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[2018-01-12-321 BATTLE!-How To Get Away With Weirder] Daniel Makabe vs Scott Henson


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The opening exchanges are all about establishing the history between Makabe and Henson, so naturally, neither of them is able to mount a significant advantage early on. Makabe's strategy is simple: twist the feline's limbs until he can no longer hang. Makabe blasts Scott's knee and goads Henson into the ropes, where he applies an octopus, really milking the count. Henson has to scratch and claw (pun intended) his way out of the holds using raw power. In a great bit of character work, Dan bites the tail that's attached to Henson's gear and immediately drives his knee into the mat afterwards. Makabe gets a bit overzealous, taking the action out to the apron once more, and it nearly costs him, as he ends up taking a spill to the floor. Back in the ring, the action is hot and heavy, with both men pulling out everything they have left. Exhaustion is clearly setting in at this point and one final move could be the knockout blow. Henson scales the ropes looking for the kill, but Makabe pulls out a superplex for a near-fall. One thing I made note of here is how quickly Makabe floated over from the superplex into the pin attempt. It was almost instinctual. Henson attempts to deliver one last lariat, but Dan, as always, is one step ahead and bridges over long enough to get the pin. Henson doing some of his power moves with ease after the initial knee work bothered me a bit, but I thought his selling was good for the most part. Outside of that, I really enjoyed this.

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