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[2001-04-15-FMW-Fighting Creation 2001] Kodo Fuyuki vs Survival Tobita


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It’s so weird seeing Tobita enter a traditional wrestling ring and arena as opposed to what we’re used to with him.  Fuyuki is handcuffed for this match, presumably to try and make it an even contest.  Tobita’s chops and punches are real bad and you kind of understand why he does the style of wrestling that he does.  He catches Fuyuki’s leg and nails him with a terrible looking clothesline.  DDT for a two count.  Tobita looks for the piledriver when he’s jumped from behind by a monster carrying a pair of bolt cutters.  The monster cuts Fuyuki’s cuffs, running lariat and he gets the win in just two minutes.  Stick to fighting the monsters Tobita!

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