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[2000-05-13-MPPW-TV] Battle Royal / Wolfie D vs Alan Steel


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Quick dressing room interview from Ali where he says that Wolfie D has pushed him to the limits, and he won’t get out of the studio today. “Your behind is mine” and he’s not bothered about no title either.

Battle Royal

Battle Royal for a shot at Wolfie D’s MPPW title and Ali isn't in it because Brandon Baxter invoked the 30 day clause after he had the title match last week. As Alan Steel makes his way out for the Battle Royal he’s followed by Lance Jade, who has his face covered with a towel which is presumably to cover up the burn from that fireball. Jade tries to apologise to him, but Steel wants no part of it. The rest of the participants are the Spellbinder, Rob Harlem, Deon Harlem, Derrick King, Seven, Havok, The Aristocrat and Blade Boudreaux. A nothing Battle Royal which saw most of the eliminations be via wrestler (1) running or swinging at wrestler (2), wrestler (2) backdrops wrestler (1) over the top rope. Seven’s elimination looked especially bad, and he then pulled his eliminator, Spellbinder, under the bottom rope and he’s not seen again. Steel ends up getting the win after eliminating Deon and Jade again tries to apologise, and again he brushes him off.

Wolfie D vs Alan Steel

Steel is out for his title match and you know who is still trying to apologise. Wolfie charges at ‘All That’ as soon as he enters the ring, but Steel darts out the way and peppers him with rights. Whip to the corner is reversed, however Steel leaps to the middle turnbuckle and catches Wolfie with a flying back elbow. Swinging neckbreaker for two. Steel slaps on an armbar, but Wolfie grabs him by the hair and backs him into the corner where he unloads with an array of strikes. ‘All That’ escapes a suplex attempt and shoves Wolfie through the ropes to the outside, before landing a double axe handle off the top to the floor. He rolls Wolfie back inside, heads upstairs, when Jade climbs up on the apron trying to tell him something. The delay allows Wolfie to fall into the ropes causing Steel to crotch himself, and from there he hits a superplex for two. Doctor bomb for another near fall. Steel counters the spinning powerbomb with a hurancanrana and levels Wolfie with a flying clothesline. Bulldog off the middle, however the referee is too close to the action and he gets taken out by Steel’s swinging legs. Top rope splash three-quarters of the way across the ring, ‘All That’ makes the cover but the official is still down. Jade is in the ring, seemingly trying to wake him up, when Steel sees what’s going on and gives him a shove thinking that he’s interfering. Steel drags the referee over, but at the count of two Jade drops an elbow on him. He then pulls the towel off to reveal that there is nothing wrong with him at all. Steel with a spear and a bit of ground and pound on Jade, but Wolfie wallops him over the head with his shin guard. Spinning powerbomb and the official comes around to counts the three. Ali attacks Jade and Wolfie post-match, but very quickly Wolfie cracks him with the shin guard too. Jade hands him a fork and he’s about to stab Ali with it, when he reverses position and it looks like Ali uses the fork on him as the show goes off the air.

Good short match between these two. Quite a bit going on here what with the match itself and the respective feuds of the participants against Lance Jade and Ali interwoven with it. Steel/Jade seems to be coming to a head, while the use of the fork has added a more violent dimension to Ali/Seven.

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