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[2001-02-10-CZW-Crushing the Competition] Trent Acid vs Nick Berk


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These two were former partners in the ‘Softcore Connection’ and Acid’s got Z-Barr with him, who Gargiulo says looks like he’s out trick or treating dressed as Zandig and that he has an apple with a razor in for him! There’s an added stipulation here that Berk only has ten minutes to beat Trent and he sprints to the ring not wanting to waste a second of those ten minutes. Both swing for the hills until a big right hand sends Trent over the top rope and to the outside. Berk launches him into a row of chairs, but when he whips him into the mesh fence, Trent jumps up it and moonsaults off onto him. He throws Berk into the ring but then spends too long arguing with the fans and Berk hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the concrete (check Trent crack his head on the corner of a chair). Tope con hilo with Berk vaulting off a chair to help him clear the top rope. They briefly return to the ring before Trent dumps Berk back out after catching him on the tip up. Moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor, although it looked ridiculous the way Berk walked way more than he should to get into position and then just waited for Trent to jump. Acid and Barr set up a bunch of chairs next to each other, however Berk floats over on the suplex and lands an inverted version onto them instead. He snatches a chair from Z-Barr and we have some more waiting around. Trent ducks the chair shot and responds with a roaring elbow sending it crashing into Berk’s own face. Bloody hell, yet more positioning and setting up of chairs, this time in the ring. Berk blocks the superplex and shoves Trent backwards, although rather than getting the big bump they’d wanted, the chairs part like the Red Sea. Despite all the bumps that these two have taken, the CZW fans choose to boo and groan at that spot. Frog splash for a two. Trent escapes the ‘Berk Driver’ and drops his opponent onto the chairs. He looks for a third moonsault of the night but Berk is back to his feet and gives him a push, sending Trent four rows deep to the outside. They walk and brawl to the back of the arena where Berk drops Trent onto the wooden bleachers before grabbing a table. Acid ducks the punch and a ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ off the bleachers and through the table. Barr and Trent carry him back to the ring and while they do so, according to my timing that should be the ten minutes up. Having had the best part of a minute or more to recover, Berk kicks out of the eventual cover. More furniture arranging and Trent has to call for replacement chairs because all the ones from earlier are now broken! The ‘Acid Bomb’ is reversed, ‘Berk Driver’ onto the chairs and at the count of two the bell rings, the time limit having expired. They were only two and a half minutes late! Berk wants another five minutes and surprisingly, despite Z-Barr’s protestations, Trent agrees. All sorts of roll ups and cradles as both men get a host of near falls. The ‘Guerrero/Malenko’ sequence, a cool little backslide drop by Trent, nothing getting more than a two. German suplex by Berk who then heads upstairs but has his leg pulled out from under him by ‘Z-Barr’. ‘Cat’s cradle’ off the top although Trent didn’t look to comfortable on that. Northern Lights suplex as the near falls continue. Berk picks Trent up for an atomic drop and the ref walks right into a flailing leg. That was contrived as anything! Barr with a sit-out pedigree, Trent then puts a chair over Berk’s face and comes off the middle with a tumbleweed leg drop for the win.


I think it’s safe to say that the ‘additional five minutes’ were better than the first ten (twelve and a half) as we got a fair bit of actual wrestling crammed into that (joke of a ref bump aside). They overdid the use of chairs something rotten during this, and I hated all the furniture arranging, time wasting, and the blatant setting up of spots. When we’ve just had the three way ladder stunt show, not sure these two doing the same kind of match is the way to go. You quickly become numb to the stunts. I also found it funny that after seeing matches have time shaved off them, here we had one go long and then they had to claim it was shorter than it actually was.

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