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[2000-WWC] Carly Colon vs Ray Gonzalez


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The constant huge plus point when watching WWC are the crowds. Even when the arena is only about a quarter full they make a ton of noise, cheer their favourites and boo the bad guys. When you don’t have that crowd noise it takes away so much and that was the case here. Modern commentary (they mention Carlito Caribbean Cool and Primo Colon) has been added over, but in doing so they’ve completely silenced the crowd noise. The match itself is joined in progress as Gonzalez goes for a big splash off the top but Carly gets a foot up and he goes flying into it. Both get close near falls, Carly after whipping Ray chest first into the turnbuckles and Gonzalez after a belly to back suplex, although with no sound you miss the crowd’s response to these. Carly hurts his ankle back flipping off the top and Gonzalez then targets that. Figure four and at this point you really want to hear the crowd getting behind Carly, especially as Carlos is seconding his son and working hard on the outside encouraging him to fight and turn the hold over. He eventually makes it to the ropes for the break, but Ray immediately drags him to the centre of the ring to try for it again, only this time Carly small packages him for another two count. Side slam and the ref starts waving the match off as I guess the time limit expired. What we saw was fine, but it would have been infinite times better with sound.

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