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[2000-06-Portland-Total Chaos TV] Mike Roselli vs Brian Cox


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A PCW heavyweight title match that could, according to the commentator, be held in Madison Square Garden or the Superdome, but they’ve got it right here at the Rosemont Theatre in downtown Portland! Roselli is the current champion after defeating Cox in their previous encounter. Drop toe hold escape from a hammerlock by Cox and he’s biting the foot of Roselli. ‘Iron’ Mike is whipped into the corner but he’s able to get a big boot up on the charging Cox. He grapevines the leg and grabs the rope for added leverage, getting a pinfall attempt in the process. Eventually the ref clocks what he’s up to and forces him to break the hold. Cox ducks a clothesline and responds with a pair of shoulder tackles. Crucifix takedown and ‘Bruiser’ Brian regains the PCW title.


Considering Madison Square Garden has held those insufferable S.D. Jones/Baron Mikel Scicluna time limit draws maybe this wouldn’t have been out of place happening there, although I don’t think was what the commentator was going for! Thankfully the last Portland of the month and I actually found this watchable and not offensive, when it comes to this promotion I’ll take that.

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