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Just watched the main feature last night and a few things stood out:


WWE can be schitzophrenic when it comes to if their DVDs follow kayfabe, but this was the most "open" DVD I can recall them producing. They usually use the insider doublespeak to talk about angles, characters, and co-operation but I don't ever remember them directly talking about it before. I was really taken aback with the acknowledgement of HHH and Steph's real marriage since Hunter blew a gasket at WWE.com for doing the same thing. I kinda chuckled as well at the mention that Vince thinks sleep is the enemy, what with the long standing rumor/open secret of his fondness for Columbia's finest.


I was surprised how frank Vince was about the XFL. Yeah, they tried to put a spin on it a little, but they basically came out and said "yeah it flopped, but what the hell, it was worth a shot". Not to mention Joey Styles adding (correctly, IMO) that what turned the football audience off was too much WWE content.


The stuff about the family was interesting. It seems that Shane has no stomach for the typical overboard McMahon stuff, while Steph thinks everything her dad does is brillant unless it involves her directly (the incest stuff, slapping Linda).  Triple H making comments about Vince being the typical "you better not mess with my daughter" dad was hysterical. Made me think that it would have made a better storyline than DX vs Vince.


Greg Gagne is a bitter, bitter man. Can't really blame him, but god DAMN could you see the steam rising off him. Ironically, his brief segment in this was a million billion times better than any promo he ever did in his career. He actually made me want to see him fight Vince.


What the hell happened to Dusty? His embarrassing attempts at facial hair aside, the dark circles under his eyes made it looked like the Horsemen got back together and whooped his ass for old times' sake.


That map of the territories they cut to a few times was awesome, someone should make a JPG of that.


Finally, Shane said that now that Vince is in his 60s and a grandpa that he's going to start slowing down a bit to enjoy life. Guess in McMahonism "slowing down" means having Hell in a Cell matches with your son-in-law.

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