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  1. ...TG

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    Conrad is married to Ric's older daughter so I'd believe him, but it's worth noting that Ryan Satin has contradicted that report. Either way, he's a 70 year old in relatively poor health and a hospital trip is never good, so let's hope for the best.
  2. ...TG

    All Elite Wrestling

    Double or Nothing is $49.99 on PPV, well B/R Live anyway. That's quite an ambitious price point.
  3. ...TG

    WWE TV 5/13 - 5/19: Raw is Megaman

    It wasn't a burial, he didn't look like a geek at all. It was a pretty decent match, and Ricochet got some revenge after. Corbin is certainly overpushed but let's take it easy.
  4. ...TG

    Wrestling in unusual contexts

    Cesaro is hanging out in the Toro Rosso garage at the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying this morning. They identified him on the broadcast, the announcers amazed that he could easily lift a tyre above his head. As strong and athletic as he is, he actually would be pretty great on a pit crew.
  5. ...TG

    All Elite Wrestling

    So WWE is making this match available to everyone, and we're supposed to damn them because *maybe* they did it to screw with a carny's autograph show/convention that is being promoted in conjunction with their competitor's show? There are a lot of great reasons to hate WWE but this seems like it's pretty low on the list.
  6. All credit to the Usos for apparently inventing their own sweat and water activated version of Icy Hot. They're talented chemists as well as tag team wrestlers.
  7. Lio is no doubt a pain in the ass but he's clearly right on the travel expenses. We all know what the answer is, but it's up to the talent themselves to get it together and organize - there are a couple of chances coming up to put some leverage on the company with the June show in Jeddah and SummerSlam in August. it's unlikely - I can't imagine Randy Orton participating in a walkout, for example - but it's way past time for this to happen.
  8. ...TG

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I figured if a Japanese wrestler was going to do a crucifixion gimmick, it would be Onita. Nope, it's Inoki: (h/t some dude on Twitter)
  9. ...TG

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    The reenactments are a bit cheesy, but what really bothers me is the stretching of the old SD footage. Just throw the black bars on the sides of the screen, it's okay.
  10. ...TG

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    IIRC, the nazi didn't leak the dick pics. Seth was cheating on his then-fiancee with the nazi, and the then-fiancee leaked the dick pics as revenge. I've also come to the realization that I know far too many sordid details of many professional wrestlers' love lives.
  11. ...TG

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    That was Michael Cole, which is why I didn't mention him. (Besides, wearing shorts with a suit is objectively stupid no matter which NBA star was photographed once wearing them.) And given the stories nobodies like us hear, I would imagine McAfee has heard far more, and far worse.
  12. ...TG

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    I'm sure Vince is an absolute nightmare of a boss, but none of this is new behavior. Anyone who takes a writing/producing gig knows this going in, which limits my sympathy for the HoF guy and Road Dogg. Tigers don't change their stripes - Vince is not going to stop changing scripts at the last minute, or having weird rules about what can and can't be said.
  13. ...TG

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    Good Lord, Big E can do the splits? The man is a physical marvel.
  14. ...TG

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    I'd say I can't believe that a crowd of supposed hardcores is amusing themselves while a good match is going on, except that this happens every year.
  15. He's been yelling off and on for like 6 hours now. I don't know how Graves is still doing it.