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Why can't WWE stop branding everything?


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Some of you may remember when Vince brought the nWo back they started selling the classic nWo shirts, only this time they had a giant WWF.com logo on the upper back which kinda kills the whole thing the nWo was about.


Now I see that ECW.com redirects to a subpage of WWE.com instead of having its own domain. There's of course banner ads for WWEShopzone.com and a big paragraph of legalese at the bottom stating how everything is property of World Wrestling Entertainment.


I thought they were supposed to be getting back to kayfabe on the websites, why can't they stop reminding people that all these factions that are supposed to be separate on TV are really all owned by the same company?

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So just because ECW fans consider themselves smart, WWE shouldn't even try to kayfabe them? I'll have to make a note of that.


Besides, I'm talking more about the current fans who are new to ECW, not the jaded old school ECW fans who are above being worked and kayfabed.




Vince and Heyman have both said on WWE tv that ECW is a new WWE brand.



They're also trying to make ECW TV look like a non-WWE show, complete with the ECW bug in the corner of the screen instead of the WWE logo. They also make it clear "WWE" and "ECW" have different rules, rather than how RAW and Smackdown are pretty much the same show with different colored rings.


It just seems silly to me (and it plays into the "Vince wants ECW to fail" theory over at DVDVR) that they spend so much time stressing the differences then you go to ECW.com and it undercuts everything by making it clear that ECW is nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of WWE. Of course the smart fans already know that, but we also know Stephanie is the head writer too but they don't go around yelling that from the rooftops.

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