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[2018-06-29-ROH-Best in the World] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs Young Bucks


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The match has happened a thousand times by now, but both teams kill it every time. This had the vibe of an old school ROH tag match with it’s fast pace and hot crowd. The Bucks in particular were on fire in this match, but when are they not. The Briscoes also did pretty well with their brawler type style, and they used it efficiently to build the drama. Arguably the best ROH tag match this year, ****1/4.

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Yeah, this was pretty good stuff. Nothing ground breaking but, I loved the ref bump. Nearly killed him! I get the impression that this was the match of the night though...that's a little depressing. ***3/4 range to me. Still if you're in a Young Bucks/Briscoes mood, you cannot go wrong here.

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Absolutely loved this match - these two teams have fantastic chemistry. I know criticism could be made of the lack of tags at times and all four guys being in the ring at the same time, but I enjoy the fact that by doing this they are deviating away from the standard work the heat to a hot tag. That obviously is tried and trusted for a reason, but with these guys, and especially the Bucks, the match works with the chaos and double teams. I loved the escalation and the frantic nature, and despite all the big moves, it never felt like overkill. I thought the Briscoes level of viciousness was spot on here. I watched these two teams have a great match live in London two years ago for ROH and I think this one was even better. As a nice warm-up/supplement check out the 6 man tag on ROH TV the week before with these two teams in as well. **** 1/2 for me.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-06-29-ROH-Best in the World] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs Young Bucks

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