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[2000-12-02-OVW-TV] Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin vs Suicide Blondes (Jason Lee & Derrick King)


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Jason Lee grabs a wristlock, but Shelton reverses the hold by leaping to the top rope, bouncing off it and flipping backwards. A variation of the ‘Diamond cutter’ and King is in to break up the pin. Benjamin lands on his feet after a double back drop, and as the Blondes celebrate unaware, in comes Brock Lesnar who lifts them both up at the same time for a double back suplex. High elevation on the flip dive off the top to Lee, but while the ref tries to get Brock out of there, DK grabs Shelton (who was covering Lee) and DDT’s him. The Blondes isolate Shelton until King runs into a big boot and he’s able to make the tag to his partner. Press slam on Lee, he then plants DK with a belly to belly as he comes flying off the middle. All four men are now in the ring as the match has broken down with the official struggling to keep control. King ducks the clothesline and lands a great looking superkick on Brock. Phil Fair is out and on the apron, when DK forgets about his opponent to go and club him (looks like they’re no longer pals). Sidetracked by Fair, King gets caught by wrist clutch suplex. Lesnar cranks the head and the trapped King is pinned to the mat for the three.


After their previous match against Rob Conway & Mr Black, it looks like the Stretching Crew have been working on a formula that works for them and plays to each others strengths. Shelton is the athletic workhorse of the team, doing the FIP role when require, while Brock comes in for his power spots or the hot tag where he can just throw people around. Lesnar already looks better in this limited role as opposed to the first match where he and Shelton seemed to want to share the load. Thankfully no sign of the Brock dropkick either! The Blondes are the ideal opponents for them anyway, a couple of experienced, good hands whose size makes Lesnar’s stuff all the more impressive.

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