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[2001-02-10-MPPW-TV] American Dragon vs Lance Cade


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Corey Maclin has got the day off so Grandmaster Sexay is filling in for him.  Spanky confirms that ‘the Kliq’ will be in six-man action at ‘the Showdown at the Nutthouse’ taking on Joey Abs, Pete Gas and Lance Cade.  He’s pretty confident about their chances, intimating that they’ve got already got something up their sleeves.  The American Dragon is still pissed about being unmasked by Cade and challenges him to face him right now.  Dave Brown points out he did that last week and the whole Kliq ended up interfering.  He thinks that if they can figure out some way to make it one against one it’s a good idea, otherwise he doesn’t like it all.  Dragon tells ‘the Kliq’ that he doesn’t need their help today, he can do this one on his own, although the tone in his voice implies for them to not venture too far away.

Lance makes his way out for the match and he’s carrying Dragon’s mask with him which he places on one of the ring posts.  There’s no waiting around or holding anything back between these two as both can’t wait to get their hands on the other.  So much for Dragon doing this on his own, as Shooter Schultz hooks Cade’s ankle as he hits the ropes.  That interference brings out Pete Gas and Joey Abs who run Spanky and Shooter out of there.  Big boot to the face before Lance tosses Dragon over the top rope and to the outside.  Shooter and Spanky may have been run out of there but not so Jason Sensation who clubs Lance from behind and then wraps himself around his legs to prevent him from getting back in the ring.  Dragon takes advantage of the situation landing a baseball slide dropkick.  Lance ducks under the back elbow but Dragon avoids the running crossbody and he sails out over the ropes again.  Flying forearm smash off the apron to the floor.  Dragon’s knife edge chops only seem to fire Lance up who replies with a couple of his own.  A stiff clothesline drops Danielson and Cade gets a near fall after a superkick.  Seeing Dragon in trouble ‘the Kliq’ are back with Gas and Abs not too far behind.  Lance gets hold of Jason, who’s now up on the apron, but amid all the confusion Dragon retrieves the mask and loads an object into it.  Flying headbutt, Dragon takes off the mask so the official doesn’t suspect anything and a KO’d Lance Cade is easy pickings for a three.

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