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  1. ...TG

    Random Newsletter Stuff

    As much as I miss Dean's careful curation of this thread, we can build on his work. I don't have access to a bunch of old Observers - I'm a print edition guy, which I share with a friend after I'm finished reading - or else I would start. (Unless someone wants to hip me to some semi-public Observer archive I don't know about.)
  2. This is simply unfair - way too much charisma for Ted & Borne to deal with. Just a wonderful, fun matchup giving the fans want they want. Wish I could go back in time and be in the building.
  3. If you happen to start the thread before KawadaSmile and briefly mention Wallonian political events in the title, I think we'd be okay with that.
  4. Of course the open challenger is Dolph. That's enough Raw for me tonight, folks.
  5. ...TG

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Well that part I understand. I'm just curious as to how/why Khan, a bumper manufacturer and sports team owner, is now apparently getting mixed up in the independent wrestling world.
  6. ...TG

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    If it's this real it probably needs its own thread, but where is this story coming from? What is Shahid Khan's connection with wrestling period, let alone the All In guys? From the outside it seems very random.
  7. ...TG

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Not sure if anyone else has commented on the floating graphics they're using while panning over the crowd. Goofy, but I like that they're trying new stuff.
  8. ...TG

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    LOL at WWE giving Charlotte Becky's gimmick.
  9. ...TG

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Someone on twitter took video of Enzo getting kicked out. Kinda frightening how quickly information travels.
  10. ...TG

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    A couple of good giggles in that Team Raw skit - Braun using Lio as a club to hit Baron and Truth mistakenly giving a pep talk to Raw.
  11. ...TG

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    It's very weird - her actual heel turn weeks ago got crickets. But then she legit injures a fan favorite, who also is a storyline heel but one the fans actually care about. And now she's over as a heel.
  12. ...TG

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    That got silly with the 2.9 kickouts and went too long, but what a match. And kudos to Ciampa for working with only boot on for the last 10 minutes or so.
  13. ...TG

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    Dream with the ring post figure-four! I don't know why more people don't steal that spot. And then they worked the regular figure-four in the ring wonderfully.
  14. ...TG

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    All that forced melodrama...Johnny especially needs to tone down the overacting and let the match speak for itself. Unrelated, Dream's hair tonight is just amazing.
  15. I already cringe any time Bryan takes a hard bump on his shoulders/neck, like with that backdrop superplex spot he's done a few times. I may just have to shut my eyes when he wrestles Brock.