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[2000-07-17-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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The Hardyz sprint to the ring and this one gets underway before Lillian Garcia has finished making her ring introductions. Bubba tries to throw Jeff to the outside, but he doesn’t go through the ropes cleanly, hitting the bottom one and getting kind of whiplashed. Leg drop off the middle by Matt to D-Von, followed by ‘Poetry in Motion’ for a two. Irish whip is reversed and D-Von with a flying back elbow before tagging in his brother. Bubba tears off Jeff’s t-shirt then stiffly slaps him in the chest. ‘Doomsday Device’ to Jeff and the ‘wassup’ headbutt to the groin of Matt. The Dudleys collect a couple of tables and Bubba sets his up on the outside. As he goes to help D-Von with his, Steven Richards, in ‘Right to Censor’ gear, runs out and steals the table disappearing to the back with it. They stop what they’re doing, stepping out of the ring, but Richards has already high tailed it out of there. Plancha off the top turnbuckle to the floor by Matt, Jeff then goes one better, hitting a plancha off the top rung of the ladder. He’s pretty lucky all being told as it looks like no-one was holding the ladder for him and he only just connects on everyone, coming up short on his intended target. As Lita checks on the Matt and Jeff she’s jumped by Trish Stratus who has got T&A with her. They put the boots to the Hardyz which leads to the ref calling for the bell, presumably disqualifying the Dudleys for the interference. T&A position a table and ladder in the ring, laying Lita across the table while Trish climbs the ladder. She’s about to splash her from the very top, however Lita’s up off the table and climbing the ladder herself. Lita goes for a superplex, but Trish shoves her backwards and she goes crashing backwards from the penultimate rung and through the table. The medics are out to check on her and she is wheeled out of there on a stretcher. Backstage they try to put a neck brace on Lita, when she goes all superwoman, gets off the stretcher and says “I’m going to get that bitch!”


I think this might be the start of the Dudleys crowd interaction spots with Bubba yelling “wassup” before D-Von hits the diving headbutt, and then later telling D-Von to “get the tables”. Early days and the crowd didn’t join in with them, although it won’t be long before they do. We also have the start of the ‘Right to Censor’ faction with Steven Richards stealing a table in his attempt to prevent the Dudleys from using it. Awesome bump by Lita going through the table, and also Trish is braver then me climbing to the top of the ladder, even if she didn’t do the splash off it. Really wish Lita hadn’t blown it all off though by the way she got off the stretcher and walked away right at the end of the segment.

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