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[2000-WWC] Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito & Stacy Colon vs Piratita Morgan & Pierrothcito & La Tigresa


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Mascarita misses on the first move of the match, Piratita launching him over his head from where he was supposed to dropkick Pierrothcito but comes up short.  After Morgan levels him with a clothesline, Stacy enters the ring, grabs the mini pirate by the hair and slams him backwards to the mat.  Tigresa and Pierrothcito are in to help their partner out while Stacy’s are content to watch on from the apron.  Plenty of double and triple teaming by the heels which the official is happy to let go.  They kick her under the bottom rope to the floor and, I presume that even though we’re in Puerto Rico this is being contested under Lucha Libre rules, that brings in Mascarita who works a few awesome looking spots with Pierrothcito and Piratita.  A miscommunication sees Pierrothcito accidentally splash Tigresa in the corner before she ends up in a rather comprising position between her two partners.  Suicide dive to the outside by Octagoncito and Mascarita cradles Piratita after a quality springboard arm drag for the win.

Not much to this really.  I’m not familiar with the Mini’s so couldn’t tell you whether it is standard fare for them to mix comedy in with a few high spots, or this is something different they did for the Puerto Rican market because they were working with the women.  One whiff aside Mascarita’s stuff looked fantastic although this felt like an interlude in between ‘the real’ action.

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