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[2003-06-22-FWA-Vendetta] Nikita vs Raj Ghosh


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We are back at the Broxbourne Civic Hall for Vendetta, and there’s a really hot crowd for this show. This is a fairly basic opener, but the work between two wrestlers, both still young and relatively inexperienced (Ghosh was just 18) is solid throughout. For the past several months Nikita (the future Katie Lea Burchill) had been part of The Family vs Alex Shane/Ulf Herman feud over the tag titles, while Ghosh had largely been on a losing streak.


There’s not too much meat to the match to get into, most of the attention is on the post match, but what we do get is decent enough, with Nikita showing a lot of polish in her arm drags, headscissors and take downs, while Ghosh acts as a solid base. As with many of the guys coming out of the FWA Academy, Ghosh was athletic, but quite mechanical and hadn’t shown much by way of charisma or character. At this point he looked like a guy with potential though, considering his age and the fact he already had a lot of the fundamentals down.


In 2003 there were not many options for her to wrestle other women, so Nikita was most often placed in these intergender matches and it’s to her credit that she rarely feels overmatched, or that it’s unbelievable that she’s picking up wins over male competitors. She does again here, which leads on nicely to the post match arrival of The Family.


Greg Lambert, their manager, cuts a good promo on Ghosh after the match, basically making the point that he was well praised for his British Uprising match but that since then he’s lost a lot of matches and that FWA management and Alex Shane don’t rate him, so why doesn’t he join The Family, which as a group was giving guys on losing streaks a career revival. Ghosh turns down the offer leading to a Family beat down, and a save from Shane and Herman, but this all plays into the Tag Title match later in the night. (**)

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