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[2000-WWC] Carly & Carlos Colon vs Ray Gonzalez & El Bronco


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Final five minutes of a tag match that also sees Eddie Colon handcuffed to someone (presumably an associate of Bronco and Gonzalez) on the outside. The heels work over Carlos until Bronco misses a leg drop and he’s able to make a tag to his son. Carly goes to town on Ray, even doing his old man’s cartwheel. The Colons whip Gonzalez and Bronco into one another as the action then spills to the floor. Back inside and after Carly runs into the boot of Gonzalez, he reaches behind him so that the chap who is handcuffed to Eddie can pass him something. Eddie low blows the guy though and slugs Ray with whatever that object was. Roll up by Carly that Gonzalez kicks out of for a near fall. Ray reverses the Irish whip, sleeper, but Carly counters with a jawbreaker for the three. Great post-match as the kids invade ringside and even the ring itself to celebrate with the Colons while security ushers Gonzalez and Bronco out of there.

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