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Yello again, everybody! I know we have a lot of old school fans on here, so thought Id help out Scott Bowden and promote his new podcast, Kentucky Fried Rasslin.


Scott is a former Memphis manager, best known for managing such stars as Eddie Gilbert, Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich and getting into verbal altercations with Dave Brown, Randy Hales, Miss Texas and Downtown Bruno.


I help him out with his podcast, working behind the scenes, to help provide fun art of some of your favorite Memphis wrestlers and Memphis moments.


With that being said...



Episode 15 of the KFR podcast is so packed, we moved it to the main event time slot: 8 p.m. Monday night. The Great Brian Last and I will be welcoming referee Jerry Calhoun, who will discuss another big Monday night in Memphis Wrestling history: The Last Sellout at the Mid-South Coliseum on March 3, 1986. Jerry will also discuss how he broke into the biz, road hijinks, and his ability to be rendered momentarily unconscious by an errant shot to the noggin.


Plus, we'll hear from a mystery guest (not Mil Mascaras) about the big TV angle on March 1, 1986, leading to the return of Jerry Lawlera moment that rallied the hometown faithful and sent heels Buddy Landel and Bill Dundee running for cover.


All this and more on TONIGHT'S KFR podcast!




Help support the show by visiting the KFR Store at:


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