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[2001-02-23-IPW-Reborn] Mike Quackenbush vs Seijin Akki


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Seijin Akki looks like he could have been the inspiration for a variety of different Chikara characters with that mask and outfit.  He’s reportedly from Osaka, Japan but I’m not so sure.  A shake of the hands and then they chop each other like its some bizarre ritual.  Quack goes full on Johnny Saint with his escape from the go behind and then again to free himself from the wristlock.  Rear chinlock by Akki and he’s at it again with the Saint escape.  Cross face chicken wing by Quack and the crowd aren’t too enamoured with what they’re seeing, shouting boring at them.  Some terrible looking kicks and forearms, before Akki ducks a palm strike and takes Quack to the mat slapping on an armbar.  He whips him into the corner but Quack jumps to the middle turnbuckle and leaps backwards, trying to catch Akki with an arm drag, only to completely miss grabbing him.  Seijin stomps away on his opponent as they try to cover for the blown spot, before they repeat it in the opposite corner, Quack landing the arm drag this time.  Akki counters the hip toss with one of his own and then they just look at each other as if they’ve forgotten what to do next.  Quack ties Akki up in a ball (more WOS inspiration there) then sits on him, giving a double bicep pose before patting Seijin on the backside.  An ugly looking exchange in the centre that ends with an Akki belly to belly.  He misses the reverse splash off the top and Quack with a double foot stomp off the middle, something that finally gets a positive reaction from the crowd.  Akki blocks being whipped to the corner and hits an exploder for a two count.  After some super soft kicks that are even worse than Quack’s, a springboard knee to the head.  He misses the ‘Bomb’s Away’ knee drop and Quack bangs away at the mat trying to get the crowd into this.  Some rapid fire slaps to the face, but again these are so weak looking that they just elicit laughter from those in attendance.  Magistral cradle for a near fall.  Leg trip by Akki and he gets two counts after both German and Northern Lights suplexes.  Quack dead weights on the attempted double underhook and then wrenches Akki’s knee with a dragon screw.  Seijin backdrops him over the top rope however Quack lands on the apron and floors Akki with a palm strike to the back of the head.  He then takes a run from the entrance way and leaps over the top rope back into the ring hitting a tornado DDT.  Akki blocks the ‘Quackendriver’ but misses a kick.  Drop toe hold by Quack who looks for another Magistral cradle, only this time Akki counters with a cradle of his own for the win.

Not a good match as both guys looked super green in there and were off on several occasions.  I’d guess Quack’s just discovered World of Sport and has been studying those tapes hard as there are some spots that he’s blatantly ripped directly from Johnny Saint.  The strikes were appalling and so soft that I wish they had stuck to wrestling and omitted them.  The crowd couldn’t have cared less about the majority of this, only really coming to life on Quacks’ dive back into the ring.  Not recommended.

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