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[2001-01-20-MPPW-TV] Bulldog Raines vs Shooter Schultz


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Shooter avoids a charge in the corner and the Bulldog goes sailing through the ropes, shoulder first into the ring post. Schultz immediately goes to work on that shoulder, driving Raines to the mat with a single armed DDT. He crowbars the arm, but when Bulldog doesn’t tap, hammerlocks it behind his back and stomps on it. A belly to back suplex gets him a two as Jason Sensation accuses the official of slow counting his man. Bulldog ducks the clothesline and comes back with a big flying shoulder tackle. After then ‘ten punch’ spot in the corner, Jason passes Shooter a pair of brass knux. He drills Raines who collapses like a felled tree. The ref counts the pin and we have a new TV champion. Jason is inside leaping around with the belt and I just find something really annoying about that guy, and not in a good way. Schultz has got the brass knux tucked under his armpit at this point and watch him have to fight as Jason tries to raise his arm! Lance Cade rushes to the ring to tell the referee what just happened, who then lifts that arm causing the knux to fall to the floor. The official grabs the belt away from Jason and Shooter makes a beeline straight for Lance, holding him responsible. Cade blocks a right hand, slugs him with two of his own and a schoolboy by Raines sees him eventually end up retaining the title in the end after all.

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