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  1. Chris Hemsworth playing Hogan is way too flattering to Hogan's attractiveness, IMO.
  2. I did not expect St. Thomas Becket to be referenced on WWE programming, but luckily Bryan is here for us.
  3. Steiner Brothers bulldog off the top rope! The Revival are great. As was this match, even if the crowd doesn't particularly care.
  4. Evan Bourne gets a shout-out as one of Ricochet's "idols". Wild.
  5. They did a damn near perfect blow off to Corbin's disaster of a run as "constable" and yet they still trot him out there. I'm not nearly as down on his as most of the rest of what I see here and other places (I actually sort of like his in-ring), but rotating him off TV for a bit would have been smart.
  6. Pretty cool that these guys are getting the HHH-led rollout, but that lack of crowd response is something.
  7. ...TG

    WWE Network... It's Here

    They dropped a bunch of WWE Confidential today. This came out during my dark period ('02-'09 or so) - is it worth checking out?
  8. ...TG

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    That bulldog reversal spot into the pod was great - that plexiglass or whatever made a hell of a rattle when Kofi hit it. The reverse angle showed that it was a lot safer than it sounded, thankfully. Great stuff here, obviously.
  9. ...TG

    WWE/NXT 2010s MOTD List

    The crowd isn't as insane as their MITB match, but I always dug Punk v Cena on the 2/25/13 Raw.
  10. Vince wearing a very Vince blazer tonight. I like it, but I'm not sure it's a winter blazer?
  11. I'm glad they've rectified their mistake and had Jarrett out to call Elias "slapnuts".
  12. Ambrose was actually good in that segment. What's happening
  13. ...TG

    All Elite Wrestling

    That first one is quite something given Chris' recent look. The second one is surprising as he's always been very careful about not pissing off Vince.
  14. ...TG

    Royal Rumble 2019

    We need a ruling from Fit on this, get him out here.
  15. ...TG

    Royal Rumble 2019

    Jose, Titus, Woods, and now Lashley all with the super-quick eliminations. Wonder if that's a record.