW, daddy! In this episode, you get to know Justin & his love for WCW and then we break down #100-#76. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think whether you agree or disagree we wanna hear it! https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-qpcpd-f46cb9 @SomethingSavage Did you listen to the final TNA episode yet? What did you think of each of our Top 5's? MORE IMPORTANTLY, what is your Top 5, brutha?