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[2000-WWC] Ray Gonzalez vs Abdullah the Butcher


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Abby picks up some bolt cutters on the way to the ring but doesn’t even make it inside as Gonzalez goes out to meet him on the arena floor. ‘The Butcher’ hits him with those cutters and Ray is busted open within the opening few seconds. A basketball backboard has been lowered in the building which Abby repeatedly slams Gonzalez’s head into before trying to force him through the hoop! He pulls out his trusty fork and jabs away with that. They eventually make it into the ring, but as soon as they are inside, Abby throws Ray right back out. As he leans through the ropes to grab him, Gonzalez powders ‘the Butcher’ momentarily blinding him. He finds a beer bottle under the ring and uses that, although Gonzalez’s offense is as limited as Abby’s is. ‘The Butcher’ blocks a weapon shot and fires back with some thrusts to the throat. The selling is so OTT here! Another thrust to the throat, elbow drop and Gonzalez gets a leg over the bottom rope to break the count. Oh dear, Abby is like a beached whale struggling to get to his feet. A random and completely out of the blue fork to the head of the official and the ref DQ’s ‘the Butcher’. Abby continues to attack Gonzalez after the match and a couple of guys run out from the back but they get the fork treatment too. In the most random of sightings, Big Dick Dudley of all people comes to Gonzalez’s aid as Ray just walks off to the dressing room leaving the two of them at it.


A novelty getting to see Abby in 2000, but this is anything but good. ‘The Butcher’ is getting to immobile status and I generally thought he might not get up after that elbow drop. Laughable selling from both (when Abby fancied selling that is) and this is night and day from Gonzalez’s match with Carly at the start of the year. The only bright spot is Abby’s use of the basketball backboard and trying to get Ray through the hoop! In a perverse way it’s a shame we don’t have the Abby/Big Dick match from the 27th Anniversary show in July as that could have been Zeus levels of bad!


(note: if ever a 'Date Unknown' sub forum is set up, please move these and the other three WWC reviews there. Thanks)

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