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Wrestling with a Generation Gap Special 2 - WWE Unreleased DVD Disc Two

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After a long break to allow Nick to recover from Hulkamania, we are back with another look at the WWE's recent Unreleased 86-95 DVD set, this time it's disc two. Before hand we get some thoughts on a recent ROH/NJ show, Rob gives thoughts on the All Star Wrestling shows put up on the network, Dave believes a time travelling Hulk Hogan stole his moveset from Kenny Omega (The V Trigger), Rob tries to explain the greatness of the Macho Elizabeth storyline to NIck, who steadfastly believes Liz should have never taken his abusive self back, the great debate, what gimmick was more racist - Kamala or Akeem, quick thoughts on the PTBN's WWE greatest wrestler top 10 list, how Dave and Nick first saw many of these wrestlers way past their prime affects perspective today, and Rob explaining a ton of storylines Nick's never heard of. All this and more on our second special (disc three to come in the summer)




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