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  1. Luck Optical is still going strong: http://www.luckoptical.com/.
  2. Interesting to note that Mike Awesome had that hairdo all through the 1990s. Whatever we may think of the mullet, that's a very impressive commitment to a hairdo.
  3. Test was a real prick about this whole thing. It's not Stephanie's fault she got drugged and married. (Well, it was. But Test didn't know that at this point.)
  4. I was at this show, and based on my memories of my fellow audience members, when Bubba called the crowd "lower-class white trash pieces of garbage" he was largely correct. We had a great time, but like the rest of ECW during the yearbooks, it's an understatement to say this hasn't aged well. On a side note, I noticed that Bubba and D-Von are wearing University of North Carolina hats that just say "Heels" on them (their full nickname is "Tar Heels" of course), which is only a couple shades less subtle than the Lenny & Lodi stuff on this disc.
  5. Another fun match with Corbin and Gable, though at this point they both need something else to do. I guess they just gave Angle's moveset to Gable?
  6. I'm surprised to see Troy Aikman doing a bit on the show. He generally doesn't go in for foolishness.
  7. I was going to post something contra C.S. about how this match is not pointless, then the sports entertainment finish happened and there you go. I was actually enjoying it, especially the spear counter.
  8. There was a tiny mention in last week's Observer about how Maruo's style is "polarizing", which tells me that more folks than just us are tiring of him. But in general you're correct, of course.
  9. I didn't watch the show - playoff baseball comes once a year and this show wasn't exactly moving the needle. But I think it's clear that while the booking certainly isn't helping him, Seth has again been a complete disaster as champion.
  10. ...TG

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Like many before him and surely many after him, Twitter has finally driven Dave insane.
  11. YES. Vince bringing in WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki as commissioner. Naoya Ogawa and his son show up. Inoki parachutes into ring to open WrestleMania. BOOK IT COWARDS
  12. I was wrong about the crowd, they've been hot all show. (So far, anyway.)
  13. The "STD" stuff was pretty lame, but otherwise...Rock is pretty darn good at this.