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  1. Pat O'Connor vs The Mighty Atlas - Chicago 5/16/52 Im a little burnt out on Japanese wrestling going to take a short break here and revisit some 50s American Wrestling. Jack Dempsey the famous American boxer is the special guest referee. Mighty Atlas does a half-strongman, half-stooging heel gimmick. Russ lets us know he is a real peacock at the beginning of the match. His stooging is not dissimilar from what you would see from a Gorgeous George or a 80s Southern heel. O'Connor at the time is a young star that Russ says has a bright future ahead of him, he would be vindicated. O'Connor is an impressive technical babyface. First Fall: Simple, but elegant. Atlas tries to cheat but to no avail as O'Connor is too good. Atlas preens too much and ends up eating two dropkicks right at the bell. I thought there was a chance for a quick fall. Atlas mostly goes for punches in the ropes. He misses one wildly that sends him sailing over the top rope. All Heeling 101 but very effective. O'Connor shows his combination of agility and technique varying his holds using a headscissors, headlock Full Nelson and a Inverted Indian Deathlock. Atlas breaking out of the Full Nelson was the only strongman spot thus far. He does have mighty big arms I must say. Where I left them O'Connor was hiptossing him out of headlock attempts nothing that will blow your mind, but the elementary elegance is refreshing. O'Connor goes for the Banana Split but comes up with an Inverted Indian Deathlock applies very well but too close to the ropes. Atlas builds the most momentum thus far with some European Uppercuts that rock O'Connor over the top rope to the floor and he plays a little King of the Mountain as Russ cries foul. O'Connor vaults over the top rope and lets Atlas have it. Airplane Spin FU! I wish instead of Cena going for the Super FU when the first FU didnt work he did the Airplane Spin FU :p That of course is the finish as it should be O'Connor 1-0. Second Fall: Per usual, a short fall but given the time left in the video I thought O'Connor might've had a good chance for the clean sweep. Very nice reverse back heel trip by Atlas to avoid the Full Nelson. Atlas lands some clubbing blows. I like how O'Connor registers and then ROARS back with a beautiful strike combination more of that in wrestling. They do a real Slam Bang finish which each man leaping for moves but missing only for Atlas to apply his finish, what else but a Full Nelson. He grabs the Fall to tie this up. Fun sprint fall. Third Fall: Hot finish with Atlas trying to win the match by applying a Full Nelson again immediately but O'Connor says if Im going down youre going down with me and he dove through the ropes and they both take a nasty tumble. I bit on the countout finish as means to protect Atlas but he gets back in only to eat a dropkick and fall back to the outside. He gets back in, dropkicked, ricochets off the ropes into an AIRPLAN SPIN FU for the win! Nothing to write home to your mother about, but solid wrestling nonetheless. I think much of Atlas, he was fine. O'Connor against the right opponent looks like he can put on a marvel. ***1/4
  2. All Japan World Tag Team Champions Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Genichiro Tenryu & Stan Hansen vs - AJPW 10/20/89 I watched the original title change back in July which didnt make the DVDVR set surprisingly but was bitchin' as hell! Tenryu dropped the Triple Crown a couple weeks prior. Does Jumbo retain all his gold or is Tenryu able to reclaim some glory? I didnt see the title switch back to Jumbo & Yatsu, which happened on 7/22. I might have to look that match up at some point. I am looking forward to his based on July! 1989 All Japan Tag means stream of consciousness: Tenryu & Yatsu to start! Tenryu makes sure to chop Jumbo while he is on the apron. Already this has way more heat than the 10/14 six-man! Jumbo tags in. Yatsu counsels him first. Tenryu slaps Jumbo and Jumbo headlock. Criss-cross, Jumbo shouldertackle and Jumbo death bodyslam. I love Jumbo's bodyslam Double Chop and they try for the knee sandwich but get the double chop instead. Yatsu knee to Tenryu. Hansen tags in. Hansen has a huge bandage on his back which I assume he has been awfully quiet thus far. Hansen does seem subdued. Yatsu backs him into a corner. Hansen fights out. Yatsu is sledging the back. Hansen bullies Yatsu into his corner. Hansen/Tenryu double shouldertackle. Tenryu with some vicious stomps to head. Slashing chops to Yatsu and bashes his head into the buckles. Snapmare into the figure-4 headlock. Yatsu frees himself goes for inverted figure-4 but Hansen comes crashing into him with an elbow break it up. Hansen in and he kicks at Yatsu and a dropkick by the big man. Hansen punches Yatsu in the ropes. Hansen cant prevent the tag to Jumbo. Jumbo shoulderblocks into the ropes and Jumbo double axehandle to Hansen injured back. Hansen flails in defense and wrestles Jumbo to his corner. Tenryu slashing chops! Jumbo big boot on Tenryu! Jumbo Big Boot Gain! Jumbo is revved up and raises arm to crowd. Jumbo elbow to Tenryu . Yatsu stomps Tenryu slumped in corner. Yatsu reverse elbow on Tenryu. Yatsu belly to belly suplex. Hansen interferes and Tenryu knee to Yatsu. Tenryu Enziguiri to kneeling Yatsu. Hansen tags in. Yatsu meets him at press and slugs away at back. Hansen fires back. He tugs at the Elbow Pad early to a big reaction! Hansen comes in red hot charging but goes ass over tea kettle over the top rope to the floor, careening into the railing injuring his already injured back. Tenryu checks in on him. Jumbo double axehandle off apron onto injured back and then whips Tenryu into railing. Very strong first five minutes. Stomp to the injured back. Great targeting of the injured back. It gives this tag a hook, which a lot of All Japan tags from this era sorely lack. Jumbo is relentless on the back and tears off the bandage. Tenryu attacks him from behind and Yatsu attacks Tenryu. Yatsu Bulldog on Tenryu on floor! Yatsu adds a sledge to the back of Hansen and then throws him back in. Jumbo finishes the job with a MASSIVE bodyslam! Jumbo tries to muscle Hansen over into a Boston Crab. Hansen makes it to the safety of the ropes. Yatsu continues to drub the back of Hansen like a drum. I loved wounded bear Stan Hansen the best. It is when he is at his most dangerous. Yatsu bodyslam and stomp. Yatsu is relentless attacking the back Jumbo tags in and goes up top but Hansen powders. Hansen creates space and throws wild strikes to try to keep Jumbo at bay but Jumbo just keeps coming. Hansen topples a Young Boy as he looks for quarter but Jumbo will give him none! Hansen is being out Hansne'd by Jumbo & Yastu. Hansen deadwieght to Jumbo. Hansen grabs the hair and throws a headbutt. Hansen punches Jumbos' side and based on the way Jumbo flinches he might have something. Jumbo wisely tags out to Yatsu double suplex gets two but Tenryu breaks it up. Yatsu camel clutch on Hansen. I never thought I'd write this sentence but this is great heat segment on Stan Hansen of all people. Hanse blasts Yatsu with an elbow on his knees. He is the best type of face in peril always fighting back. Another double suplex gets two as Jumbo is now in with him. Hansen keeps throwing kicks from his back. Jumbo fires back. Hansen lunging headbutt tp midsection. Jumbo pummels him down his attacks to back. Tenryu comes in and chops Jumbo. This is so different than I expected and I Love it. Yatsu double axehandle to Hansen's back from top. Single Leg Crab by Yatsu. Hansen does not look good. Yatsu applies the inverted Figure-4 but Hansen grabs Yatsu's hair and throw rapid fire headbutts but Yatsu tags out to Jumbo. Jumbo back to work on the back. Hansen starts his hulk up. Great shit! Jumbo ends the rally with an abdominal stretch boooooooo. Tenryu double axehandle crashing down on Jumbo. Enizguiri! Hansen stomps and hot tag! Tenyu slashing chop. TENRYU MACK TRUCK LARIAT! He toesses Jumbo to the floor. Hansen chops Jumbo on the floor. Hansen headbutts Yatsu. Back in ring, Tenryu BLASTS Jumbo with a Footlose Lariat in the corner. Sick Lariat. Hansen exposes his knee in exact sweet revenge kneeing Jumbo in the head. Hansen falls back under the weight of Hansen as Jumbo is left clutching his head. This is killer. Jumbo inside cradle! Tenryu reverse for two! Tenryu keeps attacking head and gets two count. Bodyslam by Tenryu. Hansen elbow drop for two. COWOY KICK! Wicked knee to head by Hansen. Jumbo no sells a double shouldertackle in a weird moment. DANGEROUS BACK DROP DRIVER BY JUMBO! Weird way to get to it, but i like the move as transition. Hot tag to Yatsu! Yatsu stomps away at Tenryu. Hansen comes in and gets promptly bodyslammed by Yatsu who will not be denied. Yatsu is a one man gang fending off everyone. GEATEST SPOT EVER! Hansen throws Yatsu off on a bulldog attempt and Tenryu TRUCKS HIM WITH A LARIAT! Yatsu dropkick gets him back in contention. Hansen comes charging across the screen and knocks Yatsu off the rope and takes a nasty tumble to the floor. Hansen beats him up on the floor and throws him in. Double suplex by Hansen and Tenryu. Hansen drives and grinds his knee into Yatsu for two. Yastu backdrops out of Spike Piledriver attempts and press slams Tenryu off the top. Hansen lunges and crashes down on Yatsu as Tenryu knocks the injured Jumbo off apron. They steal Jumbo & Yatsu's Spike Piledriver and do it in their corner! Add insult to injury. As Hansen Is pinning Yatsu, Jumbo and furiously slaps the shit out of Tenryu. Jumbo kicks Hansen into the head repeatedly is all revved up. Hansen fires back and it is on. Hansen throws Jumbo out. It leaves Tenryu and Yatsu alone. Hansen whips Jumbo into the railing. Tenryu & Hansen double team YATSU WITH THEIR DOUBLE POWER FINISH FOR TWO AS Jumbo saves! WESTERN LARIAT BLASTS JUMBO! Hansen misses Lariat on Yatsu and elbow and Tenryu misses the Enziguiri. We miss the Lariat that does Yatsu in, which is a shame. This fucking ruled! Take the awesome workrate you already know youre going to get from these four but then add in a Hansen back injury hook that carries the front half of the match and explains why Hansen is not his usual wrecking ball self. Then on top of that add a great heat segment on Jumbo where he has had his bell rung and he can never shake the cobwebs loose again which leaves Yatsu easy pickins for the Tenryu/Hansen superteam. Next time I watch this I want to see what caused the Jumbo head injury. The finish run was excellent, the shove off the Bulldog into a Monster Lariat could have been the finish. Stealing the Spike Piledriver. Jumbo pissed but not really able to do anything about it. The Double Powerbomb! The Monster Lariat to knock Jumbo out of contention once and for all. The only thing I wish was a little bigger was he actual finish finish but that might just be since we miss it on camera. Excellent match from a matchup that people should talk about more! ****1/2
  3. Jumbo Tsuruta, Great Kabuki & Kenta Kobashi vs Genichiro Tenryu, Toshiaki Kawada, Ricky Fuyuki - AJPW 10/14/89 On paper, this looks like a pretty killer Jumbo's Army vs Revolution match! Looking forward to BABY KOBASHI~! vs Young Kawada! It is 1989 All Japan tag so stream of consciousness: Great Kabuki has Ultimate Warrior facepaint on! Kabuki just seems like a weird fit in ultra-serious All Japan. Inoki always liked the freaks more, seems like he'd be a better fit for New Japan. We start with the big guns right off the bat. Three days prior to the his Jumbo won the Triple Crown. Jumbo is able to nail his High Knee early and raise his fist to the crowd. Second one and Tenryu doesnt look good. Jumbo pulls him by the hair to his corner. Kobashi tags in and double teams with Jumbo. Dropkick to Tenryu sends him into Kawada. Kawada tags in. Kobashi heads him off at the pass. Another dropkick for Kawada. Kobashi has plucky white meat babyface offense. He wraps Kawada up in a front chancery. Kawada powers out and sits him up on a neutral corner and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Tags in Fuyuki with a reverse elbow and then a Boston Crab. Kobashi powers out, roll up sequence. Headlock/headscissors get again, face off applause, a harbinger of whats to come in the wrestling world. Kobashi applies a cross armbreaker to Fuyuki this being in 1989 not sold properly. Kobashi tags in. Kabuki has the best uppercuts! Nice meaty lariat from Kabuki. He looks weird but a great wrestler. Nice armbar takedown from Kabuuki as he works an armbar. Armwringers and another armbar takedown. It has been all Jumbo's Army for the most part. Kobashi double axehandle to Fuyuki's arm, drop toehold but Fuyuki affords a tag to Tenryu who tags over with back body drop and bodyslam. Kawada dropkick after he tags in. Nice bodyslam/Senton combo. Kawada looks great as always. Kawada moves to the Single Leg Crab, but no stepping on his head. Great stretch though but Kawada. VICIOUS CHOP BY Tenryu! Nice crossbody but Kobashi tags out to Kabuki. Kabuki throws some amazing uppercuts that ring Tenryu's bell, amazing Tenryu standing selling. Fuyuki chops to Kabuki who doesnt fight back. Bodyslam/legdrop combo. Kabuki superkick. Jumbo high knee! Jumbo chinlock on Fuyuki. Jumbo abdominal stretch. Kawada breaks it up. Kobashi missile dropkick as Jumbo holds. It blows him so far away Kawada tags in. Kobashi heads off at pass again and then vertical suplex back to front chancery. Kawada kicks in the corner. Kawada big vertical suplex. Kobashi spinning heel kick gets two. Kabuki great body punches to Kawada. Is Kabuki good in the US? Nobody ever talks about him. Kabuki drops down into a tight leglace. It actually looks good and I hate that hold. Kabuki drops the knee into the knee. Those body punches were great. Does Great Kabuki vs Fujiwara exist? Tenryu breaks it up and Kobashi tags in. Kobashi with an amazing Single Leg Crab. Kawada uses free leg to kick Kobashi in the mush. Jumbo sets too early and allows tag to Tenryu. Jumbo owns Tenryu again with High Knee for third time, but on the fourth time, Tenryu HOTSHOTS JUMBO! Cowboy kick! Tenryu tries for the Reverse Top Rope Elbow, but Kabuki interferes. Jumbo Death Lariat in th corner! Jumbo brings him over to Kobashi who fires away. Tenryu SMOKES Koabashi with a chop. Kobashi crashes and burns on a dropkick. Kobashi deadweights on a suplex attempt. Kobashi wins the suplex struggle. Kawada tags in and spinning heel kick for two. Kawada Frenetic Lariat! Tenryu tags in Footloose Lariat in corner as Tenryu looks contemptuously down at Kobashi. Tenryu chops to Kobashi. Tenryu bodyslam with authority on Kobashi and Cowboy Kick. Kobashi powerslam on Fuyuki wisely tags in the FIghting Machine that is Kabuki. Snap suplex and neckbreaker by Kabuki. Jumbo vs Tenryu! JUMBO DEATH LARIAT! 1-2-NO! Holy shit! He smoked him. Jumbo wants the Buttrerfly suplex. Tenryu back body drop. Kawada tags in and kicks Jumbo a bunch. Kawada gets low on Suplex attempt but Jumbo is well too Jumbo for Kawada. Jumbo tags in the workrate God Kabuki. Kabuki bodylam! Kabuki dropkick on Kawada. Kabuki tags in Kobashi. Kobashi chop on Kawada and crossbody. Tenryu a double axehandle helps Kawada get a suplex on Kobashi. Sandwich kick as as called by announcer as Footloose double team Kobashi for two. Kobashi Kappou Kick why he did stop doing that! Kawada missed the dropkick. Kobashi tags in Jumbo. Jumbo nearly takes Kawada's head off with High Knee. Kobashi back in. Kobashi Fisherman Suplex on Kawada. I am pretty sure Revoluton is going to win they are getting their asses kicked. Koabashi Kappou Kick and baseball slide as Kawada goes to outside. Kawada slams Kobashi onto railings and tags in Fuyuki. Fuyuki abdominal stretch. Kobashi hiptoss out. Tenryu Tenryu slashing chop on Kobashi. Back body drop and Cowboy Kicks! Tenryu suplex. Fuyuki back to the abdominal stretch NO ROLLING CRADLE! POPEPD ME! Even though crowd doesnt care. Kobashi tags in Jumbo. Jumbo High Knee to Fuyuki to surprise of no one. Good Jumbo vs Kawada fire fight ends with a Jumbo big boot. Kabuki back in, Hell Yeah! Kawada spinning heel kick, Kabuki evades and doesnt sell shit. He just throws sick uppercuts and thrust kicks. Fuyuki Thesz Press for to! Excellent Kabuki uppercut coming from Sweet Home Nobeoka! Kobashi reverse crossbody for two. Fuyuki kneelift and tags in Kawada. Kawada kicks at midsection. Kawada overzealous and they end up Spinning Heel Kicks simultaneously. Kobashi dropkicks Tenryu repeatedly, spinning Heel kicks. Tenryu Lariat! Kobashi Kicks Out! Tenryu Double Leg Takedown Finish but Kabuki uses sweet uppercut to break up the pin. Tenryu tries again but Kabuki shoves Kobashi on top for him for two! Kobashi crashes and burns coming off top but get inside cradle for two. Kobashi about to take a nap soon me thinks. Tenryu powerbombs as Footloose stands guard for the win. Callled it! This is a workrate-driven, action-packed tag that never drags but also really never crescendos or gets out of second gear. It is six kickass wrestlers so it is still very good. Kabuki and Kobashi raise this above good, but doesnt quite get to great. ***3/4
  4. Superstar Sleeze

    Chris Dickinson

    I love me some Dirty Daddy! I love the intensity & passion he brings to every match. He was definitely the #1 week to week highlight of me attending Beyond's Unchartered Territory. I love that he has been influenced by both All Japan & Shoot-Style which is a great combo. I have not seen him in any garbage/deathmatch but I bet his FMW love comes through there too. I think his biggest strength is not walking through these big bomb throwing matches, not doing my turn, your turn. He makes his opponent earn their offense and he comes up with smart transitions to his own bombs in the finish run. In 2021, he is a longshot, BUT in 2026 I am projecting him as a distinct possibility.
  5. Superstar Sleeze

    Kevin Von Erich

    Kevin Von Erich seems to have deleted his Twitter account but he had replied or DM'd me after I sent him my blog praising his work in World Class. I had asked him how did he get that mentality he took in the ring. He just said his father told him to make it look like a shoot as much as possible and he took to the fucking extreme. I love Kevin Von Erich! I love uncooperative wrestling. I love that fought through everything. That shit to me is just electric. His matches with Flair and Race and tags against Freebirds and Adams/Gino are all-timers. This whole he needs to sell more stuff rings hollow for me. Variety is the spice of life. Do I want everyone to wrestle like Kevin Von Erich NO! But I dont want everyone to wrestle like Ricky Morton either! I would love a Kevin Von Erich in wrestling right now. Uniqueness is probably the most important thing to me. Can you have a match that no one else can have because of who you are? Kevin Von Erich checks that box because nobody wrestles like Kevin Von Erich! A lock for my Top 100!
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    Bam Bam Bigelow

    Is there anything lamer than a super heavyweight with blue fucking flames tattooed to his head doing a cartwheel when he is announced by a ring announcer? Painful. Bigelow is pretty shitty in my opinion. I didnt realize how extensive his New Japan run was but he was trash in both the Inoki and Vader matches I watched. Just had no idea how to use his mass effectively. Bigelow always seemed to work too small in my opinion. The Lawler match is his best match and that is Lawler's masterpiece. He walked Bam Bam by the hand through that match. The Spike Dudley squash that Grimmas brought up, RULES! Greatest squash ever. The one match I think saw thrown out that I do want to emphasize is the Rob Van Dam match from April 4, 1998. That is the one match where I feel like Bam Bam finally wrestles like a monster. I am definitely going to try to watch more from his New Japan run. The WWF run happens with opponents I am not that interested in watching so it will be many years before I get to that. I will keep an open mind, but Bam Bam is far more likely to end up on a Top 100 Worst Wrestlers Ever for me.
  7. Superstar Sleeze

    Stan Lane

    I was the high voter on Stan Lane (see my bitchin' avatar) at #64. Shame on you, PWO, shame on you! I expect better from a Southern-fried board! He does suffer from being the second best person on both his main teams. I think the Eaton thing doesnt surprise anyone. I do think Keirn was the better brawler on the Fabs but because Lane has the Midnights run and reinvents himself as a Redneck Karate stooge that lifts him over Keirn. I was watching some footage from Crockett I had not seen before for the PTBN Greatest WCW Match Project and this match really leapt off the page for me so to speak. I tend watches for the intra-match narrative and how the performances serve the match and I rarely watch with how individual is doing outside the match if that makes sense. Ultimately this is why I prefer Greatest Match Projects to Greatest Wrestler Projects. I remember earmarking this in my mind to exhibit as an individual Stan Lane performance where he outshone both Ricky Morton and Bobby Eaton in a match which is a tall task. He will assuredly make my list again in 2026. Here is the match & review in question: NWA World Tag Team Champions Rock N Roll Express vs NWA US Tag Team Champions Midnight Express - NWA Worldwide 7/11/87 I am proud to be PWO's Official #1 Stan Lane fan tonight. Not only did he kill in the ring on this night, but he cuts a bitchin' promo on the outside. Corny gotten taken out the week prior by the RNRs I think to cover for a surgery or something related to the fall from the Scaffold. Lane calls Cornette a good Christian who gives 80% of his income to charities and co-wrote We Are The World. I popped for that! Terrific match! This is the type of pro wrestling I just live for. Stan Lane gives this feud a fresh new dynamic. He sells his ass off in this match. Whether, it was letting himself be kicked in the ass through the ropes or how he sold the leg work, the man put on a helluva performance. I liked how he would maneuver the ref so he could yank Morton down by the hair after Eaton had just been falsely complaining Gibson was pull his hair in the segment prior. Morton rockets him with punches. Dropkick. Lane pinballs for the Rock N Rolls in awesome fashion. The leg work by Rock N Rolls is so good, so tight. The key is Lane. He keeps it fun and entertaining. Heel in Peril at the beginning of 80s tag whether up North or down South is a tough thing to work. Lane the way he was verbally selling everything made it. I LOVED Eaton finally getting the tag ONLY to fall prey to a drop toehold and end up right back where his partner was. Finally Eaton crashes on Gibson with a knee from behind. Lane shows that mean streak. Snake Eyes on the railing and chokes with he cord. Strong heat segment. We dont see of those Beautiful Sweet Home Alabama rights but we get some real mean, nasty work from Lane. They work a spot where Morton keeps getting so incensed they are able to hurl Gibson over the top rope which is illegal. Gibson is good about selling, but not too much peppering in those pinning combinations to give the crowd hope. Eaton finally goes up for one of his highspots. He misses a gorgeous top rope elbow. Here comes Morton. He is full of piss & vinegar. Looks great. A meeting of the minds! Morton is directing traffic to set up DOUBLE DROPKICK on Eaton but he bumps the ref. Here comes Big Bubba Rogers who plants Morton with the Bossman Slam. He throws the ref back in. 1-2-3! New World Tag Champs?!? Wait?! I thought...huh...oh here's another ref to reverse the decision. Finish keeps it from my Top 3 MX vs RNRs matches but this will safely make my Top 100 JCP/WCW matches. Check out Stan Lane's performance not far behind is Gibson who is a great face in peril. Gibson will definitely make my Top 100 Wrestlers next time. The two unsung members of their tag team give standout performances in this banger. ****1/4
  8. Superstar Sleeze

    Lex Luger

    Lex Luger will make my Top 100 wrestlers. I am a big fan of power wrestling and hoss-style pro wrestling and I think Luger executes that style at a high level for a long time. In the next five years, I do want to watch Luger in Florida and Luger in WWF. I know @EricR is doing a project on the hunt for the best Luger in WWF match but it might have morphed into a Tony Halme/Ludvig Borga Complete & Accurate which also sounds accurate. I think the original Crocket run is strong enough along with the fact that he was actually pretty good in WCW from 96 to the end. I really enjoyed the Luger vs Savage pairing whenever that happened, that is an underrated combination. He has the Nitro win over Hogan. He was the biggest working babyface star in the biggest company in the world in 1997. I see him in the 75-100 portion. Awesome verbal seller. Explosive. Knew how to build matches on his own easiest example is the Pillman Halloween Havoc '89 match.
  9. Superstar Sleeze

    Nick Gage

    PWO how you have disappointed me so! One of the best compliments I have ever gotten at work is a dude coming up to me in the lab and saying "You are the realest muthafucka I have ever met". When I saw Nick Fuckin' Gage for the first, I said to myself, that's a real muthafucka. He has AUTHENTIC charisma out the yin yang. In a world of try-hards, he is just Nick Fuckin' Gage, ALL FUCKIN DAY! I live for it. I'll put it like this... This is what separates Kenta Kobashi from being #10 on my list to being in my top two. When he does the fist pump before the Moonsault, I am emotionally moved. His body posture, his facial expression, make me come alive! Sometimes I am pumping my fist and sometimes it brings literal tears to my eyes. Kobashi is 22 years older than me, speaks a language I dont speak and is from a culture I have never experienced, but in that moment we are completely and utterly connected. Nick Gage has the exact same effect on me live. When I shout "MDK ALL FUCKIN' DAY" it is not a pithy catchphrase, it is a way of life to be the Realest Muthafucka you can be. If you arent watching pro wrestling for the "vibes" what are you watching it for?
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    Diamond Dallas Page

    What is people’s major malfunction against people bumping on their side? It seems like such a weird aesthetic Hangup. People should bump how is comfortable to them. There are plenty of snap backs that look stupid as shit given a certain set of circumstances sometimes bumping differently would help. I was surprised my post was about heel DDP but good on me scummy heel midcard DDP ruled! His post-Lord of the Ring win was a great era. He was the last of the stooging heels. I think he was the Best Worker in 1998 & 1999. Every match dripped with effort, had a great hook and was a titanic struggle, Mortal lock for my Top 100 until the day I die!
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    Dean Malenko

    It is really interesting to me that Malenko is living & dying on his 90s US run when he was already 33 in 1994. What was he is doing from 1986-1993? I saw him pop in All Japan, where else? I thought the discussion was pretty fair and I won’t rehash it but I did come across a new insight recently. It was only from one match and extrapolating from one match is very dangerous but I have zero desire to watch 90s Malenko to prove myself right or wrong. It was glaring how awful Dean was in the 1989 Fantastics match. He was doing these atrocious groggy stand on your feet sells that made it really difficult to transition to the next spot organically. He reminded me of a mini-Brody. He was trying to protect himself by not bumping and not really selling. It was NOT a badass no sell. It was just this lame groggy sell. He would drunken walk into the next spot and it looked terrible. Maybe somebody who has watched more Malenko recently can confirm or deny this. Is the problem with Malenko his Brody-Esque selling and consequently the shitty transitions that happen during his matches? Jetlag seemed to allude to this. Like I said it is dangerous to extrapolate from one match but I thought I’d toss this out here and see what people think.
  12. Superstar Sleeze

    Joe Malenko

    Joe was way better than Dean in the Fantastics match on the All Japan set. I am shocked that being bereft of charisma was being levied at Joe based on the handful of matches I have seen him in. He not only does tricked out mat work better than Dean, he’s a better seller & bumper than Dean who looks like he is doing a mini-Brody gimmick. Joe did disappoint a little with Kobashi against the Can-Ams.
  13. Superstar Sleeze

    Bobby Fulton

    BOBBY FULTON IS INCREDIBLE! His selling in the Sheepherders match would make Ricky Morton green with envy. His punch is right up there with Bobby Eaton. Rogers was the athlete, workrate guy. Fulton was the heart & soul! Tons of charisma, passion, selling and a great right just how God intended Southern-Fried wrestling to be! Bobby Fulton has undoubtedly booty-shook his way into my Top 100!
  14. Superstar Sleeze

    Steve Keirn

    Keirn vs Flair!!! How have I not seen this? Sign me the fuck up! Best toe kick to the gut in the history of Pro Wrestling! Fabulous Ones are one of the all-time greatest brawling tag teams in history, I could watch Fabs vs Moondogs for days. I was on the Titans Dylan mentions above and that Keirn vs Saito really stuck with me as special. Keirn vs Fujinami also excellent. Very snug, very technically sound. My kinda wrestler. Will most likely place but want to see more! it appears the Georgia Titans has been lost to time but thank you again @Ricky Jacksonfor having me on!
  15. Superstar Sleeze

    Jerry Stubbs

    Continental is a rabbit hole I really want to go down. It being scattered and two territories (Knoxville vs Mobile) at once can be confusing, I am sure with a bit of effort it’d worth it. This is an excuse to post this blast from last Titans: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Xp9m2uuwGnLLXdov9 I actually had to look up if I was on this one. Exit Jerry Stubbs, Enter Mr. Olympia and “I Gotta Talk To Tom” are iconic. I remember Kelly, Johnny and Pete talking so I couldn’t remember if I was on the line or if it was just a really bitchin’ experience listening in the car. I have vague memories of the footage that’s why I thought I was not it and I am! Thank you @Ricky Jackson for including me! Meant a lot then, means a lot now! Mr. Olympia vs Chavo from Mid-South is awesome! I can’t recall any one thing he does particularly well but someone from a territory I want to watch more of.