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    [2011-08-13-NJPW-G1 Climax] Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Toru Yano

    Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Toru Yano - NJPW G-1 Climax 8/3/2011 As soon as I read the description, I knew I would love this match and it did not disappoint. First off, I am a huge Tanahashi mark. Secondly, Yano was described as a dumpy, scuzzy, cheating heel that goes full rudo. I lap that shit up. Yano is an ugly muthafucka to boot. It is very rare that Tanahashi is better than his opponent in a kayfabe sense. Usually he is pitted against catch wrestlers with shoot credentials like Nagata, Nakamura or Suzuki. He overcomes the fact he is not as talented by taking out their knee and just feasting on it. This match shines a different light on Tanahashi when he is the better pure wrestler. I think this match does a great job putting Tanahashi over and thus explaining why Yano has to cheat. Because Yano cant win in a fair fight, he has to resort to hair pulling, chair throwing and ball shotting. It is glorious. The initial hair pull when Tanahashi is trying to run the ropes is so good. Where do you think you are going. Tanahashi is great at fighting back at every turn. In fact, I think the key weakness of this match is that he is too scrappy and fights back too much. He does not milk eating an exposed metal turnbuckle or the ballshot. By being too scrappy, it does undercut the heel work and does not make Tanahashi feel like he is not in too much peril. Yano does have some great cutoffs. How they set up for the ballshot using the ref is really good and they do get a ultra hot nearfall out of it. The High Fly Flow that eats knees also gets a hot nearfall. I thought the finish stretch dripped with urgency and it featured a lot of good counters. Not my turn, your turn bullshit. Tanahashi eats the chair on High Fly Flow and then chairshot to the head. BLOOD~! Awesome! Exactly what this match needed! Tanahashi kicks out! He gets a SlingBlade into a Oklahoma Side Roll, but cant finish it. Yano Powerbomb! Tanahashi has a SWOLLEN EYE! Nasty! Northern Lights Bomb finishes it for Yano. Just a great heel-driven match with lots of cheating and violence. My one complaint is that Tanahashi is a bit too plucky, but they did a great job telling the story of why Yano has to cheat. Great character work, lots of energy & effort and an entertaining story make this one of the more memorable New Japan 2010s matches. ****1/2
  2. Superstar Sleeze

    [2011-03-05-NOAH-Great Voyage] Kotaro Suzuki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima

    GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kotaro Suzuki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima - NOAH 3/5/11 Big Nakajima fan as early as 2008 went to an ROH show in Detroit specifically to see him in 2009/2010. I think I saw him against Kenny Omega actually. Weird, who became the bigger star. I am always excited when I see a pimped Nakajima match as this made Ditch's Top Ten for 2011. Suzuki has always been pretty bland to me except for his awesome scummy, cheating 100% rudo performance against KENTA in 2009. Nakajima is rocking some Sabu-style pants. Cant say I am digging it for Nakajima who I think is best suited for traditional trunks or tights. I hate when I hear a time call and all of sudden a wrestler wakes up and says it is my turn. First ten minutes, Nakajima dominates Suzuki and basically plays with his food. Unfortunately, Suzuki decides to play this match straight, which is a poor strategy both in kayfabe (Nakajima is a much better ass-kicker and overwhelms him) and non-Kayfabe (he is quite generic). The first ten minutes is fun to watch Nakajima kick ass. I could watch Nakajima throw kicks all day. Suzuki is not much of a seller and does not put up much of a struggle. Nakajima is being aggressive and intense but not enough to make up for Suzuki's milquetoast performance Time call and look at that, Suzuki is alive and kickin'! He is ducking shit and hitting moves. Bleh. The moves he hit are those 21st century modified suplex/slams, yuck. Suzuki misses a 619 and Nakajima hits his own version that is pretty cool. Nakajima lights shit up with missile dropkicks and suplexes. Best spot of the match thus far: Nakajima hits his trademark rainbow kick to the head as Suzuki is perched on top. He wants the superplex, but it is converted into a reverse suplex by Suzuki now that is a nearfall. The action is great, but no character work and a basic, generic story make this match forgettable thus far. Now I see why this match is heralded the last 7 minutes or so are grand. It is a great Juniors workrate bombfest including a breath-taking cradle reversal sequence that is really well done. The Tombstone reversal sequence is always over in my house. NAKAJIMA SWEEPS THE LEG~! One of the best leg sweeps in pro wrestling history. Check it out! Nakajima looks like he almost takes Suzuki's head off with a wicked roundhous kick. HOLY SHIT THIS IS HOW YOU THROW SUPERKICKS!!! Every modern wrestler with a shitty superkick take note. Nakajima looked like he was ready to KO Suzuki. So is Suzuki doing a mini Misawa tribute gimmick with all the Roaring Elbows and the Tiger Driver? I know he teamed with Misawa at one point so is he carrying the torch for Misawa? The Northern Lights Bomb Nakajima hits is pretty wicked. Nakajima missing his rainbow kick leaving him open for an elbow to the back of the head and then a Tiger Driver is a great finish. The home stretch is too little, too late to call this great. Not enough character work, story or struggle to really hook you in. Then they go balls to the wall with the spots which at least excites even if it does not do much to move me. I will forget about this, but it is a shame as Nakajima has all the tools to be one of the greats. Dat Leg Sweep DOE~! ***1/2
  3. Superstar Sleeze

    [2011-04-03-NJPW-New Dimension] Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Yuji Nagata

    I'M BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Yuji Nagata - NJPW 4/3/11 Tanahashi is a modern day Ric Flair, charismatic, perfect blend of workrate and showmanship, tons of entertaining stock, great plug 'n' play formula, and polarizing. Tanahashi has made a career out of Keiji Mutoh's 2001 renaissance strategy of working the leg, but love how in each match there is a different reason he has to do it and where it leads. I liked the dynamic at the beginning as Tanahashi is the cocky prick champion but he is over like rover so he is playing to the crowd and the crowd is cheering him hard & he is lapping it up. He scores a takedown and finishes with a stomp. He is just so cocky. Nagata is a great no-nonsense ass-kicker and he complements Tanahashi's ostentatious style. I really liked Nagata slapping Tanahashi as he went in for a collar-elbow tieup. Nagata just started lighting Tanahashi up. Nagata had great kicks. This felt very heel vs heel. Tanahashi was the cocky heel, but when he tried to fire up against Nagata in the corner I thought that was a babyface moment only for Nagata to quell the rally by beating the piss out of him. It made me feel sympathy for Tanahashi who came up short in the strike exchange. Nagata beat Tanahashi so bad with strikes that Tanahashi had to powder. Now anybody who has ever seen a Tanahashi match knows what is bound to happen. Tanahashi gets a hold of the leg and snaps it across the top rope. Here it was necessary because he was getting his ass kicked and he needed to stop the bleeding. I love Tanahashi's offense. Follows up with somersault senton from the apron and then goes to work on the leg. The figure-4 spot had good drama and selling. Nagata gets a kneelift, but it is the bad knee! Nagata unleashes some vicious kicks to Tanahashi's left arm with pinpoint accuracy. The double limb pyschology in this was really great. They both had plenty of good cutoffs on each other by attacking the other's damaged limb. This led to great drama and plenty of great, dramatic submissions (Texas Cloverleaf, Cross-Armbreaker->Fujiwara Armbar). The finish stretch was ultra hot with plenty of big bombs. I loved Nagata hitting a tremendous kick to Tanahashi's ribs when he came off the top for his first High Fly Flow attempt. Nagata unleashed quite the onslaught of big bombs. Plenty of big nearfalls (that backdrop driver was insane and the perfect last big bomb to kick out of. Anymore and it would have been too incredulous). What I liked is that they still peppered in Tanahashi hope spots so it let you know he still had life and it didnt feel like he was being ragdolled. Tanahashi shifts his weight on a super backdrop driver. Dragon Suplex No Human Capture Suplex and then classic Two High Fly Flows for the win. It is routine Tanahashi, but I love routine Tanahashi because it is steeped in logic and consequence. Tanahashi is cocky at the outset but bites off more than he can chew with the ass-kicking Nagata. Goes to his old stand by of attacking the leg. Nagata responds by attacking arm. Both do great here. The finish stretch feels like a big deal. It feels like everything in this match from beginning to end has consequence. I thought there could be more struggle in this match and better selling, but it escalated really well. I thought the finish was slightly overwrought, I think one big Nagata nearfall and one dramatic armbar was enough, but they went for way more. Very enjoyable and breezy because of how well-connected everything is and it is always great to watch a Tanahashi match unfold. ****1/4
  4. Superstar Sleeze

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I am almost 100% sure I was at this show live. Was this a show taped at Mania. I was second row. La Parka dived straight out of the corner through the ropes right at me onto Pentagon Jr. It was so cool. I marked out so hard!
  5. Superstar Sleeze

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Wicked cool! Thanks for sharing! I plan on going to all 50 states in my life and definitely will make sure to take a selfie with Da Crusher in Milwaukee! Have a real soft spot for him after all the AWA I watched!
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Amen brutha! When I read that Michael Elgin said something to effect of "Impact has not had a 5 star match in years and I'm going to change that." I was so annoyed. It is the exact opposite way to think. I don't care about Elgin or Impact but this line of logic is very alienating to me.
  7. Superstar Sleeze

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Does anyone have a link to this? This sounds wicked fucking bizarre. How bad can a fan really boo an act? There is some really awful shit men can say to women and if it was that bad then kick him out. There is nothing he could have said to warrant him being dragged to the back and be intimidated. If he got physical with one of the women, all bets are off, but if it is just words then it sounds like the wrestlers have some really thin skin.
  8. Superstar Sleeze

    [2014-08-17-WWE-Summerslam] John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs Brock Lesnar - Summerslam 2014 Brock Lesnar gave a heel performance for the ages in the biggest match of the year. It was the little touches like stepping on Cena's hand, the trash talk, and the desire to make Cena give up. He could have pinned him at pretty much any moment after about two minutes into the match, but he wanted to dominate and humiliate Cena. He wanted to force Cena to tell the referee he could not continue because Brock Lesnar beat him so senseless. Like any good villain, Lesnar's hubris almost cost him on two different occasions. The elbows into the FU was electric and the STFU brought people to their feet. Jerry Lawler was the perfect voice for all the children that did not want to believe their hero was going to be vanquished at the hands of the meanest schoolyard bully there ever was. Good conquers evil, right? Not when evil is Brock Fucking Lesnar. When he did the Zombie Sit-Up complete with a crazed look and maniacal laugh, it was the perfect horror movie image that the monster was not going to stay down. Sufficiently rattle though by STFU, Brock quit playing with his food and hit the F-5 to win the match in a similar vein to the Seahawks' complete annihilation of the Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl. I am a Brock mark. As soon as he gets into the ring, I hang on every single explosive and impactful move. Immediately every match becomes bigger when Lesnar is involved and becomes a fight for survival. So many matches from this decade are struggle between being a choreographed exhibition against a predetermined sporting contest. When Lesnar walks down the aisle, all that is effaced from my mind. I know I am going to watch a fight. The opening 30 seconds of this match maybe my favorite opening 30 seconds from any match (with only Tenryu vs Mutoh from 2001 coming close). The amount of struggle in that opening moment. Cena meeting the Beast head on and trying to fight fire with fire. For Lesnar to snap off an F-5 so early was just an incredible climax. The only thing ballsier than the match they gave us would have been to end the match right there. Part of me thinks they should have. The beatdown was a merciless onslaught of unmitigated violence. Cena's glassy-eyed and foggy selling was so spot on. I talked about Cena's selflessness in the Cesaro match, but on no stage was it more apparent. How many top babyfaces would have been so secure to allow them to essentially be squashed by the top heel on the second biggest PPV of the year? None come to mind. The only two matches that come close to how this one was booked were Vader vs Sting from Great American Bash '92 and Brock Lesnar versus The Rock at Summerslam '02. The difference was the Sting match was a little more competitive and Vader is always willing to bump for his opponent and in the Rock match he was leaving WWE for months. Cena got two flurries of offense and would be expected to show up within coming weeks and continue to compete. The match is carried by strong heel and babyface performances and unique circumstances, but because of its lopsided nature it is not something I consider a slam dunk Match of the Year Contender. It feels like a great first act in a play that hooks you immediately. I believe wrestling matches should be viewed in context, but ultimately need to be able to stand alone. i do not think this match can standalone and it is too tethered to its aftermath. That aftermath is very disappointing. Just when everyone says they have seen everything ever in wrestling WWE pulls off something that I am struggling to find a comparison point to. I would say this is something never been done before. Yet, they treat it like just another John Cena loss where he comes back with no injuries, dominates the entire Wyatt Family and is hungry as ever. He essentially no sold the match. Just like the spots in a match, which should have consequence on the next spot in a match, the match itself should have consequences in the storyline. If the WWE does not respect their own booking, then how can I? For that reason, it is why I am knocking this match down a peg, because its influence was not as strong as it should have been. ****1/2
  9. Superstar Sleeze

    All Elite Wrestling

    Did the AOC tweet get traction here? That seemed like a huge deal. I was flabbergasted she tweeted about AEW. The Trump/McMahon friendship seems like such small potatoes, but Linda was in the Cabinet for a good chunk. So maybe the Democrats see this as a small way to stick to Trump's boy.
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    All Elite Wrestling

    I am going to defend Twitter. I see it bashed time and time again. I think if you take the time and cull a good list of places to follow it can incredibly informative. I can find out the news, sports scores, who is on tour, wrestling news, latest history book releases. It is just a one stop shop. I have gotten into some good discussions and learned a lot. I have gotten into bad discussions. I once had Lance Storm explain to me that Ultimo Dragon deserved to be in the WON HOF by tweeting me the famous Dragon J-Crown picture, which is a stupid rationale. I had a person tell me to drown in zebra cum because I thought Lex Luger is better than Sting. It is just funny. No reason to get worked up. I'm pro-Twitter.
  11. Vince was a creative genius (perhaps him & Pat) from 1984-1991. It is terrific, simplistic, elegant pro wrestling storytelling. Everything is booked the gimmicks and angles in mind. The matches exist to get either gimmick or the angle over. That's the hook. Yes, the wrestling is not as good as the Southern territories, but is very entertaining and most importantly it is purposeful. The Savage/Warrior match is the highwater mark of Vince's creative genius and is probably the most emotional story pro wrestling could ever generate. After that, I agree with most people. Vince was tapped. Vince loves America and loves childish humor. He like both innocent childish humor and the more raunchy teenage childish humor. It comes through. His takes on humor tend to be bad, but I am not implicit against some levity in pro wrestling like some fans. Vince is indeed a business genius. This is a point Charles (Loss) made to me in one of our discussions. In the late 90s, Vince became a business management genius. He figured out how to take a company on the brink of bankruptcy and turn it into global powerhouse. Austin was necessary, but once Austin flamed out, he figured out how to manage the business in such a way that it continually grows without reliance on a single superstar even though Cena was very critical and I don't want to downplay Cena too much. At some point though, even when you are really good at the business of pro wrestling, it comes time that the product matters. The product has been on steady decline since 2014. It is only through Vince's expert business infrastructure that they have not completely collapsed as fast as they should have. I think it is time that product/creative/content is going to start to matter. They need to up their game. They squandered Rowdy Ronda and The Man Becky Lynch. They will continue to squander opportunities with the current infrastructure.
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    Beyond Wrestling: Unchartered Territory on IWTV

    Yes, he was and he is fucking awesome! Highly recommend his work! Going tonight and realized I need to catch up on these reviews. Episode 6: I watched this one with Joe Gagne. Beyond was celebrating its ten year anniversary. So they had a six man tag featuring a bunch of guys from their beginnings. The Death Match main event was insane. Not a huge fan of Death Match Wrestling, BUT every once in a while it can be fun. Styrofoam makes a great sound. That Door when it broke, fuck it sounded like a gun went off...insane! The powerbomb onto the shopping cart was fucking insane. The most insane thing for me was then dude plunged the fork into the other dude's arm so that it stuck in there. He was moving around with a fucking fork in his arm. I have never seen anything like that live. I think these matches have a lot more visceral impact live. It just doesnt translate on the TV for me at least. Being there and seeing with my own two eyes, another human with a fucking fork in his arm is something else. I am a pretty big fan of Big Momma Pump Jordynne Grace and I thought she got the best possible straight match out of Orange Cassidy. I am not a fan of OC's act, but I thought Kylie Rae did a good job by building a match around their respective gimmicks. Grace said Fuck that and hit him really hard, which is something I can always get behind. I am not taking credit for this, but it did make smile really big. I am relatively loud, but I stand about as far away as possible. She had him up in position for a sidewalk slam and I yelled "THROW HIM THE FUCK DOWN" My God did she ever! I was so happy! She has a great punch and a great lariat. Orange Cassidy was doing the best thing he can do...be a tackling dummy. I thought the Thomas Santell match was not quite as good as the week prior or as good the one from episode 8, but I love how much of a throwback he is. He is like a supped-up version of Dory Funk Jr that fucks. I was a bit late to the show and walked into Briggs vs Dirty Daddy about halfway through. What I caught was good. Dirty Daddy pulling out some Volk Han magic to work over Briggs' injured knee. Episode 6 Highlights: Jordynne Grace hits Orange Cassidy really fucking hard and makes me a very happy fan. The Death Match was batshit insanity and I was glad to see one live. Episode 7: I was on a business trip in Ireland and missed the show. Episode 8: Best show of the year! This was really good. The same week I went to Money In The Bank live in Hartford and Smackdown live in Providence and this show blew the WWE out of the water. Now I know what some of you thinking wrestling fan with an internet presence says "Local Indy smokes WWE" is not especially earth-shattering, but it was how they did it that is what is cool. Beyond Wrestling beat them by having SUPERIOR BABYFACE-HEEL DYNAMICS! It was so good to watch old school wrestling. The opening contest between Solo Darling (who is the best female indy wrestler I have seen besides Tess Blanchard) and Skylar was exquisite babyface vs babyface wrestling. The beautiful symmetry at the beginning all leading to the tempers flaring. It was 5-10 minutes before the first punch was thrown. When Skylar threw it in anger, EVERYONE booed. Not just me, old school traditional wrestling fan, everyone booed. THAT'S PRO WRESTLING! From there Skylar got rougher and Darling got more sympathetic and they blew it off with a perfect crescendo. Terrific studio pro wrestling. The next match was my boy Thomas Santell the Nerd That Fucks Hard! He was going up against some nameless California jerk who was great at getting heat. Again, they were working the crowd to invest in the wrestlers not the MOVEZ~! Santell looked great in this contest best since his first week. I love the nickname, "The Ovaltine Dream". Nick Fucking Gage and Josh Briggs was a FUCKING BANGER worked around knee psychology and just general insanity. The heat was off the charts for this. The Intergender Match du jour was high end comedy wrestling that actually turned serious during the heat segment and had a compact, feel good finish. I believe the team was Milk Chocolate (generic cocky heel tag team) against the Platinum Bunnies, maybe Hunnies. Then comes the climax of the night, "Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson and Erick Stevens just lighting each other the fuck up. This was a brutal, UNGODLY stiff match. They were both chopping hard, but Dickinson unleashed the MOST FURIOUS CHOP I have ever heard live. He had everyone myself included clutching our chests in sympathy for Stevens. If you like stiff, brutal wrestling, then this is the match for you. I loved every minute of it. If I recall correctly, the finish was a Burning Lariat that would make Kobashi proud and JBL ejaculate with glee. The tag team match was a bit long in the tooth. The Beaver Boys broke up. The Meat Man, the shorter, muscle-bound one seems like he has a future. He has good kicks. Episode 8 Highlights: Everything! This show was pedal to the fucking metal! Solo Darling vs Skylar have a tremendous old school face vs face match that builds to tempers flaring. Santell and Cali Asshole have a great babyface vs heel match. Nick Fuckin Gage lit up the bar and him Josh Briggs tore it down in their brisk match. The intergenerder match was really good comedy wrestling. Dirty Daddy is Our Savior and Redeemer!
  13. Superstar Sleeze

    Jon Moxley on Talk is Jericho

    Renee is utter garbage on commentary. I have been sitting on this for a while I just need to let it out. She is even worse than Booker in saying absolutely nonsensical trash. The breaking point for me is when The Revival got caught cheating numerous times and the ref called them on their bullshit ultimately leading to their loss to the Lucha House Party. She had been pro-Luchadores the whole match and then goes on a rant that the Revival was under the microscope the whole match and that the ref cost the Revival the match. THE REVIVAL WAS FUCKING CHEATING! Thats what the ref is supposed to do! It was maddening. She just says the most random things that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Cole/Corey give her a pass most of the time, but every so often they just have to let her have it. She is brutal on commentary. I am not an advocate for anyone losing their job but I wish they put her back as the lead interviewer (Charly is very good at what she does though) or Greg Gumbel role. So if Ambrose's departure leads to her and she lands a deal with AEW that sounds great to me. Hoepfully they dont put her on commentary.
  14. I thought this was the worst RAW since those terrible RAWs from December Baron Corbin era. The Man Becky Lynch has been cooled off to be ice cold. Rollins is not a strong face on the mic. Zayn is so fucking annoying. I get that's the point of the gimmick but I don't want to watch him bitch about fans. Brock Party is the only saving grace of this wretched show! Brock is the best. I was in Hartford when he won and I went apeshit. Everyone else sat on their hands or booed but I knew that Brock is this show's only saving grace now that Rowdy Ronda is gone. Cocky Shooter Brock is glorious. I loved last week when he mouthed "You kicked me in the balls" when Rollins said he slayed the Beast. Babyfaces shouldn't win like that. Kofi vs Dolph feels like a US Title feud. These are the best Dolph promos ever though I will give him that. Is AJ's injury a shoot? Doesn't seem that way...
  15. Superstar Sleeze

    All Elite Wrestling

    My bad. I thought anti-DQ/Draw was about week-to-week booking. Yes for the debut PPV it should feature a clean victory. Is the winner of Jericho/Omega facing the winner of battle royale at Double Or Nothing or at the next PPV? My understanding was the next PPV and this was in regards to PAC vs Omega. Yes, the first championship match should have a clean victory. 100%. My talking point was for week-to-week TV.