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[2000-10-04-WCW-Thunder] Scott Steiner vs Jung Dragons (Handicap)


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I stumbled upon this on YouTube and as it was right around the period I was up to in my PWO2K WCW viewing, and it looked interesting, decided to give it a look. The Dragons are on the outside with Leah Meow and none of them really want to get in the ring but Yang gets pressured into it. ‘Sir Pumpalot’ no sells his quick fire punches to the stomach and then takes his head off with a ‘Steinerline’. Huge gorilla press slam where he dumps him over the top rope to the arena floor. Kaz and Jamie attack Steiner from behind, but that has no effect and it’s a double ‘Steinerline’ for them. A suplex for each of the Dragons, before a belly to belly off the middle on Jamie and a fallaway slam off the middle on Kaz. He puts the pair of them in the recliner together and so ends any faltering hope that the Jung Dragons had of being taken seriously. Meow and Midajah are going at it at ringside, with Leah getting the better of things, although Steiner is more interested in flexing his biceps than helping his valet.


Could they not have got three guys from the Power Plant for this? The Dragons credibility has gone; Steiner ran through all three of them, didn’t sell a thing, they got in zero offense and he made two of them submit at the same time. One of the few acts that I genuinely look forward to watching has been ruined beyond repair.

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