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[2001-02-03-MPPW-TV] Spanky vs Blade Boudreaux

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There are a couple of fans in the audience dressed up like the ‘Right to Censor’ with Dave suggesting that they are in fact spies for them, which is pretty funny. Blade has got the giant teddy bear with him and he sits it on the desk in front of Dave and Corey for them to look after. Apparently he’s been out of action recently for a few weeks as a result of the Dupps’ ‘Brain Scrambler’ finisher. Blade reverses the whip to the corner, backdrop and a dropkick that comes up short but is sold anyway. He sits Spanky on the top turnbuckle, but Jason Sensation grabs a hold of his charge to prevent the superplex and Blade’s momentum when attempting the move sends him flying backwards to the mat. Missile dropkick for a two. Flying bulldog from the middle and Spanky doesn’t really get all of that as this is actually pretty sloppy. Spanky telegraphs the backdrop and Blade with a sunset flip. Jason Sensation leans through the ropes to grab hold of Spanky’s hands and they’re doing the exact same spot that led to the finish in the previous match. This time the official kicks Jason’s hands away but, unlike Shooter, Spanky kicks out. ‘Gator Drop’ and, with Blade one second away from becoming the new Light Heavyweight champion, he’s attacked by a smartly dressed Bo Dupp who slides into the ring and starts pounding away on him, resulting in a disqualification. A suited Jack is alongside his ‘brother’ and Spanky and Jason aren’t bothering to hang around. As Jack puts the boots to Blade, Bo collects his teddy bear from the desk. They look to give Blade another concussion courtesy of the ‘Brain Scrambler’ when the Haas brothers make the save just in time. In the confusion Bo drops the teddy which is picked up by the Haas’ and presumably that bear is going to be the basis of a feud between these two teams.

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