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    [2020-10-26-WWE-RAW] Sheamus vs Matt Riddle

    When you need your faith restored in pro wrestling turn to Sheamus who is our modern day Greg Valentine. Riddle & Sheamus put together a wrestling match thy focused on wrestling and body-on-body contact. Great submission work. Riddle’s transition from the headlock to the double wrist lock was great. This was not loose, lazy work, it was tight and sensible. So many people go through the motions just hitting their spots A, B, C, D but these two wrestled what the spots gave them. No getting in position for the next spot. They worked with what they had. Loved the late back injury to Riddle. Amazing selling! Sheamus hit hard baby! It was a great Riddle fight from underneath for most of the match BUT an even better Sheamus on top performance. I’ve called Sheamus the bastard child of Bret Hart and Greg Valentine before. The Bret Hart comparison is twofold Sheamus has a deep offensive arsenal like Bret but also they are both joys to watch working in control and how they grind. The finish being Riddle’s back giving out and Sheamus POUNCING with the Brogue Kick was the cherry on top of a terrific match! Don’t sleep in this one! ****1/4
  2. Impact World Heavyweight Champion Johnny Impact vs Brian Cage - Impact Homecoming 2019 Brian Cage scooting his ass in the middle of the ring to get in position for a Shining Wizard only to duck to get into the next move IS everything wrong with professional wrestling in the 21st Century. There is a great story about the GOAT, Eddie Van Halen and when he came in to do the solo on "Beat It". He did not just come in and shred. He listening to the song, to the rhythm section. He said if we change the bridge to my solo, I can do this, it will sound better. He took the time to create an organic transition so that his solo would have the most impact. Pro wrestlers SHOULD NOT be moving to get in position for the next spot, the next spot should be done because thats where the fucking pro wrestler is. If you want to get to a specific spot think 2 to 3 moves ahead, play that game of human chess and make it happen. I dont want to see 280lbs, jacked to the gills Brian Cage scooting around like he is a dog wiping his ass after a shit. I am not one for one spot to mar the entire match for me, but I needed to get that off my chest. I should say that Brian Cage is not the only guilty party, pretty much every wrestler in the 2010s is guilty of that shit and it sucks. A lot of wrestlers lament that when the fans stopped believing in kayfabe that wrestling went downhill. I say it was when the wrestlers stopped believing in kayfabe that wrestling shit the bed. I thought the middle stretch of this match sucked out loud. Both guys looked like they were blowed up. It was slow, clunky and dawdling. Neither man seemed to have a clear strategy what they were trying to do. There is this utterly bizarre stretch where Cage roars back and hits a German only for Johnny Impact to hit two Moonlight Drives with zero transition. It was terrible. That German Suplex in the ropes was a farce and even Don Callis had to call it out, but Cage took the Snap Back Bump anyways. Before you know it is Cage with an F-5, in fairness they did at least set that up with a failed attempt at Starship Pain. Before you know it Morrison is back at it. There was no flow. There were long stretches of down time. They were just throwing shit out there. I did like the beginning and I actually had high hopes for the beginning based on the start of the match. I really do enjoy Johnny Impact as a wrestler even if this was a pretty bad performance from him. I liked how he used his evasiveness and feigned strikes to set up big offense against Cage vs Cage's raw power. It was a clever story. It was not power vs speed per se, but Morrison was actually playing the mental game well. That's not something you see to often. The heat segment at the beginning that starts with Cage's sad attempt at a Backlund lift. Can I take a second put over how fucking strong Bob Backlund is? All these boydbuilders show you they do not have the pure strength of The Man Bob Backlund baby, a power wrestler's wrestler. Love you, Bob! The Backlund lift ends pitifully into the buckles. The rest of the heat segment was great. Loved the dual Tilt-a-Whirl backbreakers and the two monkey flips were awesome! So damn good! Somewhere in there I think it was between the Backlund lift and the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker was the Spot of the Match. Cage single legs Morrison while he is on the ropes. Morrison's head hits the top turnbuckle and he SNAPS into a front belly flop on the mat. AWESOME DOUBLE BUMP! Gnarly! Loved that! I liked the move to transition back to Morrison. Morrison hits this insane somersault, corkscrew knee thing off the top onto the floor that looked awesome. Seriously first 5 minutes of this was killer. The middle was atrocious. The finish was not too much better. They wake me up from my nap when Cage does not even take a one count after a Super Spanish Fly. He HULKS UP! Finally some personality, some testosterone and SOME URGENCY! HELL YEAH! CAGE OBLITERATES MORRISON WITH THREE BRUTAL POWERBOMBS! HELL YEAH! Weapon X is a fucking shitty 21st Century Wrestling Move, BUT AT LEAST IT IS A BIG BOMB! BOMBS AWAY! Terrible transition to Cage going to the floor, a weak Morrison superkick that makes no sense. Morrison's Survivor Castmates are here. Cage gets involved with them. He shoves one. He hits the Drillclaw in the ring but the ref is fiddlefucking with the Survivor fans. Homecoming is Impact Wrestling going back to the Asylum in Nashville. Welp, this is a very TNA finish. The ref makes his way back in for two. Cage goes for the Cesaro suplex from the middle rope and Impact fucks up the counter, who knows and it is three. First five minutes is really good, Cage's Hulk Up is amazing, the middle is shit and the finish is drizzling shits. I get it you need to protect Cage, but it felt like the climax of the match was Cage/Survivor Dudes/2 count. Impact's win just had to exist to get them to the rematch and it was totally tacked on. That's what I mean. Where was the thought put into this? Incredibly disappointing, these two should have had a way better match.
  3. Impact Women's Champion Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie - Impact Homecoming 2019 SGR: Gail Kim Gail Kim in that referee outfit...Shawn Michaels eat your heart out...WOW! Impact being a well-booked company actually set up the troubleshooting referee well with Tessa getting two retentions because of a questionable refereeing and the other being her slugging the ref. So we need a badass ref like Gail Kim who can impose her authority and not take shit. I dig. I am glad Taya dropped the Viking Queen aspect of her gimmick and embraced being Wera Loca. I liked this match and was close to loving it, but fell out of love with it by the end. Taya used a Lucha Armdrag very early and after that it was off to the races. A good combination of Lucha Libre/solid kicks made for a fun shine. I liked the double stomp a lot. Tessa powdering was great and I loved how she transitioned to heat where Taya was caught in between the ropes trying to give chase. The best part of the heat segment was on the outside. Tessa let that mean streak out and she hit hard & furious. Good stuff. Back in, we start to see that friction between Kim and Blanchard. Ultimately, the match became a backdrop for the angle, which is disappointing in a way because I had grown fond of Taya and didnt think she deserved to be the third wheel in her big championship victory. Taya uses her power advantage to work her way back into the match big time German Suplex and Northern Lights Suplex. Tessa is a powerhouse in her own right so it is cool to see someone throw her around. Taya's moonsault is very graceful, nice arch, very pretty but in this case she crashes & burns. Now here come the shenanigans. First Gail Kim gets bumped. Tessa hits her finish but Gail isnt around. So Tessa gets the Title Belt presumably to crack Taya. At this point, Gail has arisen from her slumber. They tussle over the championship but Gail Kim as she wrests the belt from Tessa loses control and whacks Taya with it. Ruh roh! Shades of Summerslam 1997?!? Taya kicks out at 2. I think Gail Kim and Tessa brawl breaking out at this point makes more sense. The kickout at 2 didnt have much heat on it. Lots of shoving. Tessa got another nearfall, which I was surprised by again not much heat. Im really glad the quick schoolboy rollup didnt win for Taya that would have been lame. However, it doesnt get much better as Gail Kim hits Eat Defeat and Taya hits Road to Valhalla to win. I think if I was booking. It would be errant belt shot. Brawl for 2 minutes or so, but no clear winner. Taya recovers and hits a setup move and then Road to Valhalla to win. You put over the Gail Kim/Tessa feud, give the people a hot brawl and Taya gets a much better win. I think another reason they didnt get much heat is that Tessa didn't do anything heelish! Yes mean muggin' and aggression arent endearing, but she was not being a coward, overtly violent or a cheat (ok belt shot). I think if Tessa ratchets up the heel heat the finish gets way more over and there is less booing of Taya's victory. They were turning Taya/Morrison heel so I think that's why they didnt protect her more, but still Tessa ratcheting up the heel heat helps her feud with Gail Kim. There was good stuff in this match but the finish was flat when I think it could have been a home run. ***
  4. Impact World Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix - Impact Homecoming 2019 I was kinda dreading this, but this match was a lot better than I expected. Besides the insanely awesome Street Fight against Best Friends, LAX has been a dud for me in AEW thus far. They need more performances like this. Lots of urgency and excitement. It ensnared me. Pentagon & Fenix I know the drill by now. They could be greatest of all time contenders, but they either dont know any better or they dont care when it comes to psychology. LAX's first offensive run was a thing of beauty. If all spotfests were this good, I would never complain. Hand To God. Immediate urgency. Engrossing. Fenix's body control is sublime. Those two dives to the floor maybe the two greatest dives in history. It was so fast & furious I cant remember the rest but it was really, really good. Yes LAX during their offense was a notch below, but still it is attiude that matters. Their attitude was in it to win it, hit hard & fast and just bring it. Ortiz's Homicide-esque cannonball outside was great, good stuff from Santana. Lets call a spade a spade, after this it went downwhill fast. Out came, the overly elaborate, overly telepgraphed, "lets gets everyone in perfect position" spots. It was too bad. The cutesy shit with the kicks was so fucking lame. A couple good things down the stretch that I loved. Pentagon's Canadian Destroyer was Holy Shit Awesome! It popped the crowd and it popped me! The symmetry of the Double Stomp/Package Piledriver and Street Sweeper both being broken up in a Epic Fashion. Really loved that. I kinda found the finish to be a little anti-climatic. I think I am so used to these things going ad nauseum, way past their expiration date. They hit the chic spots: Ace Crusher and Codebreaker to win. Once I got over my surprise that it ended so quickly, I would say it became more of a pleasant surprise. It was refreshing to be short, sweet. See I dont hate all spotfests, just bad ones. This was one of the good ones, but it take out the overly telegraphed, cutesy shit and this is a best spotfest of all time contender, but even with it in there it is still great. ****
  5. Su Yung & Allie vs Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan - Impact Homecoming 1/6/19 So since Bound For Glory, Allie has transitioned to the Dark Side and has become Dark Allie complete with dye job and face paint joining Su Yung in the process. Kiera Hogan needed back-up enter rookie supernova, Jordynne Grace is a phenomenal powerhouse. I looked it up Jordynne Grace has been wrestling since 2012 WTF, mate?!? Still her first major break was in late 2018 as part of Impact so I am sticking with rookie supernova. Not a match I expect to remember tomorrow, but a fun little tag. I have come to hate Tree of Woe spots but Su Yung does a nifty one where Kiera Hogan sits up to avoid the dropkick to the head and Su Yung pivots into a neckbreaker that was nifty. I like Su Yung crawl up the turnbuckles and do a hurricanarana. I know Allie needed to play up the whole Dark Allie gimmick, but it was just so many facial expressions and not a lot of substance. Su Yung is so good at her gimmick it is hard to be in her shadow. Hogan had a nice shine at the beginning but other than that didnt see much out of her. Grace was a great hot tag. Couple big right hammocks to Su Yung especially the one as Su Yung was about to dive, a little too telegraphed but great execution. Finish was so well-done. It reminded me of the 80s where the finish was actually used to advance the plot. Su Yung blood mists Jordynne Grace to take her out. Dark Allie Codebreakers Hogan. Su Yung gives the bloody glove to Dark Allie for the Mandible Claw win. After the match, they rough up Hogan so more and the Nashville crowd chants for Rosemary! Fancy that! A storyline that resonated with people and characters they feel invested in so the crowd naturally does what you want! Who would have known? I love it! They threaten to stuff Hogan in a coffin as the Undead Bridesmaids wheel one out. ROSEMARY POPS OUT OF THE CASKET! Doesnt get quite the pop they wanted or expected! But they do eventually chant for her again that was cool. She uses Su Yung as a bowling ball to knock down the Undead Bridesmaids. Then stareoff with Dark Allie but nothing comes of it as expected. Great angle to close. This felt very 80s in a very good way! ***1/2
  6. Michael Elgin vs Rich Swann - Impact 5/17/19 Elgin recently debuted in Impact less than a month ago taking out the new champion, Brian Cage. Elgin is being pushed very similarly as Cage as a hybrid athlete, an athletic jock meathead. Cage is the babyface version and Elgin is the heel version. Elgin is hospitalizing wrestlers including Cage. Swann stood up to him and that's how we got here. This is coming from the ECW Arena, but there is no Hat Guy so it doesnt feel like the ECW Arena. Very much a 21st Century workrate match with not much in the way of hooks but a whole lot of noizzzze. Elgin could be a great wrestler but he is too busy trying to prove he can hang when I would much rather see him bang. Swann is good craic but he aint the guy to carry this, mack. Workrate sequences to start. They kill time. Elgin catches Swann with an elbow to the back of the head and throws Swann on his head. Damn that looked nasty. I perked up. Elgin worked an alright heat segment. I liked the hope spot with Swann knocking him off only to have Elgin hit a ground to air anti-air dropkick to counter Swann. That was the only time Elgin's hybrid athleticism looked scary. It looked like nothing Swann could do would be able to beat Elgin as he a power and athletic advantage. Then Swann countered the Elginbomb with a DDT and the match just became a normal workrate match. Swann hit three dives to the floor and then a top rope elbow drop. Back from the break, they just do some inconsequential stand up wrestling. The lariats from Elgin at least looked meaty and impactful. The finish is Swann hits the 450 Splash (ugly, fell short), but misses Phoenix Splash. Elgin hits the Lariat and Elginbomb and only gets two. This is the move that hospitalized your World Champion and Rich Swann kicks out at two because it is a wrestling match. C'mon bro. Swanna hits a couple Dragonrana because it is 2019, the second one was a pretty nasty spike. Somehow we end up on the floor. Elgin powerbombs Swann into the post three times. Oh shit! Some actual storytelling advancement. Instead of chasing "This is Awesome" Chants how about Swann misses the Phoenix Splash and it leads to Elgin powerbombing Swann mercilessly into the post. Protects Elgin's finish and makes Elgin look like a monster. I guess this was ok for 2019. ***
  7. No official review I was too busy marking out with my Mom watching Sasha die for our sins! We are not worthy! If there is one thing you can count is that Sasha Banks DELIVERS IN HELL IN A CELL! Holy shit that was kickass! The weird shit with the duct tape keeps below the AJ vs Bryan classic BUT Deathwish Sasha is the best Sasha! I counted 4 insane bumps and the two with the Kendo Sticks and the stairs what the fuckity fuck fuck. I LOVE HER! Great transitions! Great selling! Sasha snapping towards the end was great. The drop kick of the chair out of the ring was the perfect beginning. The La Mistica Bank Statement! THE METEORA UP THE TABLE!!! THE POWERBOMB BACK OF THE HEAD INTO THE CHAIR!!! The chair up on the Frogsplash! The Bayley 2 Belly steal! THE EPIC BANK STATEMENT FINISH! Are there enough stars in the sky for all this epic ness? I am not sure! Loved that match!
  8. Superstar Sleeze

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    If there is one thing you can count is that Sasha Banks DELIVERS IN HELL IN A CELL! Holy shit that was kickass! The weird shit with the duct tape keeps below the AJ vs Bryan classic BUT Deathwish Sasha is the best Sasha! I counted 4 insane bumps and the two with the Kendo Sticks and the stairs what the fuckity fuck fuck. I LOVE HER! Great transitions! Great selling! Sasha snapping towards the end was great. The drop kick of the chair out of the ring was the perfect beginning. The La Mistica Bank Statement! THE METEORA UP THE TABLE!!! THE POWERBOMB BACK OF THE HEAD INTO THE CHAIR!!! The chair up on the Frogsplash! The Bayley 2 Belly steal! THE EPIC BANK STATEMENT FINISH! Are there enough stars in the sky for all this epic ness? I am not sure! Loved that match!
  9. Bobby Roode vs James Storm - TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Street Fight Beer Money Explodes~! One of the last angles I watched as a regular TNA viewer was when Roode turned on Storm the year prior by breaking the beer bottle over his head. They got a year out of the feud which is pretty good. King Mo is the Special Enforcer just because. As far as 21st Century brawls go this was pretty damn good. It felt more hate-filled than most nowadays. There was lets Feng Shui bullshit and more just pound the shit out of each other. Storm also tapped a gusher. He was wearing the full on Crimson Mask so that was pretty badass. They were throwing the haymakers to start, the babyface Storm held the advantage early. The Russian Legsweep into the railing by Storm was sick, love that spot. He wanted to slam Roode through the really nice glass table, but Roode wriggled free and catapulted Storm into the post which busted him wide open. In terms of weapons, it was mostly the garbage can and the kendo stick, but more garbage can. I thought them smacking each other with garbage can lids came off really good and really intense. I liked how Storm punctuated it with the massive garbage can shot to the head. Roode sold well and he bumped well for a random Codebreaker. In a different life, Roode was a tremendous stooge heel that bumped 'n' run rather than a HHH-wannabe. Storm had hit the Orton DDT on the ramp and Roode followed suit with the Spinebuster. King Mo was selling the violence really well. They do a little Follow The Leader to the announce tables. Roode tackles Storm off the primary announce table through the Spanish Announce Table. Roode only gets two and he is incredulous and tries to intimidate the ref. This is when King Mo steps in. Storm gets that Codebreaker I was talking about and the Last Call Superkick for a hot nearfall. Roode throws Storm into a chair and then grabs the tacks. King Mo sells the tacks bump well. Roode goes into them after being shoved off the top. Flat back bump into the tacks. Storm was a little tentative on the elbow drop into the tacks. I dont blame him. I would be most concerned about one of those hitting me in the eye so the flat back seems a little safer. Roode had two stuck in the back of his head. Wild. Roode low blow. Time to get the beer bottles. That's really what the feud is about to so it is an appropriate way to end it. Roode goes to smash one, but Storm punts him between the uprights and gets the bottle and smashes it over his head. The crowd wants one more but Storm sticks to the script Last Call and Roode takes another bump into the tacks. I thought this was a great blood-soaked, hate-filled brawl. I would have liked this to have been a bit more uptempo and a little more struggle. As far as 21st Century brawling this is pretty damn great but still not as good as the incredible James Storm vs Chris Harris Death Match! ****
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    [2003-02-26-TNA-PPV] AJ Styles vs Sandman

    AJ Styles vs Sandman - NWA-TNA 2/26/03 Shoutout to @Microstatistics for nominating this as a part of Greatest Match Ever! I wouldnt go that far but this is definitely worth a watch. I am one of the biggest AJ fanboys you will ever meet. I think a lot of people would assume if it is good well AJ must have carried it, but you'd be wrong. I don't know how to explain it. Sandman for all intents and purposes should be the worst wrestler ever. He is slovenly, out of shape, does not seem like gives a shit, but he is capable of being really fucking good. Yes he has more clunkers than great matches, but after watching a boat load of ECW he became one of my favorites. His matches are just engrossing. They are quick and they escalate really well. He comes off incredibly organic and raw. There is nothing artificial or pre-planned about The Sandman. He is all attitude and heart. He is like a great, sloppy punk band. He fucking kicked ass again. The only reason I dont rate this match higher is the finish was a cop-out and made the match feel truncated. They were on a trajectory for greatness, they just needed five more minutes and a better finish. Sandman forces himself on one of the cage dancers. I mean two heaping helpings of ass cheeks and full on tongue down the throat. It was a culture shock. I cant believe that was only 17 years ago. He does the full Sandman entrance. He shares a beer with a fan and smokes a cig. Don West says a smooch, smoke and a swig is the best way to prepare for a match. DW is definitely a fan. AJ gets fed up with this and wipes out The Sandman with a dive to the floor. Rifles him with a kick. AJ Wrestles circles around Sandman quite literally and Sandman puts enough struggle to make it look really good. I would love AJ bust out his amateur credentials more often. Another wicked kick by AJ. Oh yes the reason this match exists. AJ wants to join SEX 4 Life, I mean who doesnt, but so does Raven. You name your faction SEX people are gonna flock. Raven mocks AJ for diminutive stature and says the Sandman would whup him. AJ says Raven is an out of shape, washed up has been who could hang in the X-Division so Raven needs to wrestle an X-Division wrestler. So the gauntlet has been laid down. Also random aside, in the middle of the show, I had to click around to find the match, Impact+ doesnt have the WWE frame by frame guide. I stumbled upon Mike Tenay and Disco Inferno having a fucking forum flame war over why wrestling's TV audience has been cut in half since the Monday Night Wars and the merits of Sports Entertainment and Pro Wrestling. Bizarre and whats weirder is I feel like people are still fighting about today on forums and Twitter. Back to the match, so after showing up Sandman wrestling-wise, AJ wants to prove his hardcore mettle. So he lobs a trash can in Terry Funk-style and nails Sandman. He goes to drop toehold Sandman into it but Sandman evades and CHUCKS THE CAN AT AJ! Sandman is so good at selling and the way he chucked the can was great. He grabs a table sets it up and AJ crashes through it. The match is awesome and breezy and each highspot feels important. AJ evading the Singapore Cane was great. Sandman avoids Styles Clash by cracking the Cane on AJ's skull. Sandman sends AJ into a chair that pops out the backing. The match was just rocking when Raven blasts Sandman in the back with the chair and Styles his Styles Clash off the second rope. It is a real shame I feel like the match was just getting good and the interference didnt really make sense in context of the story (I know, I know, Russo). I enjoyed this could have been great with more time and a proper finish. ***3/4
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    [2003-08-27-NWA TNA] A.J. Styles vs Raven

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion vs Raven - NWA-TNA 8/27/03 I am really glad I went back and watched this one because this was awesome! I may have watched this live. We had a cable scrambler back in the day so I watched all the WWE PPVs from 2003 and I distinctly remember AJ vs D'Lo being the first TNA match I saw. I remembered the Raven hanging at the hands of Shane Douglas/New Church. Also I remember the Glen Gilberti/Simon Diamond/Johnny Swinger team around this time. I dont remember anything about this match but it was a banger. This is the best Raven has ever looked in the ring in my opinion. He was moving great and is well-suited to be a babyface. It was so refreshing for the crowd to be solidly behind one wrestler as opposed to just chanting "This Is Awesome!". There was an absolutely thunderous "Go Raven Go" chant during the heat segment. The nearfalls for Raven got nuclear heat. AJ starts the match throwing kicks trying to knot up the hammy but Raven just decks and Raven uses his size to assert his dominance. Shouldertackle for a quick cover. Raven holds the ropes on the dropkick attempt and headbutts AJ in the nads. Great shit! Raven chucks out over the top rope in a cool way. I thought AJ was going to take a back body drop but Raven held him on the shoulder and javelin threw him out. Raven brutalizes him on the outside busting him open with the trash can and then repeatedly Russian Legsweeping into the railing. This was an awesome shine! Uptempo and everyone was rocking with Raven. Russo distracts Raven. AJ punts him in the balls and hits his Quebrada/DDT. The Gathering (CM Punk sighting) carry Russo out. AJ hits an Enziguiri and locks in the Mutalock. MASSIVE GO RAVEN GO CHANT! Raven hits a superkick for a hope spot and big pop! AJ with a springboard Rana takes back control. This being 2003 we get a lot of move stealing. AJ drop toeholds Raven face first into the chair but only gets two. When he tries again, Raven puts on the brakes and chucks the chair at AJ! That was awesome! Raven fires up! I mean FIRES THE FUCK UP! I dont think I have ever seen him like this! I love it! Raven rebound clothesline, you know the spot, Million Dollar Kneelift! Raven is on fire! I thought he was going DDT, but instead goes Drop Toehold on the Chair. AJ Goes all Sabu and is thinking Triple Jump Moonsault but as he comes off the top rope Raven hurls the chair at him! ALL THE STARS! MARK OUT CITY! 1-2-NO! Nuclear heat on that nearfall. I thought this was an example of fun, exciting overbooking. Raven counters an AJ rana with a Styles Clash! Very 2003. Sinn of the New Church pulls the ref out. AJ inadvertently dropkicks Sinn. Raven and AJ bump the ref tussling for a DDT. Raven hits the DDT but the crowd does not care because they know more interference is coming. Raven kicks the powder into Slash's face. I love that spot! Slash in his blindness hits his finish on AJ to a NUCLEAR NEARFALL! The crowd wanted that bad. Here comes Shane Douglas who is Raven's main rival comes out and knocks him off the top on a superplex attempt. HOWEVER, Raven powerbombed AJ coming off the top rope for another big nearfall. The crowd is ravenous for Raven. Douglas punts Raven in the balls and Styles Clash finishes Raven off. I liked this overbooking because it was fun & exciting to watch Raven come up with different ways to overcome the odds and I love how shit kept backfiring against the heels. AJ dropkicking Sinn, Slash Slamming AJ, Shane pushing Raven off, but Raven still executes the powerbomb. It was a really clever and entertaining way to do. ****1/4 Big melee ensues. Erik Fucking Watts comes out looking like the biggest Nickelback tool who ever walked the Earth. I was 14 at this time and all I knew of Erik Watts was from reading Scott Keith and how he threw the worst dropkick in history. I think I have seen it, but you know what I really should track that dropkick down. Watts is a toolbox and makes Wargames for next week. Then Dusty comes in, I wish Dusty cut the entire promo. Dusty is the man!
  12. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles - NWA-TNA 2/19/03 I have never seen a Jarrett vs AJ match and I thought I should at least watch one. Jarrett is NWA babyface with basically zero friends. We are unsure if AJ Styles is SEX 4 Life, but at the end of the match we find out he only believe in monogamous relationships when he takes out Sonny Siaki (remember him?!?). AJ is playing a cocky jock who think he is the GOAT already and he would eventually make his case. :) I do like some overbooking but prefer it to be backloaded. This was filled with the usual Jarrett/TNA/Russo BS. Larry Legend is AJ's mentor and he keeps tripping Jarrett up and even decks him with Knux but Jarret lifts the shoulder at the last second. It was lame. That interference is better served at the end. There were two ref bumps. One was to allow the Harris Twins in and the other was to protect The Stroke. The Harris Twins were beaten back by the unlikely duo of Vader and Dusty Rhodes. TNA was a strange, strange place. Then there Sonny Siaki who was SEX 4 Life who beat up Jarrett but AJ says not this way and he gives him the Styles Clash. Jarrett attacks him from behind and hits the Stroke from the second rope for the win. Before all this unnecessary interference (only Siaki's was of interest to move the plot forward), they were having a great match that featured a lot of good Memphis punches. They had good chemistry I could see in a different promotion in a different time them having a great match. Both men had their right uppercut working. I loved AJ's dropkick. Jarrett's plancha to the floor was awesome and showed how bad he wanted it. AJ going for the figure-4 after the Knux shot only to switch to the Sleeper was good. There was a nice spot on how Jarrett broke the Mutalock with them both getting to the knees and Jarrett hitting stiff shots to get out. The Stroke and Styles Clash were good nearfalls. The overbooking was unnecessary and really detracted from the match especially because it caused wacky selling from Jarrett who took Brass Knuckles, Harris Twins Finish, Styles Clash and Siaki finish and after all that he popped up and hit the Stroke. It showed promise but it was ultimately not very good.
  13. Ethan Carter III vs Rockstar Spud - TNA Impact 3/13/15 Hair vs Hair I am shocked there was no thread for this. When did these subforums get made? I know I am so old that my joining predates these subforums so maybe that's why. I went to Shoe's 2015 MOTY thread from 2015 and there were some real heavyweights weighing in on this match. Outside of the Broken Hardy stuff, this is by far and away the most famous thing to come out of TNA's darkest times 2014-2017. Pretty simple story, heel Ethan Carter III levels up to mega-heel when he turns on his heel lackey Rockstar Spud. I always think that's the ultimate heel dick move. You build up this relationship and it sort of humanizing like ECIII is a prick but the friendship with Spud is cute. Then when he beats the shit out him you really hate him. It is a great plot device to build the character. ECIII has gone all Brutus The Barber and is shaving people bald including Spud's close friend, "JB" Jeremy Borash. This is coming out of Spud's home country of England and he leads the audience in a rendition of God Save The Queen and it is just as rousing as when Slaughter did the Pledge of Allegiance in Allentown. What makes this work is this a Memphis-Style, Southern-Fried, Blood-Soaked Brawl! You almost dont need a review because it is so elegant in its layout. Spud is full of piss & vinegar to start and is red-hot. ECIII has a big, clunky arm brace on, probably for a Staph infection, I reckon. It is his best weapon. Spud climaxes his shine with a big dive to the floor. Here comes the Funkasaurus! I forgot about him. He attacks. Mr. Anderson takes him out. This gives ECIII the advantage and the consolidates that when he wildly clips Spud with the arm brace and this busts Spud open. This is definitely enhanced by the blood. Some people didnt like the Borash bit but I loved it. ECIII was doing an ok just on the heat segment as Spud was selling like a million bucks. The Borash bit is what put this over for me. ECIII throwing the bloodied Spud at his feet and taunting him. I thought JB was not going to do anything but he came in low blowed ECIII. Great spot! Popped me! Stunner 1-2-3! Great hope spot/nearfall. ECIII hit a TKO to take back control. Spud made his comeback including a Testicular Claw which popped me and taking a bunch of spots from the stars of yore. Spud goes for Sliced Bread which he should have hit and ECIII could have kicked out for the nuclear nearfall. One of the few times I have ever said they should not have protected the finish. It would have put the match over. ECIII clips with the arm brace again and his lame finisher it is just a bulldog finishes him off. ECIII disingenuously puts ECIII which you can smell from a mile away but hey thats what makes wrestling fun. He beats up Spud and shaves him from the Tree of Woe which I loved! ECIII could have been more vicious on offense and this could have used that Sliced Bread nearfall but besides that this was an awesome throwback to the days of yesterday when the blood flowed and fists flew. Spud truly was a rockstar on this night! ****1/4
  14. TNA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) - TNA Impact 7/1/15 30 minute Ironman First 15 minutes: No Falls to start. All the action is tight and good, but not really much happened. I cant even say oh they threw a ton of highspots. They just worked solid but not much was advanced in terms of the plot. I liked all the arm wringers. Roode stood out to me as the best verbal seller of the bunch and exhibiting the most struggle. Good stuff selling the arm wringer and an Indian Deathlock. I liked all the eyepokes and eyerakes by the Dirty Heels. The shine was not super strong but it was there. Aries deep, deep eyerake gets the transition to the heat segment. The heat segment was solid working over Edwards' leg. I liked the old school ref distraction and fake tags by the Heels, but it all just felt solid. It didnt move me. Writing this helped me realize what this reminds me of. It reminds me of the Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs. It is well-worked, lots of action, but it doesnt move me emotionally. Davey gets the tag, not quite as explosive as a Davey Boy Smith hot tag with big dropkick but a pretty good hot tag. The Diving Headbutt into Roode as he sits up in a Tree Of Woe was fucking stupid. He kicks out. The Heels knock the Wolves off the top ropes and we go to commercial at the 13 minute mark, 17 minutes to go, it is 0-0. Last 15 minutes: We lose 5 minutes of this for commercials. I will admit I was confused. I thought The Wolves were Champions so I got really confused by the ending. It goes to show how bad the Matthews/Pope commentary team was. They do ratchet up the big bombs. Lots of big nearfalls. I really liked the Heels Missile Dropkick/Powerbomb combo. Edwards hits an overcomplicated running Stunner. There is a great German Suplex pinfall. They hit a double top rope double stomp. Lots of good jackknife covers. All kicks out. The Last Chancery had good heat because they were doing the whole All Japan Roode detains Richards, but Richards breaks free and breaks it up. The first fall does go to the heels. Aries hits his trademark running dropkick and Roode spinebuster, 450 splash. That was a great sequence. I thought at this point the Wolves just needed one fall to force the draw and retain. I didnt realize they needed two falls. Aries explodes into his Suicide Dive. I dont know what happened to Roode, but The Wolves hit a Powerbomb/Lungblower to knot it up. I was confused why the Wolves were still pressing. The last fall sucks. Roode hoists him up in a Firemans Carry Edwards crawls down and rolls him up for the win. Lame finish. The highspots got bigger but it still didnt do much for me. This Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs for a modern audience for some that works for me, I think it is good, but not great. ***1/2
  15. Impact Women's Champion Laurel Van Ness vs Allie - Impact 3/8/18 So I didnt know how to make heads or tails of Laurel Van Ness's gimmick (Laurel Van Ness is better known as Chelsea Green fyi). She has smeared lipstick over her mouth. I thought she was trying to do a psychotic valley girl but then I hit up Wikipedia. The backstory is pretty damn good. She was set to marry Allie's shoot husband aka The Blade. Blade left her at the altar for Allie. This caused her to descend into madness. Apparently, she used to wrestle in her tattered wedding dress and come out all boozed up/hungover. Awesome! Then she fell for Grado, a slovenly Scotsman who was looking for a Green Card. He rejected once he found out she was Canadian. Reading that popped the hell out of me. So she snaps again! Unfortunately she is not in her wedding dress for his match. Sounds like this match is a long time coming. Great way to start with Allie meeting her at the ramp and it is on like Donkey Kong! Great aggression on the outside. Laurel takes over. Very ok heat segment. The backstory was awesome, but her character work in the match was just fine. Allie is such a great fired up babyface. She hits a Codebreaker this starts her first comeback. Another trademark Allie spot is the suplex into buckles that gets two. They do some work with a chair on the outside that is pretty pedestrian. The match picks up again when Laurel hits the Unprettier on the floor. Drama is high now! Allie beats the count. Laurel hits a wicked curbstomp into the buckles again for two. Allie Valley Driver! Best Superkick Ever (it was actually her best superkick ever)! Allie was great. Laurel Van Ness was alright. The backstory sounds interesting but she did not inspire me to seek out more.