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[2003-09-21-FWA-Hotwired] Simmons vs Mark Sloan


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This match stems from the last show Vendetta, where they were tag team partners against Burchill in a handicap match. Both blamed the other for the defeat so here we are. Simmons, the wrestling butler to the Duke of Danger is starting his run as the true cult favourite of the FWA, getting more and more over to where the chants for him during his entrance and his matches is getting pretty deafening.


The match itself is pretty inoffensive, but with not much of interest going on. Sloan as the more experienced of the two, and trainer of the FWA Academy controls most of the match with Simmons’ hope spots keeping the crowd invested. Sloan was always solid in the ring, but at times felt like he was going through the motions, and just going move to move without a lot of emotion. It’s a criticism that could also be levelled at some of the trainees that came through the academy. Simmons ends up winning with his Butler Buster (Block Buster) which was the right call considering the reactions he was getting. (**)


As I mentioned in the match thread for the opener of this show, this event has a lot more angles to it as the company was looking at building up British Uprising II the next month. As such I’ll touch on a segment from later on in the night where the Duke of Danger – a stereotypical British aristocrat heel character – has a public workout. This is actually a pretty funny segment with him hitting some moves on trainees whilst Simmons gives them moves such as the ‘Swine Buster’ and the ‘Peasant Smasher’. This was entertaining, but designed to build up the Duke’s return to the ring and upcoming match with Burchill which is something he had been dodging for a year. It predictably ends with Burchill coming out and destroying the trainees while the Duke legs it, but I thought this was fun and served its purpose.

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