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We open up with just chatting up some of the comings and goings in wrestling.

1. Open up discussing NWL episode #57
-We discuss Jeremy Wyatts run
-All the matches are discussed
-Best Friends vs Foundation Street Fight hear all about it.
2. NXT
-We break down the show.
-Should Velventeen Dream wrestle heels.
-Is Bazzler getting better each week?
-Is Kairi Sane better suited for WWE.
3. Rev Pro-At Our Best
-We discuss the show.

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We start by talking about things going on in wrestling. We talk about Vince wanting to name the battle royal after Moolah. The quest of Cody and the Bucks to draw 10,000. We discuss the Observer award takes. Plus quick talk about some of the destination events this summer in Action Wrestling ,Making Towns Classic, and SCI 3.

1. CWF-Worldwide
-We talk the epic 58 minute no ropes Trevor Lee vs Roy Wilkins 2 match. We talk Cecil Miller's and Smith Garrett's call. Plus some problems with the editing.

-We break down Gary Jay vs Maverick in full.
3. NXT-We discuss each segment. What got over to us, and what missed the mark.
4. ROH 16th Anny show
-What we liked and what we didn't . How we feel coming out of the show.

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We open up with some of our takes on popular stories going around in wrestling. Tim talks about his venture to PWG, and I preview the WrestleCircus and Inspire Pro shows I'm attending.

1. CWF Mid Atlantic talk
-What we liked about the show.
-Things that made us go mmmm
-2. NWL episode 60
-Does Jeremy Wyatt work the smartest matches in wrestling.
-Recap the episode
3. NXT
-Breakdown the whole show.
-Pete is blown away by the Gargano/Ciampa angle
4. Black Label Pro We are not the Mounties
-Break down the show
-Is Walter ready for Pierre?
-Thoughts on Pillman Jr.

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Pete and Tim are back for a new show.
-Pete breaks down the Wrestlecircus and Inspire Pro Show
-Pete and Tim talk the Louisiana Athletic Commission rules for Mania week.
-CWF Worldwide review
We highlight the commentary team
Discuss all the matches
-NWL episode 62
-Break down the episode.
-Discuss the importance of Jeremy Wyatt
-Did the angles get over on the episode.
-NXT talk
-Most over feud in the promotion.
Break down the matches.
We take different sides on EC3. You decide.
-NJPW Strong Style Evolution
-Our take on the matches and are feelings on Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers.

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