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[1976-05-26-Joint Promotions] Gwyn Davies vs Steve Veidor


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Plenty has already been wrote about this, but I will say that I don't think I've ever seen a crowd so into a match as they were this one.  They are totally behind the undersized Veidor as he tries to dethrone Davies for the British Heavyweight title, and come unglued when Veidor gets the first fall to the point that Kent Walton even comments on it.  The champion ties things up with his suspension hold, although when he goes for it again later in the match, Veidor escapes and maybe the upset is on?  Davies gets a second and final public warning due to an illegal punch which Veidor does an incredible job of selling.  All cocky, posturing around the ring and thinking he's got this in the bag, he then charges at Veidor and posts him into the turnbuckles.  Veidor manages to reverse the situation though and starts unloading with forearms to Davies face who has amazing facials as he does so (also check out the facials when they have the double interlock and when Veidor has him in the wrist lever early in the bout!).  The bout comes to a halt after Davies throws Veidor into the ropes but he goes head first through the top and middle, getting tangled up in them, and the referee stops the match.  Veidor does a tremendous job post match, pleading and begging for it to continue but the official was having none of it.

This was some match and showcases Davies is this big, bad ass, bullying heel and Veidor as the plucky undersized, sympathetic babyface.  Heaven knows what the crowd reaction would have been if they had gone full on title change here?

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