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  1. AWA World Heavyweight Champion Rick Martel vs Jumbo Tsuruta - AWA 9/29/85 "ABA - Erm AWA - ABA was something else at some other time" - Rodger Kent? (Maybe Trongard), I lol'd BOMBS AWAY! Wow! Do these two cut one helluva pace! Neither man backs down and this is a fight from the opening bell to the final three count. This match would not feel out of place in today's wrestling scene in fact I say they blow most matches out of the water. There are a ton of highspots and MOVEZ~! in this match, but everything feels important because it bearing on the next spot. The most critical element is it feels like two guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to win the match not entertain the fans. The fan's enjoyment is a byproduct of their struggle not their direct objective, which separates it from today's scene even if it is highspot-oriented match. The tone of the match is established early Jumbo is pissed and he wants his belt back. He hits these tremendous kneelifts and European Uppercuts and what does Martel do he fights back from his knees twice. You feel how badly these two competitors want to win the world heavyweight championship. It is a total Jumbo full court press early on with the work on the midsection of Martel being the focus (punches there and ab stretch). In one of my favorite spots, Jumbo hoists Martel to hit a piledriver but takes the time revolve so that every section can see what he is about to do. Martel gets a backbreaker to finally break momentum. He just starts ramming his knee into Jumbo's back and does not even give him a ropebreak. Ricky Martel is in a fucking fight and he fucking knows it! He wants it just as bad as Jumbo. Martel applies a Boston Crab, wow, that's a Jumbo spot, ballsy! Jumbo powers out and throws him out to the floor. Martel is PISSED! He nails a dropkick! That's Jim Brunzell level baby! They just starts throwing bombs at each other with each one building on the other. Martel crashes and burns on his slingshot splash. Jumbo abandons bomb throwing for leg work, which may be a smart play with the spinning toe hold and figure-4. Martel sells so well and in what was a bombfest up until this point, this is very refreshing. Having dismantled his knee, Jumbo runs through his offense in the finish stretch, but gets caught with a reverse crossbody for three! Jumbo nails him with a wicked knee post-match. Martel can't catch a break in the post-match. They packed a shit ton of action in this match. I mean there was literally not one dull moment. I did not want to just make this a list of moves so I just highlighted the most critical, but there was a shit ton of high end offense from both wrestlers. This match is highly recommended for those who love action and a ton of bombs in their wrestling. I think both have better classics with other opponents, but as far as a kickass summer blockbuster type wrestling match this is really hard to beat. I will never fault two wrestlers that I truely believe are fighting as hard as they can to win this match. ****1/2
  2. Superstar Sleeze

    Bret Hart vs Steve Austin

    Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWF RAW 4/21/97 Street Fight RAW IS WAR was so badass back in the day. Austin comes out crazed wanting a street fight. He whupped Bret's ass last night but before the chump quit Bulldog & Owen saved his ass. Now he wants a street fight so he can whup his ass so bad that ain't no doubt who won. He says Bret has one minute. They even have a countdown clock. Bret agrees, but for later in the night. This does not main event. It happen about 20 minutes later. Austin is back out. The Hart Foundation descends upon Austin and beats the shit out of him. Why is Owen wearing a Michigan sweatsuit. So weird. Go Blue! Shawn chases off Owen & Bulldog which lays the groundwork for the awesome tag match in a month between Austin & HBK and Owen & Bulldog. Bret is left alone Austin and he should be easy pickins. Bret piledrives Austin and wants to Pillmanize Austin's ankle. But he misses the stomp and hurts his own knee. Austin takes the chair and from his back smashes Bret's knee. Austin then destroys Bret's knee with the chair with incredible intensity. He locks Bret in the Sharpshooter and that's how Bret ends up in a wheelchair. I have learned this is the first RAW with Russo as head writer and in classic Russo fashion there is no actual finish. Which drives me nuts! The refs just yank Austin off of Bret. Where was the bell? Who won? Was it even a match? It is so stupid. Just do the angle. Sorry I dont mean to take away from the great work, but I hate when wrestling matches just end randomly. There has to be a finish. Still great work from everyone and escalation here was great as Austin is clearly positioned as a top babyface, Bret will be in a wheelchair and the feud just got that much hotter.
  3. Superstar Sleeze

    Bret Hart vs Steve Austin

    Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWF Revenge of The Taker 1997 This marks the first Stone Cold PPV main event as they main event over the WWF Championship match featuring Undertaker vs Mankind. Undertaker certainly took a backseat to the Bret/Austin/HBK drama of 1997. I have never actually seen this match and it is criminally underrated. Actually, I think this is better than the more heralded Survivor Series 1996 match. The out and out brawling suits both men better. Is there anybody you rather watch grind a match out than Bret Hart? He is the best at just working over a body part. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact he is especially good at stomping. We dont talk a lot about Stone Cold and his selling. To me what makes Stone Cold special is his out of control energy. He is always flailing his limbs and moving forward. But we dont talk about his vulnerability. I mean we are not supposed to, after all, he is the TOUGHEST SOB. It is not very tough to talk vulnerability, but here he does a great job demonstrating his ability to show pain. You cannot be the TOUGHEST SOB if there is no pain to overcome. So when Bret is destroying that knee, Austin yells in pain and collapses on an Irish Whip, but keeps moving forward, lunging Bret, hitting him in the balls, collapsing on a piledriver you know that Austin in a tremendous amount of pain, but goddamnit there is no quit in him. Bret for his part is incredible on offense escalating the violence to the knee, ringpost-assisted figure-4, steel chair shot and then ultimately taking off the knee brace. I think what makes this match and the Mania match so much better than your typical Bret match is how each man had to earn every bit of offense. Bret matches can be very neatly segmented. If Bret is on offense, he is on offense and you are his ragdoll. When Bret is selling, his opponent is on offense and Bret will ragdoll for you. That being said the transitions will usually be good just inside a segment there is no sense of struggle. Austin because of his tenacious, energetic style forces Bret's hand. So many times Austin will just charge or throw a wild punch. It is not even that much of a hope spot, but it is a spot that forces Bret to eyerake or to kick at the bad knee to re-establish control. Austin keeps Bret honest and I love that. The finish stretch is great. I love how both these men protect their finishes. Austin tries to yank Bret down into a Stunner with dogged determination, but Bret holds onto the top rope for dear life. What a great spot! Austin never hits the Stunner because the Stunner is a game-ender and if he aint gonna win he aint gonna hit it, but in kayfabe he of course has to attempt it, but it is blocked with great determination from Bret. Love it. By the same token, as Bret is going for the Sharpshooter, Austin whacks Bret with his own knee brace. I love it! Bret taking the knee brace off comes back to haunt him and now Austin wants to make Bret submit to his own move. How humiliating! The Hart Foundation bails Bret out courtesy of a Bulldog chairshot triggering the DQ. The post-match is just as good as Bret looks to inflict more pain with the ring bell, but Austin beats him to the punch with a chairshot on the knee. Now it was Austin looking to destroy Bret's knee. A taste of his own medicine, I dig it. To me this is a hidden gem hiding in plain sight. It is STEVE AUSTIN VS BRET HART IN 1997, but yet no one talks about it. Don't overthink it, just watch it. ****1/2
  4. Superstar Sleeze

    Bret Hart vs Steve Austin

    Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - WrestleMania XIII Submission Match It is matches like this that are the most difficult to review. The reputation that precedes this match is so gargantuan what could you possibly say that has not been said in the past. We all know the historical import of this match. I would go as far as to assert this is the most historically important match in Vince McMahon Jr's WWF. Everything, the superstars, the live events, the TV shows, the merchandise that after this match now for over twenty years was made possible by this match. Very rarely can we point to such a singular match or singular moment where a Superstar is born that is literally going to save a company, lead them from the brink of bankruptcy so that in fours years, they buy their biggest competition and run a major Dome show. What is even more rare is how this match is the perfect confluence of history and art. Think of Hogan vs Iron Sheik and Hogan vs Andre, massively important matches, but as works of art they certainly leave the wrestling fan wanting more. How about matches like Slaughter vs Sheik an absolutely amazing bloodbath, but mostly forgotten to history because ultimately, it was NOT that important or influential, it was a last gasp of a dying era. So what we see here above all else is the magical intercourse of history and art. The resulting climax is true gratification. *****
  5. Superstar Sleeze

    [2012-04-29-WWE-Extreme Rules] John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)

    John Cena vs Brock Lesnar - Extreme Rules 2012 Pride comes before the fall. My favorite gimmick in pro wrestling is the cocky shooter and there is no better cocky shooter than Brock Fucking Lesnar. Those sitdown interviews in the build to this match were amazing, obnoxious schoolyard bully bullshit that only works because Brock Lesnar is on the short list of legit baddest men on this planet. Give me those any day over the interminable Paul E. promos we get nowadays. Cena's subdued response was pitch perfect he recognized the credible threat of Brock, but he was going to defend the industry he loves. Incredible match and we all know that. The violence is definitely an integral part. They set that tone early with Lesnar cutting Cena open hardway with his sharp elbows and they end the match with Cena getting his receipt busting Lesnar open with the chain. The blood flowed freely for the first time in years. To me more than the hard-hitting lariats and elbows, this match was made by the character work. The match was clearly designed to get Brock over as the new top star. The camera was on him the vast majority of the time. Cena did a great job selling, but more often than not we were watching Lesnar mug for the camera. I love the little shit like Lesnar using his foot to push Cena out of the ring onto the floor with a thud like he is human garbage. The cocky attitude of goading Cena to get back up. Of course, when it came time for Lesnar to show vulnerability he did so in spades. Look as Cena picks him up in the kimura and drives him into the steel steps. That look of fear is why Brock Lesnar is one of the smartest wrestlers ever. He knows it is a work. He can show ass. He can show fear. The match is greatly improved. What makes a bully a bully is in his heart of hearts he is an insecure coward. That is Brock Lesnar. He is a badass, but in pro wrestling he knows it is the best interest of the match, his opponent and the product for him to show fear and vulnerability. That's Brock Lesnar, I think Cena did even more to put this match over as a classic. John Cena is clearly in way over his head against Brock Lesnar, but he never gives up. He is a scrappy, blue collar muthafucker thats going to tackle Lesnar, he is going to reverse elbow Lesnar hard, he is going to punch him. It is all to no avail. Lesnar quashes every takedown, every punch, every shoulder tackle with his own big ass offense. Cena never gives up. That's how to live life. We are all in over our heads at some point, fighting a Brock Lesnar, but we dont give up and we just keep fighting. It was Cena's hope spots and the subsequent cutoffs that made this match so engaging. I already mentioned one of the hope spots in the previous paragraph. There are few moments to me in wrestling history as John Cena picking up Brock Lesnar in the kimura and ramming him down onto those steel steps. Cena was getting his ass kicked from pillar to post and for him to do that to Brock. Goddamn! I was pumping my fist here six years later cheering him on. Like many, I originally thought the finish was a copout, but I think it was genius now. The whole Brock does not where Cena went after after he missed the legdrop is great. I love how he gets on the stairs to look for him and then spots Cena's hand. The way Brock's face changes with that sick, sadistic smile. We say sick, sadistic smile a lot in pro wrestling, but no one has a better one than Brock Lesnar. You really believe especially in this match that Brock was going to do baddd things to Cena. That following bump by Brock was even MORE INSANE than I remembered it. Holy Shit! When Brock is on his A-Game, he is the best seller and best bumper in the WWE and he is like 300 fucking lbs. He is The Beast. What a fucking wipe out. He sells the leg, shakes it off and that look of "Lets do that again, but this time I KILL THE BITCH" is amazing. That's when it happens in a supreme moment of pride and arrogance, Brock Lesnar goes for that very move that nearly seriously hurt him and leaves him completely vulnerable as he is flyign through the air, but this time John Cena has his Thug Life Chain and he drills Brock right in the head. Brock's selling after this is amazing, but all the focus is back on Cena's who is FIRED UP! F-U ON THE STAIRS! 1-2-3! Home Fucking Run! Two of the all-time greats putting on a match that displays their unique characters and physical abilities telling the story of Pride vs Perseverance. *****
  6. Koji Kanemoto vs Fujita Jr Hayato - NJPW 5/26/11 While this pales in comparison to their 2009 match, this is still a great, hard-hitting match. It definitely feels a junior NOAH match with all the fighting spirit and defiance. I liked the shoving before the bell and the fighting before Kanemoto takes off the robe. Kanemoto wrestled like a great veteran early taking advantage of mistakes. He ended up getting a gnarly ankle submission out of an abdominal stretch. Then he made the mistake of going high risk and Hayato kicked him in the head. Hayato channeled his inner Shibata with a ton of stiff kicks. Then they kinda lost me with all the fighting spirit, strike exchange. Those punches at the end were ferocious. Hayato is such a great verbal seller. Then it became a big rush of Hayato's Guillotine Choke vs Kanemoto's Heel Hook. Again Hayato's verbal selling made this. There was one great counter into the heel hook from the choke, but ultimately the choke did Kanemoto in. Action-packed, lots of hard hitting and a good submission vs submission story, wished the transitions could have been tighter and the fighting spirit was dropped. ****
  7. Superstar Sleeze

    [2011-08-14-NJPW-G1 Climax] Minoru Suzuki vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Minoru Suzuki - NJPW G-1 Climax 8/14/11 G-1 Climax 2011 was the first sign of life to come of New Japan being the workrate powerhouse of the globe to fill the void left by the demise of NOAH/King's Road. If you look at Ditch's Best of for 2011 it is littered with New Japan matches and from the G-1 Climax. New Japan would of course explode in 2012 with Tanahashi vs Okada taking center stage. This is a semi-finals match. The winner wins the Block and advances to the finals. I thought this did a great job telling the story of "he who hesitates is lost". The counters were fast and furious and if you didnt keep your foot on the gas pedal than your opponent would take the advantage. Nakamura had Suzuki up against the ropes with some knees and he left him to go work up a head of steam and Suzuki exploded out with a kneelift of his own. Great heat segment on the outside. Lots of railings and even classic American stuff like Suzuki distracting the ref and having his goon beat up Nakamura. Suzuki lets up on the gas and starts to get cocky in the ring and Nakamura launches a salvo of kneelifts. He then KO Punches the goon on the apron, but he admires his handiwork for too long as Suzuki sneaks up with a rear naked choke. Then it is Suzuki who makes the mistake of charging Nakamura and eating a kneelift. Then ending stretch is a great barrage of counters. Suzuki is the man. I love how he sold the palm strike exchange and how he sold that one big Nakamura punch. I love how because Nakamura telegraphed the Boma Ye Knee, Suzuki avoided it and ended up hitting his own. I love how Suzuki goads Nakamura into punching him again, but Suzuki ducks and then goes for the choke to set up the piledriver, but Nakamura is countering the piledriver. Next thing you know Nakamura has him in a flying cross armbreaker, but Suzuki tries to counter BOMA YE! OUT OF NOWHERE! 1-2-3! I love how sudden this was. They were just jockeying and it was anybody's ballgame. It also played into the story that you couldnt telegraph anything. Everything had to be sudden. Amazing display of counterwrestling and quick wrestling. ****1/2
  8. Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiase vs Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu - AJPW 12/12/85 I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to do a 30 minute draw so I am going to break this up into halves. First 15 minutes: Ted DiBiase is just weird in All Japan. He looked lost. There was that weird backdrop/sunset flip from Yatsu at the outset that crowd openly laughed at. The constant chinlocking. He just did not fit. From a kayfabe point of view, he constantly lost the advantage that Hansen would garner. Hansen was fucking awesome. Everytime he tagged in DiBiase, DiBiase would end up on his back before you knew it I think Ted's best offense was sending Yatsu to the outside for Hansen to beat up. This is one of those matches that you can point to Stan Hansen single-handledly elevating by his sheer force of his will. That opening lock up with Choshu was electric. I loved how Hansen fought out of the double team. How active he was on the apron, he yanked Yatsu during one rope running segment and bulldozed Choshu in the Scorpion Deathlock in the other both times bailing out DiBiase's sorry ass. The Japanese team was solid. It was a typical All Japan tag. There was a lot of action, but not too much in the way of narrative. The captains looked strong and the junior partners took the heat. So far it has been good wrestling and an inspired Stan Hansen. Welp, I called it. A 30 minute draw. Anytime four greats meander for the first 15 minutes, it just reeks of a draw. Second 15 minutes: Last ten minutes pick up in a big way. Pretty everything after Hansen smacks Yatsu in the head with a rotary phone is gold. Rotary phone that is not something you see too often. They hit a spike piledriver on Yatsu and milk the countout win. Hansen misses the Western Lariat and Yatsu hits a big time dropkick. Choshu & Yatsu work over Hansen's lariat arm and actually babyface him with the crowd chanting his name. Then the finish run is total fun, energetic All Japan chaos. Choshu is nailing lariats on everybody. Hansen eats a spike piledriver at one point. Hansen is actually a pretty good babyface. Hansen is selling his arm and fatigue. He sort of half collapses-half Lariats Choshu while he has DiBiase in the Scoprion Deathlock. An important note since this is part of the Real World Tag League, a draw means Hansen/DiBiase win the tournament thats why Choshu/Yatsu are pouring it on and the gaijin team is content with just playing defense. The bell rings just as Hansen elbows Yatsu while he was covering DiBiase. JIP to the last ten minutes of this 30 minute draw and you will find a rowdy, energetic match, but the first twenty drag. It is cool to see Hansen vs Choshu, but other than that it is just a good match. ***1/2
  9. Superstar Sleeze

    [1999-01-24-WWF-Royal Rumble] Mankind vs The Rock (I Quit Match)

    WWF World Heavyweight Champion ManKind vs The Rock - WWF Royal Rumble 1999 I Quit Match This was the my WWF PPV we ever bought and what a shitshow it was before this match! The Rock was so much cooler in 1999 than he is now. I love this feud. What a natural pairing the cocky jock vs. loveable loser and love it eventually morphed into the Rock N Sock Connection. These two were made for each other. I am going to do this review backwards. The screwjob finish is about the only way out unless you want to completely shatter a heel's credibility. Theres no way you can have a babyface say I Quit. So why not just play the tape of Foley saying I Quit at the beginning of the match. Well, there was a lot of enmity between the two. The Rock really did hate Foley at the time so you think he would want to dish out some pain after being humiliated earlier in the month losing to Foley. I'll give them a pass on the finish. I think was serviceable and what needed to be done. Now the chairshots. They were brutal and plentiful. I lost count. It is definitely one of the more brutal things you will ever see in wrestling. To have his kids front row for Mick Foley's Masochistic Theatre of Pain is weird. I have never read his book. I think I listened to him once on Austin's podcast, but I kinda forget the deal. I think he had a shoot grudge with The Rock afterwards. I have a hard time believing The Rock went into business for himself. It just seems very much in Foley's nature to invite this level of sick pain. It is definitely one of the nastier ways to end a match. Now the electrocution bump. Horrible setup. The Rock just climbing up there for no reason. Foley takes the bump, sparks fly. Cool bump and the lights go out. Shane-O Mac sells it by coming out to stop the match. The Rock gets all indignant that he is going to make his fat ass say I Quit. I liked the People's Elbow on the chair. The ballshots were great hope spots in the handcuffs. Everything before Foley Masochistic Theatre of Pain (electrocution bump and chairshots) was awesome! Like they were well on their way to a classic. Great babyface shine. Foley was rocking. Rocky was bumping. I loved stuff like Rock whipping Foley into the steps for his first bit of offense after the Mankind onslaught, he gets cocky and starts jaw-jacking on commentary. Foley attacks him. Rocky had only hit one move. He had NOT cemented advantage and he paid for it. Great stuff! Loved the Double Arm DDT and Mr. Socko early. Great climatic way to end the shine. It is definitely in Foley's nature to want more pain. He lives for pain and it is not enough. The Rock's heat segment was entertaining as hell. Ringing the bell in the ear, singing a little bit, Evian Spew on Foley. Then Foley's hot comeback which leads to the electrocution bump. Great, hate-filled beginning, terrible setup for the big bump, good stuff directly after the big bump, sick, self-indulgent Foley's Theatre of pain is way too much and the screwjob finish is serviceable. Overall I think this is WWF MOTY for 1999 (terrible year) and still a really interesting match to watch. ****1/4
  10. I dont know what was wrong with me in 2014 but man I didnt know how to rate matches back then. I feel like I should revisit this at some point.
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker

    I have been very busy compiling a master spreadsheet to get myself in order for the Greatest Match Ever project, but sometimes a dude just wants to watch some wrestling. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - WWF Bad Blood '97 Man, I remember the build for this match like it was yesterday. I just started watching wrestling in late July of 97 and this was one of the feuds that totally hooked me. Shawn Michaels was at the peaks of his heel powers. So, so, so obnoxious. I remember absolutely hating D-X as a kid and I wanted Undertaker to murder him in the ring. That's basically how they sell this match as legalized murder. In hype, everybody is saying this could be Michaels' last match or the last we see of Michaels. Maybe the match I have seen the most in my life. Watching it back, there was not a spot I forgot. I could call the whole match and it is beautiful. We all know the story this is a Horror Movie come to life, but it has been turn on its head. The monster is the hero and the loudmouth prick is being brought to justice, but being locked in the Cell with Frankenstein. Like The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Undertaker rises over and over again. On offense, The Undertaker is perfect and delivers a bone-chilling performance as the remorseless monster stalking his prey. It is not a mood that is invoked a lot in wrestling, but dread is the feeling. Shawn does a great job never letting the babyface shine become heel in peril. With a babyface that moves as slow as the Undertaker and pace being methodical, it could feel that way, but Shawn's big bumping and how they escalate the violence never let this become boring. My one complaint is that it was a little too easy for The Undertaker to take command. I would have loved Shawn try to throw a lot more strategies early on and watch them fail in spectacular fashion. We see him try speed and eat the big boot then he tries punching and then tries a poke to the eye. However, he is so focused on bumping that he needs to show a little more "Oh fuck, I'm screwed" when each plan backfires. I LOVE, LOVE the heat segment. I love how Michaels ducks on the third ricochet off the cage and Taker goes into it. I love that it takes TWO more spots for Michaels' to cement his advantage: he shoves Taker off the apron sending him hard into the cage and then the suicide dive. Then I love the full court press. The elbow drop using the cage is fucking awesome. Came off great. Piledriver on the steel stairs is awesome. Chairshots playing off Summerslam was great, but he should have went for the head and given us double juice. I really liked that big boot hope spot when Taker tied up in the ropes. It got a big pop (biggest of the match thus far) and was a great hope spot. The backdrop over the top rope wipes out the cameraman. Michaels throws a temper tantrum, which plays into his character. I didnt like that Taker had control and had hit the last two spots took so much of a breather to allow Michaels to do this and that Michaels went back on top right afterwards to go through his finish sequence. I think you need a spot in there to have Michaels retake command by Taker missing a move or Michaels be more desperate to attack the cameraman in order to open the cage door. Sweet Chin Music->Zombie Situp is an excellent transition as to why Michaels wanted to get the Hell Out of Dodge. The ending is perfect and revolutionary. The slingshot bladejob, Taker killing Michaels, HBK going down low and then making the impulsive, but dumb decision to climb the cage. The work on top of the cage is amazing and tense. The highspot is iconic even if Foley blew it out of the water the next year. Michaels crumpled in a bloody heap is an amazing visual. I love how they make sure Taker's gets revenge by caving Michaels' brain in with the steel chair as he finally get his receipt for Summerslam only for Kane to debut. What an amazing finish! Kane debuts in the most epic fashion possible and that fucking little bastard Michaels somehow reaps the rewards. Not only does he survive to fight another day, but he gets to gloat about how he beat him. Goddamn if that ain't great booking I dont know what is. A+ for ambiance, narrative and booking. They nailed the big picture, there were just a couple details that could have enhanced the match, but still one of the most influential matches in US Pro Wrestling history and one that is so unique in its dark, slow mood. ****3/4
  12. Superstar Sleeze

    [2000-05-26-AJPW-Super Power Series] Kenta Kobashi vs Yoshihiro Takayama

    I am just going through all my reviews now and compiling a spreadsheet for the Greatest Match Ever Project. I am loving that everyone from WingedEagle to Chad to OJ all loved this. I felt like I was going out on a limb with this match but man alive that one-armed comeback is one of the greatest things to ever come out of pro wrestling.
  13. Superstar Sleeze

    [1998-08-02-NJPW-G1 Climax] Shinya Hashimoto vs Satoshi Kojima

    They actually have even better match in 2003 for the Triple Crown if you wanna check that out. They have good chemistry
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    I love Becky Lynch but I'm pretty bummed about the booking of Asuka.
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    AMEN! Preach sista! Loving the winning streak gimmick.