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[2001-01-31-OVW-Christmas Chaos] Big Show vs Mark Henry


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“A feud that was so big it spanned two federations!” Show returns to OVW after his cameo appearance at the Royal Rumble to face Mark Henry in a ‘Battle of the Giants’. Henry gives Show a shove in the chest that barely registers and he responds with one that sends him flying back to the corner. He tries to rush him but Show with a nifty little drop toe hold. Irish whip, Henry ducks the clothesline only to run into a big boot (although there’s about two feet of daylight between Show’s boot and Henry’s head!). Cornette is saying how you can’t expect two men this big to move at this pace for very long, not so subtly hinting that we’re in for a short night here! A pair of clotheslines have no effect and when Henry tries a third, Show stops him in his tracks with a great looking thrust kick. Show’s attention is diverted from the match by Thurston Throckmorton and he’s nailed from behind by ‘the World’s Strongest Man’. Henry clips out a leg, bringing Show down to size, before putting the boots to him. Soccer kick to the ribs. Kenny Bolin has made his way to ringside and is making a nuisance of himself. He distracts the referee’s attention and Throckmorton is now up on the apron wielding the ‘BS’ briefcase. Henry goes to run Show head first into it, but he shoves him off and Henry goes crashing into the briefcase himself (a briefcase that Corny speculates has probably been loaded again like it has been in the past). Huge chokeslam and Show gets the win. Bolin attacks Show with the briefcase after the match but that doesn’t end well for the ‘Starmaker’. Henry hasn’t finished yet mind, clubbing Show and then taking him down with a belly to belly. Two standing splashes as ‘the World’s Strongest Man’ leaves him lying.


All action short match with both men cutting a surprisingly fast pace. Some cool stuff in there too like that drop toe hold and thrust kick, and while Cornette telegraphed that this wasn’t going long, I preferred this to Show’s bout with Leviathan that was of a similar length. This was his OVW swan song and the finish with him being left laying gives the man who will be sticking around his heat back.

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