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    [1990-05-19-NWA-Capital Combat] Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (Cage)

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Lex Luger - NWA Capital Combat 1990 Everyone always says that Wrestlewar 1990 is The Last Stand of The Man, but this match is not too far behind honestly. Both matches plagued by some of the shittiest finishes in pro wrestling history. This match is the Greatest Hits of Flair vs Luger so I dont think it is in the same league as Starrcade '88 or Wrestlewar '90, but this is still every bit a great match. I am a bit confused on Luger's health. I thought the knee injury was a work and the staph infection/fever was a shoot. It seems the knee injury may have been a shoot too. He was definitely working hurt so kudos to him because he looked great in this match. I thought this match even moreso than the other two more famous ones made The Total Package look like Superman. There is a part after Flair has been busted open that he tries an inverted atomic drop and gets blasted by a clothesline. Then Nature Boy tries to ram his head into the cage, Luger blocks and rams his head into the cage. Then Flair just tries to hurl his entire body at Luger and just bounces off as Luger roars! It was amazing! Luger looked like a million bucks! I dont think I have ever seen Luger's clotheslines look so good. I am a big Luger fan, but he doesnt have the best clothesline even though he uses them a lot. In this match he was STEAMROLLING Flair. That shine was king-sized. This match was all action. The cage is one of those way too big Thunderdome cages that look impressive from a size standpoint but dont add much from the match. We get a short Flair heat segment when he kicks Luger in the head. He looks to go knee, but instead hits a kneedrop and then suplex. Luger NO-SELLS! No-selling is a type of selling people. It is a conscientious move that says "YOU CANT HURT STEEL" and pops the crowd. That is different from "not selling" which happens later when Luger blows off the knee work to hit a military press. It is just all down hill from here for Flair as he ends up getting busted scaling the cage. Then they go into that sequence I loved above. I love Luger after that primal scream and just killing it, hitting a superplex, BUT his knee is blown out on the move. Great short Flair heat segment. He is at his best when he is bloody and crazed. Up until the figure-4 I thought this match was amazing, but had seen it before (forgotten how good this was) and knew the finish sucked the big one. The Horsemen come out then Sting & El Gigante. Ole lifts the cage. Windham sneaks in as Luger has Flair racked. The need for a hot comeback while all this gaga goes on outside fucks Luger as he has to blow off the selling to have his comeback. There is a DQ in a steel cage match which is terrible. Horsemen beatdown in the cage, they get the cage lifted and Sting & Gigante save. Luger gets screwed over again. Sad. Ignore the finish, the first 90% of this match rocks and the match should be remembered as a fun action movie blockbuster and a game Luger overcoming a fever and delivering a helluva performance. ****
  2. That opening promo was some weird meta-WWE shit. The internet fan (Seth Rollins) calling out the company (Baron Corbin) for the shitty product, low attendance & low ratings. So weird and so WWE. My take is we are purposefully making the show shitty! You guys just don't get it. They don't completely understand go away heat. This show was way worse than the one two weeks ago and that's why the overreaction crowd has no credibility with me. They fucked up the AOP just split them and push Rezar to the moon. They rushed and fucked up McIntyre vs Ziggler. Elias is the best WWE babyface just the total entertainment package. At least Rollins won. im so hyped for Facebreaker vs Armbreaker. I'm a six foot, 300 lbs, Samoan woman hell fucking yeah! That match is gonna rule! Pretty terrible week but go home shows are usually the worst. Only Nia's heel character is worth a damn...too bad her delivery is not better.
  3. I dont think you had to be there for this. The first I watched it I was 14 in 2003 and it was probably my favorite match for years. I think certain matches just clicked with certain people. For me, I love the energy and the intensity. There is no blood, but brutha, when Flair jumps on Funk's back if that does not get your motor running, you might wanna get your motor checked is all Im saying. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Terry Funk - Clash of the Champions IX I Quit I am so glad I watched this at 14. The Ric Flair DVD collection came out in 2003 and never had I wanted something for Christmas so bad. Honest to God, I had a great childhood, but I dont remember one Christmas gift I got before 2003. Thats not an indictment on my childhood that's an indictment on the fact I just dont really care for material things. To me this represented everything I wanted: a chance to finally see everything I had read about. For me, this was my absolute favorite match on the set. I have probably not watched this match in 8 years, but you wouldnt have known because I was calling every spot before it happened and lapping it up with a spoon. Flair jumping on Funk's back by the guardrail gets me everytime. Pumping my fist in the air. Slamming Funk's head into the table and then of course the iconic spot when Funk slides across the table headfirst into the chair. It was a great brawl. Was it missing blood? Sure, but I thought they more than made for it with the intensity and stiffness of their shots. After the first heat segment when Flair goozled Funk, Goddamn! It was on like Donkey Kong! The way he rifled him with chops. Then Funk fell out of the ring before Flair was done with him. Flair gave chase. The look in Flair's eyes, boy, he looked like a Man possessed. Funk was selling like a million bucks for him. Funk was great on offense. Using the thumb in the eye early during one of their scraps on the mat gave him the advantage early. My all-time favorite pro wrestling insult has been and always will be "egg-sucking dog". I have no fucking clue what it means but I pop everytime I hear Funk say it. I love that is a thumb to an eye or a Gary Hart distraction that always get Funk the advantage. The microphone berating from Funk is awesome. Remember the wreck, remember your neck. A chance to say I Quit before the Piledriver and then bang! Piledriver. Flair is such an amazing verbal selling, the greatest of all time. I will say you know what didnt feel as big this go-around was the piledriver on the floor. I think there should have been more pause to add weight to it. Maybe even some Funk mic time. Flair comeback is glorious and just a showcase of what makes him great with all the vim and vigor you expect out of the Nature Boy. I love how when Flair grabs the foot of Funk and begins to drag it to the ropes the entire arena COMES ALIVE! You know you are fucking over when you can just drag a man by his foot and the crowd goes nuts. Funk delays the inevitable but Flair applies the Figure-4 and wins the match! Fun fact because I have only seen this on my DVD set, I had never seen the post-match! Great post-match. I knew Gary Hart berates Funk, but I never saw him kick Funk in the knee and then Flair jumps Hart. Here comes Muta & Nagaski only for Sting to save. Then Luger comes out tussles with a fan for the chair and waylays the faces. Excellent set up for the ill-fated Ironman tournament at Starrcade 1989. They really screwed the pooch with the double turn. They should have built to Luger as the number heel for at least all of 1990 if not 1991 too and then built to Luger vs Sting in either 1991 and 1992 as Sting's ascent. Luger should have been a money heel champion. In 2003, this was the greatest match I have ever seen. I dont I hold it in as high regard anymore, but still a mortal lock for the Top 100. I prefer this to the GAB match, which is excellent because this has the more decisive finish. The brawling in the GAB is more physical and bloody, this is more chaotic and with the bigger spots. Five Letters, Two Words, I Quit. *****
  4. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Terry Funk - Great American Bash 1989 I have been blessed to have seen the best. Man alive, what the hell do you say about this match that has not already been said through the decades. I mean Goddamn. I love Flair's entrance reminds me a lot of Starrcade 1993. The way he clenches his fists and his face dripping with emotion. You know you were in for a treat. No wrestling, baby, this here is a fight to the death. Love the ringside brawling and love that Flair gets the lion share of this match. He has to earn it. Funk is ripping him with chops and punches, but to steal a phrase from the American Dream, "This is the lickin' you get for the lickin' you gave" and Flair opens a can of whoop ass on Funk. Funk gets a slight reprieve by pulling Flair into the post, but on this night Flair would not be denied. The vertical suplex from the apron to the floor was a spot you teased but these two deliver. Then there is the famous neck for neck psychology as Flair becomes an evil chiropractor trying to unscrew Terry Funk's head from his body. Everything Flair does directed at Funk's neck. Kneedrops and of course not one, but two piledrivers. Thats the lickin you get for the lickin you gave. Funk has been selling great from jump coming up with new ways to sell all this. We get the faces, the hands cramped and contorted, the spasms, the falling ass first out of the ring just every way Funk can put over that Flair has kicked ass and wrecked his neck. Here we go...after all this punishment doled out it is time for the Figure-4. Thats when Funk blasts Flair with the branding iron drawing blood. Now we kick it into the heat segment and that means going after Flair's injured neck (the famous piledriver on the table angle that set up this match). We get that very piledriver, but Flair is thankfully near the ropes. Funk gets the bright idea to really end Flair's career by piledriving him on exposed concrete. Talk about high drama. Flair backdrops out, phew. There is a great moment where Funk kinda just dives on Flair from the apron and nixes the head and neck. Flair just starts hollering and grabbing his ear. It is just classic awesome Flair selling. Here's a part I had forgotten. Funk refuses to win the match by pinfall. Instead, he repeatedly hits swinging neckbreakers on Flair, but is calling for him to submit. Gary Hart wants him to take the pinfall but he wont. It looks like they already knew they wanted to do the I Quit match. Flair finally breaks Funk's control by busting him open with the branding iron. Thats the lickin you get for the lickin you gave. Flair is rip roaring now. He comes in hot with a big high knee but misses. Up until Flair's branding iron shot, I remembered everything but I totally blanked on the finish. I thought Muta triggered a DQ. It is actually a clean finish. Funk goes for the spinning toehold, but Flair breaks free for the figure-4 and then Funk inside cradle and reversed for Flair to win. You couldnt go with a decisive blood feud finish, but it seems like an odd choice for the finish to be so technical. Still it was nice to Flair as a babyface get a win in his comeback match to a huge pop. So I am not going to decry the finish. Now Muta comes in and sprays Flair with the green mist. I am not going to go blow by blow but this may be the greatest post-match brawl in pro wrestling history Sting makes the save and it is just on like Donkey Kong. Flair looks like Father Christmas with the red blood and green mist as he cuts a killer promo to send us home. Easily a Top 100 match of all time. High energy, amazing selling, hard hitting, big time drama, huge babyface appeal of Flair making his comeback, this match has it all. *****
  5. Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Dr. Death vs. The Fabulous Freebirds & Samoan Swat Team - Great American Bash '89 WARGAMES The forgotten Wargames pits the tag team division against one another. Jimmy "Jam" Garvin had just joined the Freebirds officially the previous month's Clash where they won the World Tag Team Titles beating the Midnight Express in the tournament final. The Samoans managed by Paul E. Dangerously had started feuding with the Road Warriors as a means for the Freebirds to clear their path to the vacant tag team titles. On top of that, Cornette & Dangerously were still feuding from the whole MX vs OMX deal. D Dr. Death & Gordy had resumed their feud from the UWF so that I have gone on record with my unpopular opinion that I am not a huge fan of Wargames. I find there is a lot of meandering and plodding at times. It reminds me a lot of Royal Rumbles. I think the 1991 & 1994 are the best ones I have seen, but I need to re-watch the 1987 ones. Are there any 1988 ones? I thought Michael Hayes on the outside was the most entertaining part of this match. He had to stop himself short of swearing at Bobby Eaton which was unintentionally funny. He balked at going in when he was supposed opting for the Samoans instead. When it came time for him to go in, "I have to go in?" "Yes" "Damn" that "Damn was perfect. Eaton & Garvin started it. I will say Eaton had some terrific punches throughout this match. Probably my favorite in-ring action was just watching Eaton punch people. He even had a good left jab at one point. I didnt think there was enough fun or heat during the opening segment. At one point, Garvin is raking his face against the cage and the next part Eaton was hitting Billy Robinson backbreakers. Wheres the consquence? The heel entrances besides Hayes did not do much for me. I will say the babyface entrances were great. Dr. Death was fired up and the military pressing of Gordy into the roof of the cage repeatedly was impressive. Both the Road Warriors entrances were terrific. Animal launching himself like a torpedo from one ring to another was insane. This is what Hawk was built for. Short bursts of offense and he just knocked it out of the park with all his lariats. Doomsday Device is aborted when Garvin says Gordy, but Hawk hits a flying clothesline and then repeated neckbreakers. Hangman's neckbreaker gets Garvin to submit. He was in their the longest, but I think Hayes would have gotten the most heat if he was the one to made submit. They do a post match beatdown on Animal before the babyfaces save again. Perfectly fine Wargames match. Besides the one minute of babyface offense thought it was pretty plodding especially the minute before the finish thats when the Royal Rumble comparison with deadweight came to me. I just dont think Wargames is for me. ***
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    NXT talk

    Biff is from Boston loved seeing him the couple times I did on the indies and make a point to see him live when NXT comes to town. He never disappoints: best comeback in the business. Glad he is being recognized.
  7. I'm surprised you all didn't like the beginning and close to RAW. I really enjoyed the opening a lot. No promo. Great old school Angle that really put heat on the Riott vs Nattie feud. I'm so fucking hyped for Facebreaker vs Armbreaker! Their first match was killer and think with Nia with this much heat will be great. Sasha & Bayley have oodles of charisma but is not shining through. I did pop for Bayley saying Bliss is from Hell last week. The Men's division is fucked. 50/50 booking on Drew McIntyre was fucking stupid. This one week push of Finn Balor to feed him to D-Mac is silly. It's too little too late. I like the move of turning Ziggler but they shot their wad and should have saved that match for next month. Things like the Gold Medal for destroying Angle is a great old school spot but it needs to followed up and constantly brought up. This should be like Larry Z claiming he retired Bruno every fucking week. Much better work from Ambrose still think it is a terrible evolution of the gimmick. The Rock of Gibraltar popped me. The watering down of The Shield was the first good explanation. Smackdown was great. No great sound bytes from The Man but the attitude was great. the only two I'd ever chant Fight Forever for is Asuka vs Sonya Deville they could fight forever. Daniel Bryan has been reading a lot of the Shelleys. He even used "Sublime"! His transformation into an early nineteenth century Romanticism villian is complete! Weird medical device (hyperbaric chamber) that creates a transformation, mantras (fight for your dreams & they will fight for you) and being consumed by an obsession. This is textbook Romanticism and it is my favorite literary time period. AJ Styles rules! AJ vs Miz was killer and match of the week. im really looking forward to TLC!
  8. Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Midnight Express - Clash of the Champions IV The Midnight Express had turned babyface after their feud with the Fantastics and were being positioned against Dangerously's Original Midnight Express. I have never seen that angle nor the subsequent matches I should fix that. I had seen this once before maybe ten years ago and had no real recollection of it. It is tremendous. The only reason I can imagine this does not get talked about more is the match exists in a vacuum. Flair was feuding with Luger and MX like I said with the OMX so there is not much build or follow up. Flair is the World Champion & Windham is United States Champion, the Midnights do not have either tag belt. From bell-to-bell, this is action-packed there is almost no respite from the action. The babyface shine is extra long. They do a tremendous. I just watched face Flair vs heel Eaton and now watching face Eaton vs heel Flair I fucking loved that. Flair was really peacocking and he stuck that big beak out and Eaton damn near smacked it into the front row. I popped huge. I loved the firefight that broke out with Eaton overwhelming Flair with those rights. If you love punching, you gotta check this out. Eaton and Windham put on a master class. Hell even Flair has a really good closed fist that Eaton sells. Windham had one on Eaton towards the beginning of the heat segment that was thunderous. There was one towards the end of the heat segment where Eaton fucking nailed Flair in the nose with a straight right and Flair had the best delayed sell...tries to make the tag...Flair Flop. I was just lapping this all up with a spoon. Jim Ross was in his wheelhouse because this was a very physical match and a lot of flesh on flesh, brutha. I got off on a tangent. A natural story would be the great tag team vs two great singles wrestlers. I wouldnt say they play that up too much. Besides the Double Flapjack not much double team moves. Bob Caudle does point that MX has been tagging at a 2:1 ratio to the Horsemen and I give him credit for putting over the natural story but we werent seeing frequent tagging from MX. I will say Flair did take more of the shine than Windham without it feeling like heel in peril. I enjoyed Sweet Stan doing his little dance after kicking his old teacher's ass. I am surprised they didnt bring up that Lane is Flair's only student during the match. Stereo Figure-4s as one would expect. The transition to the heat segment is that Windham decks Eaton from behind on an O'Connor Roll, which I like. Blows from behind should be treated as extra devastating. Windham takes most of the heat segment seemingly to let Flair recover as Flair took most of the ass-kicking during the shine. Flair really paintbrushed Eaton a couple times as a receipt for being shown up early. Windham looked smooth as ever here and Eaton was great in the Ricky Morton role. I covered the transition to the hot tag earlier and Stan Lane was a house on fire. He looked like money here kicking some serious Horsemen ass. TOTAL ELIMINATION! ALABAMA FUCKING JAM! There is chicanery afoot Cornette whacks Dillon with the racquet but his shoe falls in the ring and Flair whacks Eaton in the back of the head with it. Windham rolls up Eaton for the win. If you like action, you will love this match. If you love physical, hard-hitting blows, you will love this match. If you like big bumping and just generally fun wrestling, you will love this match. If you are a pro wrestling fan, you will love this match. ****1/2
  9. Superstar Sleeze

    [1990-01-07-NWA-Main Event] Ric Flair vs Bobby Eaton

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Bobby Eaton - WCW Main Event 1/7/90 Saw this before remember liking it so much that I needed to go back and rewatch it again. Babyface Ric Flair is tremendous, great shines and great selling. I am so happy this match exists. Probably two of my ten favorite wrestler ever and they just put on a clinic. I love how Eaton sells that first shot from Flair. Perfect combination of pain and what the hell have I gotten myself into. I marked out at the beginning when Flair hiptossed Eaton. Years and years of watching him get blocked and then hiptossed, I was so happy he hiptossed someone. I love how the shine is earned. Bobby is still connecting with those Sweet Home Alabama rights, but Flair is fighting through that to kick ass. Eaton took some awesome bumps on the outside. The Irish Whip on the apron into the post was great and the rocket launcher from the apron to the railing was even better. Eaton finally earns his heat with a swinging neckbreaker. How did I forget? We get Lance Fucking Russell on solo commentary as an extra special treat and he just rules so hard calling this match. Flair does a great selling especially verbally his neck and head pain. Lance reminds us of the Terry Funk piledriver on the table incident which was about six months ago. Bobby does a great job working the neck, kneedrop and bulldog. Two great sequences were Flair getting jabbed with the racquet by Cornette, his first reaction is to lunge from his knee at Cornette but he is in so much pain he falters and just writhes on the mat. That is excellent! Another is Eaton is beating him down with punches and he leaps from his knees and goozles Eaton. Eaton keeps punching but Flair absorbs the blows and then rifles him with a chop but too little too late as Eaton knocks him down with a big right and then goozles Flair on the mat. That was so fucking heated! I loved it. Eaton uses a figure-4 on the head after that to sap Flair of his energy. He hits a top rope elbow drop as a big highspot but only gets two. Eaton is so smooth. Flair begins his rally. Eaton takes a nasty backdrop on the concrete. Chop abound. Stan Lane is out. Flair catches the kneedrop from the top rope. He wants the Figure-4...Lane hops on the apron...Cornette gets brought in the hard way...Flair nails Corny with the racquet and then Eaton for the finish! I loved the finish as the heels get a taste of their own medicine and the triumphant World Champion stands tall 3-on-1! Terrific TV match with great selling, psychology and action! ****1/4
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    [1991-05-19-WCW-Superbrawl I] Barry Windham vs Brian Pillman (Taped Fist)

    Barry Windham vs Brian Pillman - SuperBrawl I Taped Fist Match 1991 WCW where beautiful hair went to die. Windham looks like he got the standard mom haircut of the early 90s. I have seen this before, but never wrote a review, which is odd. Pillman was in a major feud with Windham and the Horsemen after they injured his shoulder right before Wargames. Windham and him started Wargames in what I think is the best 5 minute opening of Wargames history. They opted for a slower more measured style here than the frenetic pace in Wargames. The slowed down tempo increased the dread and doom of the violence. Windham is so good at using his size. He establishes he is bigger than Pillman early to give Pillman that mountain to climb. Pillman had to some great shots of course, but was a little too reliant on the chop given that he had a taped fist. I know the chop has better sound effect logic says use the fist. I thought Windham ruled in this match. Huge bump off the top rope to floor on a Pillman dropkick and then feeding Pillman the top rope to the floor forearm. Windham stymies Pillman by pulling the trunks and Pillman gashes himself on the post. We have double juice now. Windham drives Pillman's head from the ramp to the railing and then a big right hand from Barry. Then they are just in a groove. Pillman with fiery comebacks and Windham quashing them with shortcuts. As Pillman is going for Air Pillman, Windham hits a low blow which even in a No DQ match is a pretty cheap way to win and then hits a superplex for the win. Great violent slugfest that was only hampered by the time, way too short. ****
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    [1991-04-13-WCW-Saturday Night] Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman - 4/13/91 Pillman was at the height of his babyface singles career embroiled in a feud with Windham & the Horsemen. Here he takes on The Man himself. This is a very transitionary point in Flair's career and not just in his hair style. He is transforming into his Dirtiest Player In The Game character liberal cheating...feet on the ropes multiple times, low blow, eye rake and jaw jacking with fans & ref. These were all present in the 80s but he takes it to 11 in this match and incorporates it into almost every spot. It is Flair vs Pillman so it is still very much in the vein of Flair vs Garvin with the tremendous fire fights. I love how Flair would crowd In the corner. It was chop-clinch to avoid retaliation. We get the wrinkle of Pillman attacking the leg with the ringpost and then the half-crab. Flair gets that Inverted atomic drop and it is a very entertaining heat segment. The 1990 match was about a physical Flair this is can Pillman withstand the cheating. The moment that really put over this match to me is Flair slapping Pillman in the face after a kick out. It seemed so degrading. You just wanted Pillman to roar back and that's exactly what he did! Pretty unique Flair spot with the eye rake blinding Pillman and him dropkicking the ref to set up the visual pin on Air Pillman. I totally bought on Pillmans shoulders being counted down in the Figure-4 with Arn assisting (I watched this before but forgot the finish). El Gigante makes the save because Brian Pillmans leg was going to break before three sizes too big heart was. It sets up the Flair vs Gigante loop. ill echo my sentiments from before Flair vs Pillman in 1990 and 1991 are GREAT matches but they are drastically different and it is not just Flair's hair cut. ****1/4
  12. Which kick to the gut? The one towards the end? That looked fine & vicious to me. It did what it is supposed to and that's stymie the Pillman comeback. The finish was fine. Wrestling is supposed to be a struggle. When it's too quick it can look too cooperative. How about the Flair high knee? That was a great one. The way he ramped for it and delivered really added to chaos. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman - 2/17/90 I love how they played up Pillman's righteous indignation against Flair for his heel turn as the reason for his violence. This match was an incredible sprint and reminds you what happens when Flair has a worker opposite of him. Pillman is on fire (lots of stiff chops that ride high) early looking for revenge for his buddy, but Flair gets him to follow him outside so he can thumb in the eye. He throws Pillman into the railings and then just unloads some of the best Flair offense I have seen in a long time. This is the type of the match where Flair never felt like he was "bringing the bitch", but he was pissed off as the audacity of Pillman and was going to show this punk a lesson. Flair is at his best when he has that crazed look in his eye and he wants to punish his opponent. I like the gradualism of the heat segment. Pillman is fighting back until the invented atomic drop out of the corner really cements Flair's lead. The hope spots leading to the figure-4 was great. I loved when Flair was pushing Pillman's back down and then popping him and Pillman coming back with chops, fantastic exchange. Woman's interference was weak but Pillman's babyface comeback was killer and climaxed so well with Air Pillman. The finish was oddly clean with Flair rolling through a cross-body and sort of grabbing some tights. For people that think Flair bitches out too much, this match is a great way to point how Flair can work toe-to-toe with a pissed off babyface and be just as pissed too. Amazing TV sprint early in Pillman's career in WCW & highlights Flair's transformation from babyface against Eaton cowardly heel against Zenk and violent heel here against Pillman. GOAT ****1/4
  13. Ric Flair & Sting vs The Great Muta & Dick Slater - Clash of the Champions VIII Ric Flair is the MVP of this unheralded NWA tag team classic. After watching this, I think this would have been the best way to extend Flair's career in a productive manner in the 90s. He was a beast on the apron. High-fiving Sting and exhorting when he was selling. He was keeping the crowd in it all through this apron work. I loved the part where he just booked it over to Muta and started slugging him when Muta was trying to beat up Sting on the outside. Then every time he was in the ring, he was just pure fire. The shine rocked. By far, the best Sting & Muta sequences. Flair was a monster in there and just chopping and punching everything in sight. Dick Slater (RIP brutha) is the perfect Terry Funk replacement because he wrestles so similarly to Funk. There was a great part where Flair Woos and Muta catches him with a thrust kick and then dives onto him and Sting follows suit on Muta! Slater just does a Terry Funk tumble over the top. It was really great organic chaos. They do a Double FIP and Flair is great at his verbal selling. I wanted to see that Flair hot tag so bad when Sting made it. I damn near exploded like I was in South Carolina in 1989. Flair's energy was just infectious in this. You gotta see to believe. The finish is just perfect crazy pro wrestling hijinx. Muta sprays the dreaded Yellow Mist in Sting's eyes. Slater blasts Funk with the cast to bust Flair open and then Funk looking crazy as fuck tries to suffocate Flair with a plastic bag! It was bedlam! High-energy tag team match that is overlooked with tons of action and lots of heat. Highly recommended! ****1/4
  14. Ricky Steamboat vs Terry Funk - Clash of the Champions VII I'll never forget the first time I watched this. My date was late and I got a chance to watch this entire match. I just thought it was so cool that while I was waiting that I could just check out a legendary match. What a time to be alive indeed. I didnt get a chance to do a review so here I am revisiting this three years later (Wow how much has changed in three years). Very physical match. Steamboat and Funk have a lot of great stand up exchanges and there is almost no wrestling. I have to re-watch some more Funk from around this time but I think he was purposefully doing less chain wrestling to get his heel character over. He was making Steamboat earn his offense by initiating each firefight but everytime he ended up on his ass. He was doing a lot of stooging and bumping to get Steamboat over. They were really laying in their chops. I thought the transitions to the heat segment and the heat segment itself was weak. Thought Funk did that one spot I really like where his opponent is sitting hunched over and he just splashes the back of the shoulders. It looks painful and organic. Someone should crib that spot. Steamboat looks like an asshole on the top rope waiting for Funk did finish drunken walk around the ring. Steamboat carries Funk around the ring before slamming him which is definitely a Funk idea. This crowd is terrible but it is a military base and it must have been hot as blazes in there. Jim Ross looks like he is about to pass out and most of the crowd is shirtless. They went an interesting route. I wonder if this came from Funk's time in Japan or Steamboat's work with Savage, but there is two major nearfalls off piledrivers. That would almost never see in the USA at this point. Nowadays people would be popping like mad for Steamboat kicking out. Both kick outs barely register with the crowd. It is weird because Funk put out Flair with a piledriver and Ross puts it over huge on commentary but you think Steamboat was kicking out of a suplex or a neckbreaker. Steamboat actually mounts a comeback when Funk eats knees. He attacks the abdomen. Funk grabs the mic and bonks Steamboat on the head triggering the DQ. Luger comes down and completes his turn on Steamboat. The post-match Luger angle is classic and is definitely a must see, but this match is pretty overrated besides some really good chopfests there is not much else going on. It is the Funk show thats for sure, but there is not much heat (probably because there was too much real heat in the gym) and it ends anti-climatically. ***
  15. Smackdown was pretty good. I would have went full Austin...had her strip of the championship. But I understand they no main eventers besides Rousey so they need her. I can't begrudge them that. As an Asuka mark, I'm glad she is joining the main event mix. I hope it is not like Alberto Del Rio. This is a pretty exciting time in WWE and as I said above it feels like Nitro circa 1995. So many different directions and so many moving parts. AJ Styles was great in defeat. So many times Cena is worried about coming off as a complainer but instead he can come off like he doesn't care. If someone cheats to beat you, then you have a just cause to complain and say you want to smash in his face. Great job by AJ! Rest of the show was fine. They cooled off Rusev and should have had him unseat Nakamura earlier. Orton vs Mysterio feels out of time and like it is 2006. I'm excited because they have great chemistry but it doesn't feel like it with have consequences. Joe vs Jeff Hardy, was that done in TNA? I think that will be good.