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[2003-09-21-FWA-Hotwired] Jace the Ace vs Lee Darren


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I have to confess not knowing anything about either of these two guys, as this was pretty much their only appearances in the FWA and they are not workers who did anything on my radar. I’ve written previously about the FWA relying on a core set of guys, so this was part of an idea to try and showcase some new names by having a guest match slot on some cards. This is on behalf of Premier Promotions, who are a company that was running since the late 80s and which staged more traditional World of Sport style bouts and more family orientated shows. In other words a very different scene to the type of fan that the FWA was catering for.


As such I was expecting this match to go down badly with the fanbase, but those in attendance get reasonably into it and do give the guys a chance. In particular Jace The Ace (love that name) gets a decent reaction with his high flying. As was the case for most Premier Promotions matches, this is 2/3 falls with six five minute rounds, and what made me actually quite excited going in, given I thought it would be a much more traditional British style of match which would’ve been a welcome change of pace to the other matches on the card. However, despite the stipulations and the company they work for, both guys wrestle this as a pretty standard 2000s indie bout, with the rounds and the falls not having any impact on the storyline of the match.


Both guys look competent and they do well to get the match reasonably over in front of a crowd with no idea of who they are, but while their fundamentals were probably better than some of the other guys in the FWA at the time, they don’t have the style of guest match that makes people want to see more. For the record books Jace The Ace wins it by two falls to one. (** ½)

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