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[2018-07-21-BJW] Hideki Suzuki vs Yoshihisa Uto


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A decent match, nothing more, nothing less. Uto is your typical paint-by-number bruiser and doesn't really do too much here. Suzuki's armwork is brutal -- I liked him catching Uto's sliding lariat with the Fujiwara armbar -- and between the joint manipulation and knees, Suzuki does a strong job of working it over. Uto's selling, however, isn't great and within a few minutes, he's back to using the arm, no problem. That being said, there were some cool spots in the match. Hideki's lariat to Uto looked nasty and Hideki later takes a pretty stiff lariat from Uto. I also liked the finish, with Suzuki going back to the arm following the double arm suplex and submitting Uto with the double wristlock. Nowhere near the level of the Nomura defense and didn't really feel like a title match at all. 

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