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    Sleezin' Through The 80s

    The MartMan wants to watch some wrestling that includes promos & angles. Dont get me wrong I am still gonna watch some great pro wrestling and include that in the match discussion archive, but I just wanna devour some down home 80s cooking. Of course if I come across anything badass Ill throw in a review. I like to start things in medias res must be the soap opera fan in my me, so lets start this completely randomly on March 9, 1985. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Format: Arena matches with interviews by Bob Caudle in front of the Mid-Atlantic Blue Backdrop. The TBS WCW show wouldnt start for another month and a half or so. Main Angle: THE CHAMP IS HERE! The World's Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is here and he is wrestling Chic Donovan. He cuts a very subdued babyface promo on Wahoo McDaniel and that "creep" Tully Blanchard. He says Wahoo is disrespect to this great sport. Very solid Ric Flair promo, for those not familiar with babyface this type of promo would shock people, but this is classic babyface Flair. Wahoo closes the show saying it is bullshit that he put so much of himself into this sport and fuck you for saying I disrespected this show. I am paraphrasing. Wahoo is not a very good promo in my opinion, lots of stumblin', bumblin' and fumblin'. He challenges Flair to an Indian Strap Match Match of the Night: Ric Flair vs Chic Donovan pretty easily for some reason I feel like I watched this after Loss & I were talking about how Chic Donovan just cant resist to shake his booty. Classic babyface Flair outwrestling Donovan at ease and Donovan cheating to get the advantage. We get a heat segment on Flair, but he is never in real trouble. The finish was interesting a botch but they worked it well. Flair went for a Leapfrog, but either didnt get high enough or Donovan didnt duck low enough and Donovan ate Flair's knee. Donovan sold it like a KO show and the commentary sold it nicely. Flair slapped for the Figure-4 for the win. Borderline necessary for a review. For those not familiar with babyface Flair really should watch this because babyface Flair is truly novel from heel Flair. Dream Match that I am not sure happened or made tape: Tully Blanchard w/"The Perfect Ten" Baby Doll defeated a jabroni to defend his TV Championship with a typical vertical suplex. Every indictment laid against Flair is one thousandfold truly for Tully. Not much offense, lots of bump & run and stooging even for this loser. Dusty cuts a promo and says he can find his own Perfect Ten right here in Greensboro. He brings out a woman in a lavish fur coat to get under the skin of Tully. All I can say did Flair & Dusty vs Wahoo & Tully happen? Did it make tape? And how can I see it? Silverstarr '85: Never heard of this! Sgt. Slaughter is in Mid-Atlantic?!?!?! The Russians win a squash match in a six-man tag. The Russian Sickle is more like a Running Nodowa at this point. Magnum TA, Don Kernodle and Sgt. Muthafuckin Slaughter have been signed against the The Russians. Uncle Ivan cuts a solid promo, but it brings me great sadness to report he does not say "Pride of Carolinas" when describing Kernodle. Uncle Ivan & Kernodle were a tag team in 1984 and then Kernodle found his patriotism and nephew Nikita came in. Did Silverstarr '85 make tape? Silvestarr is clearly a Dusty name as he loves the word "Starr". Other Squashes: Steve Casey, a British babyface scientific wrestler had boring squash. Black Bart had a short squash. Barbarian looked amazing in his squash. Paul Jones cut a yell-y promo that was very ok. He demeaned Barbarian saying dont ever step in front of me. Could have set up a decent Barbie face turn. Boogie Woogie cut a mostly unintelligible promo but his cadence and conviction were so good, it was fucking awesome! Oh Paul Jones shaved off his beard, my bruthas & sistas so fuck him! Mid-South 3/9/86 Format: Matches in front of the Irish McNeil Boys Club, in between the size of a studio wrestling and a full arena like WWF or JCP was doing. The most disappointing aspect is the lack of promos. This is very wrestling-heavy. I am hankering for some great promos & angles so doesnt scratch that itch like Crockett. Furthermore, I think Crockett's style is better to get heat. You cant beat the wrestlers cutting promos. Jim Ross & Joel Watts can hew & haw all they want, but the best way to build that heat and emotion connection is let the wrestlers rip it on the mic. I think Crockett has it right. Match of the Night: Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Terry Taylor for the Television Championship (a medal worn by Vero's Hero). I am a bugger Terry Taylor fan than most and lower on Jake The Snake than most, sometimes less is just less, brutha. I thought this was very energetic for Jake. It was probably 8-10 minutes but was action-packed. I watched this last night, I might go back and review it because it was a really strong workrate match. There was a really good spot early with Taylor CLOCKING Jake with a right cross and Jake selling it with the slither powder. I recall a pretty clean finish for Taylor. The more important part is the angle after where Jake the Snake drops the Champ with a DDT on the chair busting Taylor open. So that feud is just getting started. JR puts over Joel Watts' video editing ability. We get a video package for Vero's Hero and his forced smile. Taylor should have been a heel from jump, definitely something smarmy about him. Commentary: Mid-South fans is it typical for Joel Watts to walk all over JR on commentary. He is always shouting over him and doing the vast majority of play by play. JR was good when he got a chance to talk which was not often. Dream Tag Team That Did Happen & I Got To See: Hacksaw Duggan & Kerry Muthafuckin Von Erich! OH HELL YEAH! These are my two favorites from Mid-South & World Class respectively FUCK YEAH! I love Mid-South Duggan he just has this Northern Blue Collar grit to him like a Bruno or a DDP. I just dig that vibe. Huge fan of the Flair vs Kerry series (dont sleep on their Mid-South series, 4/28/85 is a contender for their best match ever). They wrestled Hercules Hernandez (doing a Sheik gimmick) and Gino Hernandez. You know it wouldnt have been half-bad in some promotion they did a Gino & Hercules are brothers or cousins gimmick. Gino as the mouth and Hercules as the heavy. I didnt think the heels added much. This was all about the babyfaces and the fire and charisma they brought. Ted DiBiase came out, OH SHIT THATS RIGHT, the Loser Leaves Town match is still coming up! Duggan has gotten a hold of the Coal Miner's Glove and blasts one of the heels, I think Hercules and Kerry picks up the win . Nice way to build the DiBiase/Duggan program. Kerry cut a typical Kerry promo which a fumblin, stumblin, bumblin promo. It looks like they are setting up Flair vs Kerry in the territory. Other Squashes: Kamala crushes a jobber but crushes him so fucking bad he gets DQ'd...Splash off the top rope. Iceman King Parsons short squash, looked good. Dirty White Boys (Tony Anthony & Len Denton) won a squash, underwhelmed. They were not very heelish. There was a "Barbarian" squash, but it was not the real Barbarian. Who is this Mickey Mouse Barbarbian? Seriously? I didnt recognize him at all. Match that went too long: Buddy Landell vs Brad Armstrong, Buddy was a great heel, but not too much to this one. It didnt really stick with me. Interesting Mid-South had two competitive matches compared to Mid-Atlantic having zero (yes Flair vs Donovan was a good match but nobody thought Donovan was going to win). World Class Championship Wrestling 3/9/85 Format: Sportatorium footage with Bill Mercer on commentary. 1985 is not a high water mark for World Class, lets see what they got. No promos. Was Crockett/Georgia/Florida unique for focusing so much on promos? Main Angle: Before the Kerry Von Erich vs Rip Oliver match, Sunshine announces she is going to bring someone in to clean up World Class Matches That Went Far Too Long: MX (Condrey & Eaton) w/Jim Cornette vs Adidas & Johnny Mantel and Kerry Von Erich vs "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Jim Cornette. These are the type of matches you can only get away with in the 80s because the crowds were invested in the characters and simply wanting the babyface to win. Kerry & The Claw (We Want The Claw chants very prevalent) were wicked over, but so were midcard bums like Adidas & Mantel. Nowadays the crowds cares about great matches and who wins from a who should be pushed standpoint? I could see many fans being like MX needs this win going against Fantastics. It is like for fucks sake when did pro wrestling become a giant marketing meeting between promoter/wrestlers/fans. I guess it always has been so let me qualify why is it a self-conscious marketing meeting! Both matches were pretty boring. Eaton was in a putrid, jabroni-looking blue & purple cross patch one arm tarzan singlet. Video Package: I enjoyed the MX vs Fantastics matches in World Class (yes the ones in 88 Crockett are better, but these are good too). I really liked the video package to get us up to speed on the "fued". Squashes: One Man Gang with Gary Hart squash. OMG never been one of my dudes, but I will keep an open mind.
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    It is penultimate episode with @goodhelmet & @victory discussing the very best of Glam Metal! I had the good fortune to attend my first concert since the Pandemic going to Day 3 of the M3 Festival in Maryland which is an 80s Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal Festival that I have always wanted to go to. Pretty Boy Floyd killed it and they were one of the two bands I really wanted to see, finally got to see Faster Pussycat too! Fake LA Guns was wicked shitty. Warrant was also pretty killer. Had a blast! I talked about that on this show along with Will & Ryan bringing up some heartbreak stories so bring some tissues too! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-rx56t-108fa61
  3. Superstar Sleeze

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    At least this promotion was the same week as when the podcast dropped, wicked busy week at work after a week of vacation, but that is just how the cookie crumbles. Do NOT sleep on this podcast @goodhelmet goes an absolutely hilarious tear during his discussion of a Keel song and then follows with a real barnburner of a story attending an Alice Cooper concert! Ryan brings the funny with his experiences on his IG page and Marty discusses how glam metal developed sonically! Give it a spin! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-qzktw-1084f61
  4. My original review kinda sucks, I need to talk about this on a podcast recording tonight (good teaser for Pro Wrestling Love Fans) so watching this during my lunch break. Sgt. Slaughter vs Pat Patterson - WWF MSG 5/4/81 Alley Fight Pat Patterson is decked out in a I <3 NY shirt, dungarees, belt, cowboy boot and a Yankees hat (Yankees Suck!). Vince yells "Go Get Em Brutha!". Street fight attire should be jeans or fatigues. These two look great. Patterson's shine is red hot. MSG is rockin'! Patterson is just teeing off on Sarge and Slaughter is selling well. During one scrap, on their knees, an errant Sarge punch connects with the steel post to delight of MSG and the chagrin of Slaughter. Patterson takes off his belt and whips Slaughter like the dog he is! He chokes him with the belt. The belt needs to make a comeback in wrestling along with cowboy boots, fire and powder. Slaughter rakes the eyes and gets control of the belt and pops him in the throat. He wraps the belt around the mouth, nasty visual. He rips off the I <3 NY shirt and chokes him with that, great heel move. Patterson bucks him over the top rope and then Slaughter misses the Atomic Stomp. I love how it takes two moves to consolidate your advantage. Patterson hits not one, but TWO BOMBS AWAY KNEE DROPS! Slaughter rakes the eyes again and stomps the head. Slaughter hurls Patterson over the top rope and Pat is sent careening to the floor. Pat punches him in the breadbasket, double fist to the head, CATAPULT INTO CLASSIC SLAUGHTER BUMP! THERE IS BLOOD! Pat tees off on Slaughter. Amazing stagger selling by Slaughter and just when it looks like Sarge is gonna go down, he punches Pat in the balls. Great selling by Patterson and even better jelly leg selling by Slaughter as he goes fishing for brass knuckles in his pants. The one misfire is that Sarge does connect with the brass knux and it is not sold really dramatically or really consequential. Patterson's fiery comeback is so damn good! Blocking the knux, punching the cut, ramming Slaughter's head into the post and then taking off his boot and beating the living shit out of him. I love Slaughter's bumping choices here, the way he is staggering and going to one knee instead of taking a series of flat backs. We need more of that. There seems to be a final KO blow, but Wizard is a little late and Slaughter just eats boot shots on the apron holding the ropes and Wizard throws in the towel. All-time great bloody brawl classic! Patterson was a vicious red hot babyface, every babyface should watch this offensive performance and every heel should watch Slaughter for his choices on he sells and bumps. No change in rating, excellent. ****3/4
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    Trying to get back on track with my promotion of these podcasts, this is Glam Metal Pt 2 with the incomparable @goodhelmet & the studly @victory! Released last Sunday so this gets me back on track. Really fun episode, we count down #20-#16. I think Will's rant against me for not including the Sleeze Beez' bonafide classic, "Stranger Than Paradise" is some of the funniest/most entertaining audio I have recorded! So check that out & much, much more! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-kakxr-107d8a2
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    Doing a killer road trip through DC, Baltimore, Harrisburg PA, Waynesboro VA and Wilmington, NC and just loving life! Had a blast talking to Stacey, but it is time to move on. While this might be Pro Wrestling Only, my show is not. One of my other passions is HEAVY METAL...specifically glam-sleaze-pop-hair metal, call it what you will, but I call it bitchin'! To give it a pro wrestling flair, we have the co-founder of PWO, @goodhelmet & a stud from Chicago @victory on to discuss our favorite songs of the genre! Click the link, download & rock out! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-ihvqs-1074817
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    My bad habit continues as I am again one week behind, but this deserves serious love as it is the Grand Finale of my series with @JimmyRedman on the WWE 2010-2014! I had a blast doing this series and we each had a completely different top 5 so there are 10 matches discussed. We each went with ballsy picks for our numbers 1! Let us know what you think. https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-untpz-106bdf6
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    [1960-11-17-Capitol Wrestling-Washington, DC] Buddy Rogers vs Abe Jacobs

    Haystacks Calhoun does guest commentary on this and says the reason Khrushchev is getting one over on America in the Cold War is we have a chump US Champion like Buddy Rogers. Is it 1960 or 2020? You decide! I cant believe they were doing guest commentary to set up matches even back then. Nice little squash by Rogers like the finish a lot. The way he urgently punished the back en route to the Figure-4, wish we would see more of that nowadays.
  9. Superstar Sleeze

    [1961-04-14-NWA Chicago] Buddy Rogers vs Haystacks Calhoun

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Buddy Rogers vs Haystack Calhoun - Chicago 4/14/61 There are certain wrestlers my Dad & my uncles always bring up and Haystack Calhoun is one of them, so I have always wanted to see one of his matches. I do enjoy me some Buddy Rogers. I gotta agree with another reviewer when they say the Nature Boy looked a lot like the Nature Boy. This definitely felt like as close as we would get to Flair vs Haystacks. Calhound wrestles in overalls and barefeet and as horseshoe good luck charm. Was Haystacks the first wrestler not to wear traditional trunks to wrestle? Rogers makes a great go at this and Haystacks is quite mobile. He is no Jerry Blackwell, but his sit down splash and big splash towards the end are massive highspots. The early portion of the match puts over Haystacks size and that there is not much Roger can do against him. Great headlock work and Rogers cant even really choke him because his neck is too big. Rogers kicks at the leg and pulls the hair. They announce the Blackhawks are up 4-3 over the Red Wings to a big pop and then it is 5-3, which is funny to know. Haystacks bodyslams Roger and then hits his big aforementioned highspots. Rogers out of desperation starts to dropkick Haystacks with the second one sending him tumbling out of the ring, breaking the middle rope in the process! Terrific finish that a Big Show or Mark Henry should have cribbed. Clever way for Rogers to win and for Haystacks to be protected. Call me crazy but this was a lot of fun. ***1/2
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    [1950-05-23-Kohler Chicago] Gorgeous George vs Cyclone Anaya

    Gorgeous George vs Cyclone Anaya - Chicago 5/23/50 It is amazing that we have The Human Orchid on tape and this is definitely something I have wanted to see for a while. I implore all wrestling fans to watch this as you can see Goregous George is a template heel. He is lustily booed upon introductions and he just has the mannerisms and accoutrements of the gimmick down pat that all the generations of those aping his style after the fact could have learned a thing or two from 'ol Georgie from his pre-match routine. First Fall: I have watched Cyclone against Thesz and Rogers and he had a couple humdingers with those two. So I am thinking I would lay the blame of this pedestrian start on Georgie. Just a lot of sitting in holds for 15 minutes. The best part of the first half by far was Anaya mussing up Georgie's immaculate hair that got a good rise out of George, the crowd and myself. I was hoping for a more gimmick-y match. George broke up a headlock with a closed fist to the gut, used the hair to maintain a hammerlock and worked a leglock using the ropes. Standard for our day, but dramatic cheating back then. In all honestly, I found Thesz's roughhousing against Ruffy to be far more engrossing and heated. The crowd did not like George. In the hammerlock, Russ gets a bit too clever for me wishing for a different view of George's "-terior" namely his "an- not pos-". It could have worked, but it was too cute. Russ definitely understood the George gimmick and did a good job playing it up. Russ days both men's legs are gimmicked so he sounds like a 21st century wrestling fan. Anaya worked a long Indian Deathlock and George worked a leg lock. As the first half came to a close Anaya was working the armstretcher as George was trying to kip out and bridge to avoid being pinned. Lets see if the second half of the first fall picks up...George does a very comical at an attempt to escape the armstretcher. Kayfabe died in 1950, folks, get over it. George's escape is pretty anti-climatic and reverses into his own armstretcher which does not last long. George goes for noogies. George does the headlock/closed fist gimmick. Anaya has had enough! He gives him a taste of his own medicine! Hell Yeah! Ref breaks it up. Great selling here by George perfect heel, crybaby selling while Anaya is fighting through the pain like a man. Anaya lays into George now, nice fire. Monkey Flip thats called a Monkey Rip by Russ, dig it. Like that spot here. After all this piss 'n' vinegar from Anaya, George takes the fall after two wicked headlock RIPS! He really did RIP him down. Got better down the stretch. Second Fall: Customarily in 2/3 Falls in the 70s/80s, the second fall is the shortest fall and they keep with tradition. Even though, George won the fall, he looks the worse for wear selling the damage from the long-armstretcher. That becomes the focus of Anaya who pounds on it and uses various armbars, wristlocks and hammerlocks on the bad wing of Georgie. George works a half-crab, but does not get much else in the way of offense. Anaya starts wringing Georgie's neck violently. George bumps & sells so well. George figures a good offense is a good defense and RIPS Anaya down, but Anaya will not be stopped. It is Anaya's famed Cobra Twist (aka Abdominal Stretch) with a neck wring for the submission victory. Red hot finish there. Third Fall: Short & sweet. Anaya CRACKS George with a slap due to all his posturing. George's response is take down into a front chancery. A little fight from ol Georgie. Anaya comes up with the Cobra Twist but George is in the ropes and it is a closed fist there. They do a little King of the Mountain with George shoving Anaya over the top and blasting him on the way in. Second time, Anaya snapmares George over the top rope to a big pop and it is the All Japan double countout finish. The first half is dry working holds, but they ratchet up the heat and intensity down the stretch, not as good as the Thesz or Rogers matches. Still it is Gorgeous George if you are a wrestling fan you simply must watch! ***1/4
  11. Superstar Sleeze

    [1950-06-21-Kohler Chicago] Verne Gagne vs Billy Goelz

    Verne Gagne vs Billy Goelz - Chicago 6/21/50 Russ says Goelz is the Illinois Jr. Heavyweight Champion, I believe. This not hosted by the Chicago Film Archives, but apparently came out in 2009. It is a fantastic, single fall bout since this is NOT for the world heavyweight Championship. The quality on this is not the best, but young Verne looks nothing like old Verne in my opinion, if it didnt say Verne Gagne in the video I would not never have guessed it was him. The first ten minutes are a battle of the Goelz Hammerlock vs the Gagne headscissors. Verne only started wrestling in 1949 but not only has the technical/athletic part down pat, but even the theatrics. Verne gets two flashy takedowns out of some very competitive collar-elbow tieups. Goelz when he takes Gagne down with an armbar, he sticks with him and turn into a 4-5 minute tenacious hammerlock. They work the hammerlock fabulously. Verne is really good about his verbal selling and constantly trying to escape to keep this interesting. This takes an incredible gas tank to being working for the escape out of a hammerlock. It really shows how great of shape Verne is in. Goelz for his part is not only wrenching the Hammerlock, he is constantly trying to negotiate pinning predicaments with the hammerlock as his fulcrum. I really liked Verne going for the crotchhold (bodyslam) but Goelz disabuses him of this strategy by cranking the hammerlock more. Verne THROWS Goelz halfway across the ring on a snapmare that pops me. Goelz shows his dogged determination pouncing on the injured Gagne and going back to it. Verne goes back to the snapmare; Goelz hangs on but they are in the ropes. Goelz tries to get back to it and Verne uses the Bret Hart trick and bucks him off into the ropes. Verne applies a falling reverse headscissors and this begins his offensive run. Before we switch gears, I want to reiterate and emphasize how great Verne's verbal selling was during the hammerlock it really made that segment of the match special. Two things stood out about the headscissors, one on the first attempted break Goelz went right back to the bad arm, kneading with his knee only for Gagne to re-apply the headscissors. Excellent work. Goelz does this turtle tactic where he grabs his own knees and tucks them to his chin as if in the fetal position to render it impossible to apply a hold to him. I am sure that has been done in World Of Sport, but it was novel to me and if I was a pro wrestler I'd crib that. Verne switches to working a tight side headlock that Goelz slips out the back door occasionally. They trade big, meaty dropkicks. Goelz used a leg-vine version of a full nelson that I know I have seen once before but it is escaping me where. Goelz proves he is a proto-Anderson or proto-Murdoch by going back to the arm. He does the over the shoulder arm-breaker, the dropdown with all your weight arm breaker, the arm stretcher, all the staples of 80s arm work is being done in 1950. Gagne does the classic reversal of the arm stretcher rolling right up into a headlock. It is GRAND FINALE time...they work a super hot one minute stretch going into the draw, Verne gets this tremendous shoulder tackle and loses control trying to follow it up I loved his missed dropkick. Then it is a Goelz Boston Crab, flip out into a jackknife flipped into a cradle as time expired. Wild. That would not look out of place in the 80s at all and would be heralded as a red hot finish stretch. The Hammerlock vs Headscissors work was sublime and fantastic. Goelz would have fit right in as an Anderson or as a tag partner for Dick Murdoch. He was excellent at torturing the arm. Gagne was the best underneath 50s babyface I have seen so far. Technical clinic. ****1/2
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    [1950-03-17-Kohler Chicago] Lou Thesz vs Ruffy Silverstein

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz vs Ruffy Silverstein - Chicago 3/17/50 This match is just as good as I remember it. It is from Russ Davis' call that I started incorporating "crowding" and " rips" into my reviews. First Fall: Thesz was relatively dry and played it straight in the Anaya match. Not so here at all. Thesz really ratcheted up the heeling with constant crowding on the ropes and a deluge of cheapshots. Slaps, elbows, punches in the headlock, you name it and Thesz took advantage. Hell at one point, he damn near pushed Silverstein over the rope. I loved the crowding tactic. It stymies any momentum, breaks all rhythm, and presses Thesz advantage. Silverstein doggedly returns the favor with rip after rip of a headlock takedown. There was one fan vociferously exhorting Ruffy "To give it to him" and Ruffy obliged finally in the corner as he could take it down no longer and he let Thesz have it. Again, it would happen on the ropes with some forearm sledges across the bow. What bailed Thesz out was a sudden, impactful dropkick that resulted in a three count. Terrific babyface vs heel wrestling. Thesz was relentless in his cheapshots, in every hold he was using roughhouse tactics to break the momentum. It gave the match a real, tense edgy feel to it. Ruffy could not never get his rhythm, but Thesz could not maintain either. Very interesting. I liked the finish to the fall. Good climax. Second Fall: They start off just as chippy into the ropes. There is a palpable hate between the two at this point. Ruffy applies a full nelson, which according to Russ is his trademark. Thesz backs him into the ropes and does NOT give him a clean break; he whips around and punches him hard in the breadbasket. Silverstein leaves his head exposed on an errant takedown attempt and Thesz BLASTS him with a straight, exposed knee to the face. Damn! Another one! Not quite as stiff, but this match is brutal. Ruffy is able to recover enough to apply a rolling butterfly cradle to take the second fall. I love how heated this is. Third Fall: Tremendous third fall. Thesz comes off a massive ornery prick. He was outright taunting the referee with his blatant, aggressive cheating. Ruffy starts the fall piefacing Thesz and this shit is on. Thesz adds cupping the ear to his asshole tactics. Silverstein dumps him over the top rope. EUROPEAN UPPERCUT ROCKS THESZ! Excellent sell by Thesz really puts that move over and sells the danger of him losing. Ref orders Thesz to give a clean break he places his elbow on Ruffy's jaw and then smacks his own hand driving the elbow into the jaw. God love him! More cheapshots in the headlock knocks Silverstein out of the ring. KNEELIFT as Ruffy tries to return. This is merciless. Thesz chokes Ruffy by placing his forearm across his throat and a Thesz Press puts Ruffy out of his misery. Thesz gives an absolute masterclass on being a roughhouse heel. If he was in there with a red hot fiery babyface this could have been an all-timer, but this was still a terrific match. ****1/4
  13. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz vs Cyclone Anaya - Chicago 3/31/50 Lets see if I still remember how to do one of these. Kinda lost my smile there for two months, but I had a hankering to watch some wrestling lets lean into that. First Fall: Gorgeous, delectable wrestling. Beautiful takedowns. If you love a good takedown, this match is for you. Side headlock takeovers, double wristlock takedowns, some nice armdags. Very 1950s in how it is organic, competitive and feels earns. Loved Thesz on a headscissors doing a modified short piledriver. That was early and popped me. Anaya stays right with Thesz, nice stump puller at one point and Anaya gets the bigger highspots. His bodyslam is put over huge by Thesz and the ref starts counting as if it were boxing. Anaya gets a rip roaring drag, but this time it gets Thesz's dander up and Thesz counters with a SPLENDID, FORCEFUL double leg takedown. They started trading side headlocks. Thesz wins the first fall with a Thesz Press. Very solid meat & potatoes pro wrestling. Not much in the way of panache or flash, but something you can really sink your teeth into. Second Fall: They stick with brought them to the dance lots of strong, competitive wrestling. Anaya gets the first advantage with a standing split leg toehold, Thesz sweeps the leg beautifully. During the break, Russ informs us that Cyclone does have a finish it is called the Cobra Twist and this turns out to be a Abdominal Stretch. Anaya goes for it, but they end up in the ropes. Thesz takes control, but Cyclone hits a sudden bodyslam with an immediate vertical press which was a nearfall I bit on. They trade some wicked snapmares, but in the flurry of confusion, Anaya strikes and applies the Cobra Twist for the second fall. Nothing stands out from a character/narrative perspective, but from a work perspective this is sublime. Third Fall: Terrific final fall that moves the match from very good to great territory comfortably. Anaya goes for the Cobra Twist immediately and they do a little doe-see-doe. Anaya uses some wristlocks, headscissors and headlocks to control. There is a superb moment in the headscissor where out of nowhere Thesz KICKS ANAYA IN THE MOUTH to break a headscissors. That had me audibly "Ooooooo". Stupendous moment when Thesz throws Anaya off and immediately pounces with a drop toehold rolled right up into a calf slicer. Exquisite. Cobra Twist again but they tumble out of the ring. Anaya beats the count at 17, presumably he had until 20. Anaya visibly limping. Thesz executes a series of double leg takedowns only for Anaya to Kangaroo kick from off, yes I will be stealing that from Russ Davis in the future. Wicked Thesz dropkick quashes that defense and executes the Single LEG Crab on the injured leg for the victory. Pro wrestling in its purest competitive form. ****
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    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    Ugh! Sorry I am a week late again in advertising...a combination of night shift, podcast recording, dating, friends and family kept me preoccupied last week. This is the shortest episode of Pro Wrestling Love clocking in a brisk, efficient 45 minutes but there is stilly plenty of charm with @JimmyRedman on the show. Dont skip this one, but I promise we more than make up for it next week...erm I mean this week...I mean next episode...yeah thats it. I will be back later this week to advertise, this week's episode and grand finale! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-zgv7v-10626e3
  15. Superstar Sleeze

    Pro Wrestling Love Is Now A PTBN Podcast Series

    A week late, but hopefully not a dollar short! Hot Vax Summer is in full effect and I was insanely busy last week and couldnt even find the time to hype Episode #3 with Stacey @Jimmy Redman as we go through our #15-#11 of the Best WWE Matches of 2010-2014 and a favorite time period for the both of us. Lots of Mark Henry Love from the both of us! A Smorgasbord of NXT Matches! I turn heel at the very end and with a pick so audacious that I was not sure if Stacey & my friendship was going to survive it! Click the link, download and enjoy! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-2awnz-104ae4d