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  1. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs Ric Flair & Vader - WCW Slamboree 1995 One of those matches where I thought it was solid, but was still disappointed. All guys are in my top 50 of all time and three are in my Top 25 so they are all capable of having that big Summer Action Blockbuster main event, but instead it is just good. The other reason I am disappointed is I really wanted more out of Randy Savage and Vader as a pairing. This is their only match ever and I think if they were given the opportunity back in the day they could have had an all-timer. Yes Savage takes the Vadersault like a man, but it just wasnt a good scrap. Man how much better is Flair/Vader/AA as a heel unit than fucking Beefcake/Earthquake/Sullivan. Talk about a massive upgrade. Need to mention the Renegade is out with Hogan & Savage to counterbalance the Enforcer. He is not as involved as in Uncensored and you can feel him being shunted down the card. They do give him a chance with the TV title beating AA, but you can tell he is not hitting. The Giant, unnamed, makes his debut looming in he aisleway. Enough extracurriculars, so onto the match Vader takes the first part of the shine which is so bizarre when the bump & feed master is on the apron. Hogan thumbs in the eye early. I am not one to bitch about Hogan cheating but even I have to call that out as too soon. Vader takes a bump to the outside. Vader loves to bump. It just makes more sense with Flair right there. Vader steamrolling the Megapowers with a double clothesline was very much needed to get his heat back. Flair and Savage have insane chemistry and I could watch those two wrestle forever. Flair does a great job shining the babyfaces up and this makes more sense. You can save Vader as the heater now that Flair is going to get in over his head. Flair Flip into the Hogan Big Boot on the apron will never get old. We get the press slam and Hogan slips on the Figure-4 Dusty Rhodes style which is honestly the safer and more efficient way to do it. They do the old Horsemen spot of Hogan rolling up AA while still applying the Figure-4. This is a spot I love. It feels ham-fisted since AA is not in the match. This enough of a distraction for Flair to chop block the leg to start Heat Segment #1. Vader works the leg. This is fine. I thought the stretch where Hogan did the customary no-sell of the suplex only to get RUN THE FUCK over by Vader was great. Vaderbomb connects! He does a top rope Vaderbomb (I thought he was going Vadersault) this misses and Hogan tags out. That stretch was probably the best of the match. Savage is a house afire, but you can just feel this is going to be Double FIP. He goes hit the Top Rope Elbow on Flair, but Double A pulls him out. So again they use Double A as a distraction to set up the heat segment which is smart. It is the not the most efficient sneak attack and in part that is due to it being poorly shot in the sense that was actually too well-shot since Vader was in the frame. The Vadersault was a great nearfall with Hogan making the save to protect it. Hot tag to Hogan! I liked Arn being used again to interrupt the hot tag by tripping him after the big boot to impede the Legdrop. Vader splash allows for a proper Hulk Up though not his best. Arn eats a punch and Hogan drops the leg on Flair for the win. After the match is the famous angle where Flair beats up Randy Savage's Dad who was being inducted into Hall of Fame this leads to the awesome, Top 100 match of all time match between Flair and Savage at Great American Bash 1995. Personally, I would have put the heels over here as well as at Uncensored. Recapping it the match actually sounds really good. All the beats are there. Good climaxes and transitions for each segment when written down on paper. It is now what you do, but how you do it. From a layout perspective, this is a strong match, but nobody seemed to have pep in their step to take it to that next level. ***1/4
  2. Superstar Sleeze

    [1995-03-19-WCW-Uncensored] Hulk Hogan vs Vader (Strap)

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Vader - WCW Uncensored 1995 "Strap" Match I am pleasantly surprised that some people liked this. It had its moments but it was more bad than good on the whole so I cant recommend it. Their SuperBrawl match is a classic, but this far less so. First thing's first, Flair in drag is absolutely glorious. He should have dressed as glam rocker the rest of the year. I have been watching a lot of his 1996 promo work post-Hogan turn. It approaches good, but it is too filled with non-sequiturs and scatter-brained to be good. Here he looks an absolute madman and he lays out the method to his madness. The professional jealousy and insecurity that ate him alive in the 80s only to be faced with the stark reality that it was all true that he is not as good as Hogan and worse yet not only is he not as good, Hogan stole the thing he loved most in the world his ability to wrestle! This is really powerful heel motivation. Some of the best character work ever and the make-up really enhances it all. I loved that promo! I think this rejuvenated the Flair/Hogan feud enough that could have went back to that well, but Flair/Savage was such a good feud that produced some amazing matches especially the Great American Bash 95 match that I am happy they didnt, but they could have. It is interesting they have already started bringing up Hogan going to the Dark Side. Hogan and WCW knew he needed an edge, but they didnt know how to get him there. The Renegade was ridiculous. Flair sold it like a million bucks. Fuck for one night only through the miraculous powers of Flair, it did work. Jimmy Hart coming out in tatters was fucking stupid. Why did that pip-squeak need a triumphant entrance? What was he going to do? All he did was distract for a mid-match turn the tide that was just one of many. The body of the match was very uneven. First off it was way too fucking long. It was 18 minutes. There was good stuff here like Vader taking the ringpsot shots, and feed for the nut shot. There was the VaderBomb and the Chokeslam. The Vadebomb happened what 5 minutes into the match. They sold too hard too fast. All the beginning spotlight was on Flair/Renegade. It fucked up their flow. It was a rather heatless match outside of the highspots. It was not well-paced. Now, if they gave this a proper finish, I think I would have gone in the ***-***1/2 even with Hogan mostly ignoring the stipulation and removing the strap. Hogan dragging Flair around to win is a bridge too far for me. I am pretty sure this was non-title. I think this was a perfect time for Vader to win, but what do I know. They have Arn Anderson come out and explode Wooden chairs against Renegade and Hogan. Flair gets in on the act. I wonder if Wooden chairs are the answer. They might hurt less than metal and they have the cool visual of exploding. If I was a a promoter or booker, I'd look into them. Vader has the match won only for Flair to ask him to try to splash Hogan. Vader misses the most ginger somersault. He looked like a four year old doing a somersault for the first time. Flair does something maybe a wooden chair shot but Hulk Up time. We cant have Vader jobbing again so it is time for Flair to get dragged around. I did like the ending with the Masked Man racing out. I was like he was moving way too fast and he is not stocky enough to be Double A. Then Arn comes out gagged and bound. That popped me. It is the Macho Man! Who decks the heels! O before this Hogan double clotheslines the heels, which is such a sickening Hogan ending. Ugh. There was some good stuff and some atrocious stuff. It is sub-three stars for me. I am glad I watched it. WCW 1995 before Nitro becomes a thing is really fascinating.
  3. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs The Butcher & Kevin Sullivan - Clash of the Champions January 1995 This is my first time watching this very infamous segment and I got to say that's what everyone was complaining about?!?! He did not no-sell the Vaderbomb. He no-sold a Powerbomb. Whoopty-fucking-doo! LOL! This whole time I thought he no-sold Vader's finish. I am generally pro-No-Selling. I dont think it would have been my choice as the booker to have Hogan no-sell the powerbomb, BUT it was just a Powerbomb, folks. It was NOT the Vaderbomb. It was NOT the Vadersault. I know anti-Hogan sentiment is very popular, but I am sorry this was not as egregious as many made it out to be. Now, the Reviving Elbow, which I thought they did at Slamboree and may be they do repeat it. I have a higher tolerance for camp in Pro Wrestling than most Pro Wrestling fans and initially I thought it was a cute segment. For those have not seen a lot of older pro wrestling, it was actually customary to revive fallen pro wrestlers that had succumbed to the Sleeper with a choke to the back. So this was a cute way to do it. Now, how does that jive with Savage using it as a finish and people selling it as such. It is hard to make that jive. I think I still like the spot (do not do it all the time obviously) but this one I can see having stronger complaints about. If you watch the November Clash, they did a great job building up the Sleeper so I think this was a good payoff to that. The rest match was solid. Nothing to write home about definitely not bad. Beefcake is atrocious. It is a real shame because best friend turning angles rule. I thought all the plot points were really good, I thought Hogan and Sullivan played their parts well, but they could not overcome just how fucking bad Beefcake is. The sad thing is I do not know if he is worse on the mic or in the ring. He has no redeemable aspects to him. I thought Macho Man selling and Sullivan's offense especially the Tree of Woe kept this entertaining enough that it was never bad. Hogan was good in the shine and hot tag. I think because this coincided with Starrcade it is more notorious, but it was basically a three month angle to get them from Flair to Vader. Three months in the grand scheme of things is not that bad. If you watch Starrcade 94 it is actually sold on whether Savage will be friend or foe with regards to Hogan, which is a much better selling point. Again, the focus is on Hogan & Savage and not what is a collection of what feels like midcard talent. November is a Sweeps month, but December and January are kinda dead months. By the time youre headed into February Sweeps you are going into Hogan/Vader which was their strongest possible match after Flair. Honestly, you knew that was coming at the end of Starrcade. I really dont think this as awful booking as people make it out to be. Is it Crockett 86? No! I am listening to JT & Chad breakdown Summer/Fall of 96 WWF and that sounds way, way worse.
  4. Superstar Sleeze

    Current New Japan

    I should emphasized the part where I said I have seen a couple of his matches. When I eventually watch his stuff in 2024, I will take note of this. I standby that based on what I have seen I dont see him as a great heel. He is like a taller Adam Cole to me. I will say if he was the one who engineered the missed highspots to generate openings for his own offense and that is a trademark of his style, kudos to him. That is really terrific stuff. I will be on lookout for that in future matches of his to see if there is a pattern. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Superstar Sleeze

    Current New Japan

    I was at this show live and this was an easy #5 on my docket. 1. WrestleMania Night 1 2. GCW Bloodsport (w/ @shoe) 3. Martinez Entertainment Lucha Show (w/ Shoe) 4. Wrestlecon USA vs World (w/Shoe) and 5. NJPW Show. I thought this show as not bad per se, but just pedestrian. Minoru Suzuki does pretty much nothing for me at this point in his career. His match with Moxley in AEW Dynamite was absolutely terrible. It was pathetic stand and hit each bullshit. The match with Kross was just a step above this because he at least mixed in some comedy. He is shot. The best part of this match was Braun Strowman and Scarlett watching from the side. The best part was Kross was getting heckling so bad, Scarlett pity cheered for Kross from the back row. Yeah that match was meh. I thought Chris Dickinson vs Tomohiro Ishii was a fall out of bed good match, but nothing super special. Bailey was the MVP of the weekend and I didnt even see his best shit. He had an amazing match with Davey Richards at USA vs World and I am not a Davey Richards guy and had a strong match at Bloodsport. He had a great match with milquetoast Jay White. It is funny when you say "strict heel/face" dynamic. JAY WHITE DOES NOT DO ANYTHING HEELISH! It drove me nuts. The dude is not a heel. I have seen a couple of his matches and he is another generic 21st Century heel. Bailey dragged a very good match out of him, by using time-tested psychology of going for high-risk highspots and get this, he would miss them! This would give Jay White openings to take advantage and then it would escalate further and further. It was beautiful pro wrestling. Every wrestler needs to realize not every move has to hit! I could see someone say this is an average show, but second best. I dont know, brutha. I really just wanted to comment on the strict face/heel when Jay White does nothing heelish and it drives me nuts.
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    Yeah, a sad casualty of me having the best girlfriend I have ever had. I love her and we shall see if I can ever find a rhythm that allows me to podcast full-time. I have some guest spots lined up. Currently I am rewatching all the Nitros in line with the Warzone podcast @soup23 and @Bigelow34 on the North-South Connection and I am on Nitro 9/2. I highly recommend their podcast because they are just too...SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!
  7. Superstar Sleeze

    [1996-08-26-WCW-Nitro] Ted DiBiase debuts

    This was a great moment. The funny part was in Hour 1 they really hammer home they dont think there's four. It is just mind games and there's only three. This after them playing up the major hook for months is that there will be four. So of course as soon as they downplay there will be four, here comes #4. I think you have to throw Horsemen idea out there just to add to mystery & intrigue. Other things of note on this Nitro: Juvytud & Jericho both debut. Juvy's debut goes better than Jericho's as he is against Kidman. Well at least in the ring, Juvy has a hard time cutting a promo in English and Mean Gene really lives up to the name, Mean as he is fucking a dick to Juvy and cuts him off. WCW overthinks Jericho's debut and instead of just letting him win against Wright. They have him not accept a countout win and instead it goes to a No Contest, which backfires and gets a lot of boos. I think they wanted to shoot an angle for his debut, but that was dumb. Jim Powers had a better than match than Rey Mysterio. As Jerry Lynn took a dump in the ring against Mysterio, while Powers had a really fun performance against the Dungeon, Sullivan & Bubba. Sullivan said he saw Mean Gene on Hogan's boat, but Mean Gene said it was Eric Bischoff. Good stuff there. The low-key Savage/Giant feud is very compelling. Benoit/Mongo want to gut-check their Wargames replacements in Sting/Luger in a compelling main event. The NWO beat down here is so damn good. The Best NWO Beatdown thus far! Hogan & Mongo was such a bizarre visual. I loved Flair & AA save which really felt like they would beat them back only succumb to the numbers game. Hogan spraypainting Flair's eyes and spraying Flair's hair black. That shit just got to me. I was revved the fuck up! It was go time! The way Flair sold as he was getting back in the ring. Flair is the GOAT, slam fucking dunk. Oh I loved Flair's promo after the match with RNRs. Saying he was too much man for Hogan, broke Liz, she couldnt stop laughing the rest of the promo which I loved. That was epic showering of the NWO with trash. Nuclear heat! 100% co-signed underrated beatdown that should be way more famous! Onto the next Nitro BAYBAY! Hogan spraypainting Flair in the eyes and then his hair is what made this next level for me. Awesome segment!
  8. ***** Angle. It was the perfect blending of all four men's history, uniting to face the NWO at Wargames. This is why WCW was the best. Perfect Pro Wrestling. I love how Flair's demeanor has changed and how seriously he is taking the NWO.
  9. The Flair/Savage match from this Nitro was really strong in the ***3/4 range. I will re-watch and make a thread for it. I didnt like this segment. This felt like it normalized the NWO. The subsequent got the feel back that the NWO were Outsiders/Invaders that dont belong on the show. This one show made them feel like they were WCW wrestlers. I am glad they turned the ship around in the weeks after this. Hogan's promo with Mean Gene also was a problem. Mean Gene interviewing Hogan made it feel too normal. Thankfully Mean Gene has not interviewed them since. It just felt like Gene was out there with anyone else. Yes Hogan as a heel has novelty but it still was too much normalization. On top of that, the big climax of Flair being a "stupid little man" was so bad. This type of stuff doesnt make them feel special. On top of that the content was not great, Hogan's complaining of the belt weight, the awkward exchange between Hogan & Nash over Hogan's catchphrase was so weird.
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    [1996-08-05-WCW-Nitro] Ric Flair vs Booty Man

    ***** Angle, this fucking ruled so hard! The Horsemen/Booty Man angle WOW JUST WOW that’s one of the greatest angles of all time! I was marking out so hard. Becoming a fan in summer of 97, the Horsemen felt kinda midcard. The Hennig turn was around then. Luger & DDP felt so much bigger. Now watching that fuckkkk NWO Vs Horsemen HOLY SHIT what could have been if Flair doesn’t get injured! I liked it even more than the Backlot angle. Don’t get me wrong yes the Backlot angle was more innovative and groundbreaking and the Booty Man angle only works as a response to the Backlot angle. The Booty Man Angle was such a great follow Up. It was so perfect. Just my favorite type of wrestling. On paper you think Flair vs Booty Man, classic Nitro just throw a random babyface at Ric Flair. You think nothing of it. Then you get Horsemen bum rushing the ring and beating Booty Man to a pulp. Arn cuts one of the best Ice Cold Killer promos ever and Flair cuts one of his best maniac promos. It is Gang Warfare at its finest. It is actually in Flair's promo package at Hog Wild that this all makes sense. Flair thought this was another heel group ala Midnight Express that the Horsemen could co-exist with. That's why up until the Backlot angle he didnt really give a shit. Then they gunned down his best friend, Arn. Now shit is on! Fuck this is so damn good!
  11. The famous Backlot attack angle. Serious question is there any time a human says "Lawn Dart" besides when describing Kevin Nash & Rey Mysterio in this attack. I think it was smart that they did during a major match where 4 of their biggest stars were out because it showed the Outsiders to be cowards and only attack when the big guns were busy. This also dispels any rumors of Flair joining (he had missed last week's show where he was supposed to team with the Horsemen vs Team WCW). I knew Chad went the full Monty, glad to see you come back down to Earth. I don’t rate matches without finishes but this was in ***1/2-***3/4 range for me. Flair, Savage and Benoit give all-star performances in the match proper. My favorite part was the epic Scotty Riggs: “Marcus!” Eats a trash can lol. That was the original Oh Hi Marc! Lol. Food is out diving back in! Rey saying there was four but when he leapt out onto Nash there was only two. It felt weird that he was the one to say there were four. Woman was the MVP for me. I liked how the four guys attacked where all in matches later. It went from Steiners vs American Males, Rey Rey vs Eddie and Giant vs Double A to Steiners vs High Voltage, Rey Rey vs Big Bubba and Giant vs Greg Fuckin Valentine. They torpedoed their own show to get this angle over. This was the best venue to do it since it was a free audience.
  12. Sting vs Avalanche - WCW Clash of the Champions January 95 Guardian Angel (Bossman) is the Special Guest Ref, which is a spot he had last year as The Boss for the Flair vs Vader return match. This is led to a lengthy Vader feud which kept Vader fed, but ultimately left Angel/Bossman ground up. The heel turn and return to the Big Bubba Rogers gimmick makes sense. This heel turn has to go down as one of the worst of all time. Avalanche is in the Scorpion Deathlock. Angel does not call for the bell. Somehow Nick Patrick can hear the wails of agony from Quake and calls the match for Sting. Bubba takes exception to this, which is fine, I guess, but this one of those things that should play out over weeks. Tempers flare and instead Sting whacks Bubba and Bubba attacks back and then he is aligned with Avalanches. What the fuck? I dont mind him being pissed, but teaming with Avalanche came way too soon. Bubba's rights looked good. This was a condensed version of their Starrcade match so I would say just as good. I still dont think much of Avalanche/Earthquake. Sting jumpstarts the match and even gets a dropkick to send Avalanche out as a part of his shine. Heat segment proper starts when Sting collapses on a slam attempt. Good elbow and leg drop from Quake. Sting does that spot where the knock heads and he ricochets off the ropes into Avalanche's nuts. I didnt realize how often Sting did that. It is a fun spot. Avalanche misses the Elbow Drop. Four Stinger Splashes and the Scorpion Deathlock. I covered the finish. I think there is a lot of ways to get to a compelling Big Bubba Rogers heel turn here in this match, but they way they went about it was wicked lame.
  13. Sting vs Avalanche - WCW Starrcade 1994 Why the hell am is the MartMan watching this? I got a new project in mind and this fall under that umbrella. Earthquake/Avalanche is a bit of a darling but I dont see it. I thought this match is a feather in Sting's cap more than anything else. A little background, Sting was reduced to Hulk Hogan's running buddy once Hogan came in and really was directionless for four months. That was until the Faces of Fear (Beefcake, Earthquake, and Kevin Sullivan) became a thing at Halloween Havoc. With Hogan having multiple enemies, Sting finally had a dance partner that was of course until the Macho Man debuted on this show making Sting now third banana to the Macho Man. This is a poor man's Sting vs Vader, but a poor man's Sting vs Vader is better than most matches so I will take what I can get. I really thought Sting sold and timed his hope spots well in this match. He had to supply the energy. Even though, he worked the majority of the match underneath, he never died. The shine was short but sweet. I really liked the Clash of the Titans bullshit at the beginning with all the grandstanding and hot dogging. Sting's main focus was trying to make in-roads by kicking the legs of Earthquake. Avalanche was the weak link as he did not have the next level offense to make this exciting on offense even though I was digging the Stinger's performance. Sting going for the Sleeper and really working was great. The bodyslam attempt got a good reaction. The finish was the best part with Avalanche powerslam and he attempts the Earthquake Splash only for Stinger pop up and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Clothesline! BODYSLAM FOR THE PAYOFF AND POP! Stinger Splash! The ref got bumped in all of this (I watched this last night and am going off memory). Kevin Sullivan gets involved and they do the spot from the Clash where Avalanche catches Sullivan and runs him into Sting. This triggers the DQ. Avalanche hits the Earthquake Splash to get heat for the rematch and Hogan saves with the chair. Every other reviewer buries this match, but this is definitely on the side of being pretty good. Very good Sting performance carries the day. ***
  14. Superstar Sleeze

    [1994-07-17-WCW-Bash at the Beach] Guardian Angel vs Vader

    Vader vs Guardian Angel - WCW Bash At The Beach 1994 The rep is that the Spring Stampede match rules and everything else drools, but I thought this rocked pretty hard. Bossman has a fucking killer right and it is on full display here. When he is not socking Harley Race, he is levelling Vader. These were some of the best rights this side of Huntsville. I was Ooooohing and Aaaaaahing. I liked that each time he clobbered Harley that was the opening Vader would use to resume his offense. Vader obviously can give as good as he gets. The spinwheel kick in the beginning popped me. It was enough that Bossman could hit a tremendous back suplex and popped the crowd huge with the bodyslam. This was a very Japanese style bomb throwing, heavyweight bombfest. Great heavy blows and big time offense. Vaderbomb followed by the Vadersault, but Vader lands too hard on his knee to follow up. Harley sees his man down and gets press slammed off the top! The patented Bossman baseball slide into the right hand to a standing Vader looked great. I am pretty sure there was a Bossman clothesline in here that just ruled. The ref gets bumped. Vader has a baton. The ref comes to and sees Bossman with it and calls for the DQ. Fucking Bill Watts Big Uglies Meaty Power Wrestling is my favorite style. This shit will never get old, doesnt right reach Stampede heights and the finish sucks, but everyone should still watch this because it is 8 minutes of testosterone injected directly into your veins. ***1/2
  15. Hulk Hogan, Sting & Dave Sullivan vs The Butcher, Avalanche, & Kevin Sullivan - Clash of the Champions Nov 1994 Since I’ve gotten a girlfriend, I find these matches are a lot easier to watch than a 30 minute, need my full attention Japanese match Main event classics. I think this stuff is interesting because I’ve watched very little WCW from this era. Best friend turning on Hogan or Sting never gets old and it always works. Unfortunately, it is Brutus Beefcake and he sucks. Every time I see Beefcake he never looks like the same person. I know people love Earthquake/Avalanche but I’ve never been a big fan. Blackwell is much better than him for instance. I like Kevin Sullivan. The heel promo sucked besides Sullivan. I liked Hogan and Sting as a babyface team. I liked Sting adopting the Red & Yellow and Hogan adopting the war paint. The match was not bad which is pretty shocking. Dave Sullivan gets taken out by an Earthquke splash on the arm and carted to the back. Honestly Three Faces of Fear vs Hogan & Sting still feels fair. It is a double FIP structure. Hogan took the beginning pretty standard Hogan selling and hope spots. He got most offense in on the smaller Sullivan, took a bear hug from Earthquake. I don’t remember Beefer Doing much. Quake missed a big splash. Sting gets a quick hot tag. I liked the vaulting karate kick to Quake to start. Stinger Splashes on Avalanche. Sullivan gets involved and ends up In Avalanches arms and he squished him into Sting to restart heel control. Quake does get the Quake Splash on Sting but for two. Sting press slams Sullivan off the top. Hogan and Beefcake both tag in! Big Starrcade Main Event! Lol. Sullivan gets the megaphone but Mr. T who is the ref gets into a tussle with Sullivan and Sullivan gets dropped. Hogan pins him without dropping the leg and Sullivan is not legal. They use the megaphone to knock everyone out. Beefcake puts on a long sleeper on Hogan while Sullivan and Quake fend off the rescuers and keep Sting at bay. The heels needed heat going into Starrcade. Not a bad angle going into Starrcade but it is Beefcake so this is still heatless with me. It was fine but no hidden gem here. Hogan works harder and sells better than anyone ever gives him credit for. He was still the MVP of the match. Really only Beefcake sucked.