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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 20 - Tito vs. Valentine, Wrestle Kingdom 9 Rumble

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It's another episode of the podcast that takes a look at wrestling's past and present, introducing the new to the old and the old to the new.


On the docket this week it's a look at the very first memory Rob ever had of wrestling, the war between Tito Santana and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine over the Intercontinental Title! Then we head to Japan for the very first Wrestle Kingdom Rumble where Rob is less knowledgeable about the talent than Art Donovan.


On the docket Unfortunately due to copyright issues, there is no video footage synced with this episode but you can find these matches online or the network.


Tito vs. Valentine - MSG August 25 1984

Tito vs. Valentine - All Star Wrestling - Title Change

Tito's surgery

Tito vs. Valentine - MSG October 22 1984

Tito vs. Valentine - MSG March 17 1985 - Lumberjack match

Tito & Ricky Steamboat vs. Valentine & Brutus Beefcake - MLG April 21 1985

Tito vs. Valentine - Baltimore Civic Center - July 6 1985 - Steel Cage



And FYI there are more episodes to come, including 2 already recorded so we have defeated the Ep 20 PWO podcast curse!

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