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[2016-02-27-WWC-La Hora de la Verdad] Rey Mysterio vs Mr 450


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Tim Evans picked this match for me as part of the Secret Santo project. I haven't really seen any post-WWE Rey, nor have I seen any non-80s Puerto Rico, so this should be interesting. I'm guessing this match won't feature any pig blood. I did some research beforehand, and it seems that Hammett is the WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion going in, but the match is non-title.


We start out with some basic lucha-infused matwork and a fair amount of stalling and playing to the crowd. Interestingly, the crowd is solidly behind Rey. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, but I thought that the Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry might come into play. I guess not. Anyway, Hammett gets caught in the ropes while attempting to do a 619. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it fit with the story of the match. He then takes control by cutting off a Rey 619 attempt with a superkick. I liked how he would throw punches in plain view of the referee and insist that they were palm strikes when the ref admonished him to open up his fists. Rey made a comeback with a drop toehold into the ring steps and hit his slip 'n slide tope, which I always enjoy. After some more back-and-forth, Hammett missed a 450 and Rey hit the 619 and diving splash for the win. After the match, the two hug it out and Rey cuts a promo in Spanish putting over his opponent (I think).


Fun match. To a large extent, it felt like a fall-out-of-bed Rey as touring special attraction match. He didn't take any huge bumps or perform any crazy spots, and the story of the match was simple and straightforward. Still, the work was crisp and clean (one botched moonsault spot aside) and the two had good chemistry together. I'd like to see them in a longer match.

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