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  1. superkix

    [2019-02-02-ZERO1] Kohei Sato vs Fuminori Abe

    A Futen match in ZERO1, which of course, rules. Abe is such a good feisty underdog, Sato no sells as always and dishes things out twice as hard as anybody else. Them just taking turns straight punching each other in the head was gnarly, both are busted open by the end of it. Can't ask for much more in a hard-hitting 12-ish minute bout.
  2. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Shotaro Ashino's Enfants Terribles made their in-ring debut against WAR International in six-man tag team action. Daisuke Harada and Hajime Ohara worked a much more aggressive style to compliment the transition into WAR. Ashino seemed to target much of his aggression on Jonathan Gresham, destroying his ankle in an attempt to submit him. Thatcher and Gulak did all they could to help him out but in the end, after dropping Gresham with a nasty German suplex, Ashino submitted him with the ankle hold. They continued beating down WAR International until Alexander Rusev rushed out to make the save. Matt Riddle returned to WAR and teamed with Takashi Sugiura in a tag match against Yuji Nagta and Tomohiro Ishii. A fun, hard-hitting exhibition match, with Sugiura and Riddle really taking it to the veterans. Riddle and Nagata were the focus of the match, with both trading high knees and Exploders. Riddle caught Nagata with a nasty running knee strike and then finally submitted him with a triangle choke. After the match, Riddle announced that his goal in Japan was to win a heavyweight title and that he was coming after the winner of the Suzuki showdown. Sugiura, however, wasn't pleased and seemed to think that he should be next in line for a tile shot, which led to a stare down. New WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Champions were crowned today, as Escalante defeated Burning to win the belts following a vertical-drop brainbuster by Katsuhiko Nakajima on Go Shiozaki. As expected, this was incredibly intense, with lots of call backs to their days and feuds in Pro-Wrestling NOAH. Nakajima and KENTA were out there trying to kill everyone with kicks, Shiozaki and Higuchi were chopping each other to hell and Akiyama was the opportunistic veteran, dominating SHO Tanaka and trying to isolate him from tagging out. Shiozaki began heating up down the home stretch and after a Go Flasher nearly sealed the deal, he tried to finish off Nakjaima with the Gowan lariat...but Nakajima countered the lariat with a headbutt, a high kick and finally the brainbuster to seal the deal. Back-in-black Jushin Liger, accompanied to the ring by DAMNATION, did his best to dethrone the new J-Crown champion in KUSHIDA, breaking out all of his signature spots with a little extra dirt rubbed into the execution. KUSHIDA's goal was to survive the shoteis and koppou kicks and powerbombs, and he did just that by focusing on the arm and trying to keep Liger grounded. When KUSHIDA was thrown to the outside, DAMNATION did their best to try and keep him down for a countout but KUSHIDA made it back in the ring. He blocked another running shotei with a baseball-style punch and when Liger tried to escape the Hoverboard Lock, KUSHIDA turned it into his small package driver for the victory! After the match, the rest of DAMNATION jumped KUSHIDA, forcing Nagata and Ishii to return to the ring to even the numbers. In the main event, Minoru Suzuki challenged Hideki Suzuki for the UWF Heavyweight Title under UWF Rules. This was gnarly, with both guys' working boots laced tight. Minoru was trying to show off his Pancrase style against Hideki's catch-as-catch-can approach and it was a game of deadly chess on the mat but a brutal slobberknocker up top, with slaps and elbows flying fast and hard. Minoru kept going back to the sleeper hold, trying to wear the champ out, but Hideki would fight out and throw Minoru off with a suplex to regain his composure. Off the mat, Minoru tried for a quick shoot Gotch-style piledriver but Hideki was able to counter out of it, hitting the double arm suplex. When that didn't do the trick, he absolutely rocked Minoru with an elbow and hit a modified dragon suplex hold, maintaining the bridge and full nelson lock to submit Minoru and retain the tile. He celebrated his victory with Moon Vulcan as Suzuki-gun came down to help their boss to the back. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019", 2/24/2019 EDION Arena Osaka 4,987 Fans – Super No Vacancy 1. Shotaro Ashino, Daisuke Harada & Hajime Ohara beat Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak & Jonathan Gresham (12:32) when Ashino used an ankle hold on Gresham. 2. Matt Riddle & Takashi Sugiura beat Yuji Nagata & Tomohiro Ishii (11:40) when Riddle used the triangle choke on Nagata. 3. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Final: Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kazusada Higuchi & SHO Tanaka beat Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki & KENTA (15:26) when Nakajima used the vertical-drop brainbuster on Shiozaki to become the 20th WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. 4. J-Crown Title: KUSHIDA beat Jushin Liger (16:19) with the Back to the Future (1st defense). 5. UWF Heavyweight Title: Hideki Suzuki beat Minoru Suzuki (18:42) with the dragon suplex modified hold (1st defense).
  3. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Before a sold out Osaka crowd, the semi-finals of the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament took place and now the final is set for 2/24. Prior to that, however, Koji Iwamoto and Shinya Aoki wrestled under UWF Rules. Although Aoki had the experience advantage, Iwamoto wasn’t give him an inch on the mat and kept pace. Aoki had some tricks up his sleeve and kept going after Iwamoto’s arm but once Iwamoto was able to hit his snap judo throw, he held on with the katagatame for the submission win. Burning will advance to the final of the tournament after defeating DAMNATION, with Jun Akiyama picking up the win for his team following a wrist-clutch Exploder on Michinoku. DAMNATION attempted almost everything in order to secure the victory, including cheating, with Daisuke Sasaki low blowing Go Shiozaki at one point, and Dick Togo throwing more than a few closed fists in KENTA’s general direction. Backstage, Sasaki said that the lose wasn’t a big deal and that the bigger prize was the J-Crown Title. In tag team competition, WAR International’s Alexander Rusev and Timothy Thatcher beat Kingslayers’ Shuji Ishikawa and Kengo Mashimo following a nasty ura-nage variation by Rusev. As expected, lots of bombs were thrown, especially between Ishikawa and Rusev, while Thatcher and Mashimo worked more of the strike and submission approach. After the match, Shotaro Ashino and his Enfants Terribles attached Thatcher and Rusev until Drew Gulak and Jonathan Gresham made the save. Minoru Suzuki was out to punish Takuya Nomura in their UWF Rules match, and he made sure Hideki Suzuki was present to watch as he picked apart Nomura and finally choked him out with the sleeper. While Nomura was able to fight back with kicks and slaps, Minoru was out to make a point and didn’t let Nomura have much room to breath…literally. He refused to let go of the sleeper, even after the referee called the match, and Hideki had to get in there and force Minoru off, which led to them fighting. The main event saw Escalante defeat Lion’s Pride in a very hard-hitting six-man tag match, securing their spot in the final against Burning. Tons of great exchanges between all involved, with Katsuhiko Nakajima once again working especially stiff against the likes of Yuji Nagata and KUSHIDA. Kazusada Higuchi and Tomohiro Ishii battered each other around and SHO Tanaka got to show off a bit, leading to the finish, when Nakajima absolutely murdered Nagata with a punt kick to the face, busting open the veteran and leaving him out cold. Nakajima cut a promo after the match, saying that Escalante would destroy the “has beens” in Burning and re-iterating that he is the future of WAR. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/22/2019 Osaka Edion Arena #2 968 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House 1. UWF Rules: Koji Iwamoto beat Shinya Aoki (9:23) with the katagatame 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki & KENTA beat Daisuke Sasaki, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku (14:57) when Akiyama pinned Michinoku with the wrist-clutch Exploder. 3. Alexander Rusev & Timothy Thatcher beat Shuji Ishikawa & Kengo Mashimo (11:39) when Rusev used a modified ura-nage on Mashimo. 4. UWF Rules: Minoru Suzuki beat Takuya Nomura (7:41) with the sleeper hold. 5. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kazusada Higuchi & SHO Tanaka beat Yuji Nagata, Tomohiro Ishii & KUSHIDA (16:25) by KO when Nakajima used a punt kick on Nagata.
  4. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Updated cards have been released for the remainder of the "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", including confirmation that KUSHIDA will be defending his newly won J-Crown Title against none other than Jushin "Thunder" Liger. Should he and the Lion's Pride advance to the finals of the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament, he will be pulling double duty on 2/24. In addition, Shotaro Ashino's new stable, Enfants Terribles, will make its debut on 2/24 against WAR International in six-man tag team competition. Matt Riddle is also confirmed for the 2/24 show but it is unknown in what capacity. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/22/2019 Osaka Edion Arena #2 1. UWF Rules: Shinya Aoki vs. Koji Iwamoto 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki & KENTA vs. Daisuke Sasaki, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku 3. Shuji Ishikawa & Kengo Mashimo vs. Alexander Rusev & Timothy Thatcher 4. UWF Rules: Minoru Suzuki vs. Takuya Nomura 5. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Yuji Nagata, Tomohiro Ishii & KUSHIDA vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kazusada Higuchi & SHO Tanaka Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019", 2/24/2019 EDION Arena Osaka 1. Shotaro Ashino, Daisuke Harada & Hajime Ohara vs. Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak & Jonathan Gresham 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Final: X, X & X vs. X, X & X 4. J-Crown Title: KUSHIDA © vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger 5. UWF Heavyweight Title: Hideki Suzuki © vs. Minoru Suzuki
  5. This was a lot of fun. There's a ton of cool holds and transitions throughout, with Aoki obviously being the slicker of the two but HARASHIMA loves to at least try. The way Aoki works his way into the leglock was cool, following that up by just torquing the hell out of HARASHIMA's ankle. The mix of pro-wrestling moves felt pretty organic within the context of the match and although the crowd was pretty quiet, the fans still seemed engaged by what was going on. Pretty quick finishing stretch but I thought this was better than their first match.
  6. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Wrestle and Romance was in Nagano for another round of the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament. The show kicked off with a very solid UWF Rules match-up between Timothy Thatcher and Takuya Nomura. Immediately, it was established that Nomura was trying to win this match via KO as he tried taking Thatcher’s head off with a kick. Thatcher, however, elected to take the fight to the mat and overwhelm Nomura with submissions. He kept after Nomura’s arm and even though Nomura was able to fight off and snap Thatcher over with a half-hatch suplex, Thatcher held on and turned it into the wakigatame for the submission. Escalante defeated Kingslayers to advance to the second round of the six-man tournament, when Kazusada Higuchi pinned Kota Umeda with the Doctor Bomb. Kota Umeda and Katsuhiko Nakajima decided to play “Who Can Kick Harder?” but Nakajima eventually ended up taking consecutive kicks by all three members of Kingslayers before Kengo Mashimo caught him with a high kick to the head and Umeda with a PK for a nearfall. A black suited Jushin “Thunder” Liger made his WAR debut teaming with DAMNATION member, Dick Togo in a very hard-hitting tag match against Tomohiro Ishii and the J-Crown Champion, KUSHIDA. Of course, KUSHIDA and Liger was the main focus but Togo and Ishii beat the hell out of each other. Daisuke Sasaki and TAKA Michinoku attacked KUSHIDA on the outside when he was thrown over the top rope and they fed him to Liger, who blasted him with the running shotei for the victory. After the match, Liger challenged KUSHIDA to the title! In more tag team action, the UWF Heavyweight Champion, Hideki Suzuki, and Koji Iwamoto took on Minoru Suzuki and Hikaru Sato. Hideki and Minoru were both trying to intimidate and smother each other, with Minoru being especially nasty with his face slaps to the champ. At one point, Hideki had enough and he and Minoru brawled on the outside, with Hideki throwing some gnarly elbows. In the end, he pinned Suzuki’s protégé, Sato, with the double arm suplex. But Minoru continued the assault post-match, leading to Nomura and Abe having to pull them apart. It wasn’t a good night for Suzuki-gun in general, as the team of Yukio Sakaguchi, Keisuke Okuda and Shinya Aoki were defeated by Burning in the main event, when Go Shiozaki annihilated Keisuke Okuda with a short-arm lariat that turned him inside out. KENTA was his usual aggressive self but had to fend off both Sakaguchi and Okuda at one point, trying to keep them at bay with kicks before Aoki threw himself into the mix to put Burning at the disadvantage. Eventually, Akiyama came to the rescue with knees and Exploders, KENTA got the hot tag to Shiozaki, and Shiozaki cleaned up to pick up the victory. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/16/2019 Chino Citizen Pavilion Multi-Hall 950 Fans – Super No Vacancy 1. UWF Rules: Timothy Thatcher beat Takuya Nomura (9:43) with the wakigatame. 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kazusada Higuchi & SHO Tanaka beat Kengo Mashimo, Kazuki Hashimoto & Kota Umeda (12:26) when Higuchi used the Doctor Bomb on Umeda. 3. Jushin Liger & Dick Togo beat Tomohiro Ishii & KUSHIDA (12:09) when Liger used the shotei on KUSHIDA. 4. Hideki Suzuki & Koji Iwamoto beat Minoru Suzuki & Hikaru Sato (11:43) when Suzuki used a double arm suplex hold on Sato. 5. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki & KENTA beat Yukio Sakaguchi, Keisuke Okuda & Shinya Aoki (15:17) when Shiozaki used the short-arm lariat on Okuda.
  7. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    The WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament kicked off today in Sendai with a full house. The opener saw KENTA take on Suzuki-gun’s Keisuke Okuda in standard rules match-up. Okuda was out to prove something as he was very aggressive with KENTA, trying to humiliate him on the ground and keep KENTA off his feet and away from the stiff kicks and knees. He kept grabbing chokes in an attempt for the submission but in the end, KENTA was able to power through to his feet, hoisting Okuda up on his shoulders to finish him off with the Go 2 Sleep. The newly re-christened DAMNATION, led by Daisuke Sasaki, wrestled WAR International in the first round of the tournament. Jushin Liger did not accompany the trio for this match but toward the end of the match, as Gresham had Sasaki locked in the octopus hold, Shotaro Ashino appeared on the entrance ramp. He gestured to the back and through the curtain stepped Daisuke Harada and Hajime Ohara. This was enough to distract Gresham and allowed Sasaki to put him away with the Now or Never and advance in the tournament. Ashino laughed at their defeat as an angry Rusev went after them. In tag team action, Kengo Mashimo and Kota Umeda of Kingslayers picked up a win over Katsuhiko Nakajima and SHO Tanaka when Mashimo used a vertical-drop brainbuster on Tanaka. Nakajima seemed particularly aloof throughout the match, as if he didn’t want to be there, and when Tanaka was in trouble, Nakajima didn’t do much to help him out of his situation. Umeda and Nakajima did get into it at one point, with Nakajima really laying into him with the hard kicks. Under UWF Rules, Jun Akiyama defeated Yukio Sakaguchi with his front necklock. Sakaguchi had the advantage in style but Akiyama had the experience factor, which led him to making some smart decisions and avoiding Sakaguchi’s attempts to bait him onto the mat. Akiyama landed plenty of big knee strikes and once he was able to cinch in the front necklock, there was no escape for Sakaguchi. Backstage, Akiyama spoke briefly on the change in style for him and how he enjoyed being forced into new predicaments at his age. The main event saw a very hard-hitting affair between Lion’s Pride and Moon Vulcan as the youngsters from Moon Vulcan had something to say, and they let their strikes do the talking. The interactions between Yuji Nagata and Takuya Nomura were particularly heated, with Nagata and Nomura slapping each other silly, while Abe and Iwamoto tried to isolate the junior heavyweight champion, KUSHIDA, and catch him off guard. Tomohiro Ishii was the wrecking ball who everyone wanted to avoid. Abe threw his classic baseball punch at Nagata who sold it perfectly but in the end, Nagata pinned Abe with a backdrop hold to advance his team to the semi-finals. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/15/2019 Dream Messe Miyagi Main Building Exhibition Hall C 1,445 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House 1. KENTA beat Keisuke Okuda (7:27) with the Go 2 Sleep. 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Daisuke Sasaki, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku beat Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak & Jonathan Gresham (10:56) when Sasaki used the Now or Never on Gresham. 3. Kengo Mashimo & Kota Umeda beat Katsuhiko Nakajima & SHO Tanaka (8:12) when Mashimo used a vertical-drop brainbuster on Tanaka. 4. UWF Rules: Jun Akiyama beat Yukio Sakaguchi (9:18) with the front necklock. 5. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Yuji Nagata, Tomohiro Ishii & KUSHIDA beat Takuya Nomura, Koji Iwamoto & Fuminori Abe (18:44) when Nagata used a backdrop hold on Abe.
  8. superkix

    Project19 Waiver Wire

    I have two unclaimed guys I've penciled in for tomorrow's show - if no one has any objections, I would like to use them moving forward: Daisuke Harada and Hajime Ohara (I realize this is two guys per one 24 hour period).
  9. superkix


    Overall, I thought this was a very fun show and it was cool seeing the BattlARTS boys come to Tamura's playground. U-STYLE (8/7/04) Hajime Moriyama vs. Naoki Kimura Probably the weakest match on the card. Kimura was working more aggressively, trying to stay on top of the defending Moriyama and throwing more strikes. The action on the ground was decent throughout, with Moriyama using the cheeky forearm rubs as a way to catch Kimura off guard for the armbar. Moriyama is able to take him down with a suplex but can't secure the armbar and in the end, Kimura taps him with a roll-up kneebar. Kazuki Okubo vs. Takaku Fuke A slower-paced mat battle with Fuke being the more experienced obviously but Okubo trying to prove himself. There's a lot of good submission milking and some cool transitions - I liked when Okubo tries for a suplex, Fuke grabs the double wristlock and forces him down with the wakigatame. Also Fuke playing the spoiler to Okubo's escape attempts, grabbing different holds to prevent him from getting away. Fuke taps him with the leglock in a pretty fun match. Hiroyuki Ito vs. Kyosuke Sasaki Ito was real nasty in this, which of course ruled, but it also forced Sasaki to work more aggressively to keep pace. At one point, Ito dumps him with a big German suplex and than straight kicks him in the face. Lots of open hands and hard knees, and Ito's choke looked gross. When he tries for another German, Sasaki grabs the straight armbar but it isn't enough and Ito keeps pummeling him with knees and high kicks until Sasaki can't stand. Sasaki didn't get to show off too much here but Ito looked vicious. Good match. Alexander Otsuka vs. Ryuki Ueyama The finish to this was a little bit of a mess but otherwise, this match was great. The contrast between these two helped flesh this out. Otsuka just wants to slam but Ueyama isn't making it easy for him, keeping him at bay with kicks and trying to tangle on the mat. Ueyama's strikes, especially his knees, looked brutal and Otsuka sold them especially well. He's still able to throw Ueyama around his suplexes and I like how Otsuka flows with Ueyama's escape attempts, grabbing limbs and turning each evasion into a submission of sorts. Them slinging palm strikes at one point was really great and the way the shoot STF plays out was a nice touch. Otsuka takes a beating in there but finds a way to pull off the win - although it was confusing exactly how he won. Masahito Kakihara vs. Yuki Ishikawa This was great and another easy recommendation from the show. Of course, Kaki is quick and very slappy/kicky, but Ishikawa has that veteran patience and also some pretty dirty body shots. Ishikawa utilizing more pro-wrestling offense was a cool touch. He tries for the cobra twist, Kaki slings him off, but Ishikawa slickly gets the heel hook and forces Kakihara to the ropes. Kaki blasts Ishikawa with an absolutely nasty face kick and picks up a yellow card because poor Ishikawa was on his knee. Ishikawa's dazed but still gives Kaki an enziguri (and picks up a yellow card himself because enziguris are ILLEGAL). Ishikawa slaps on the sleeper hold but Kakihara is able to maneuver his way to the ropes so Ishikawa gives him a nasty elbow. Kakihara, however, wins via submission with a side headlock. Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs. Kiyoshi Tamura Not as good as their previous match but still pretty fun competitive match. Tamura's out there trying to sweep legs and Mishima's trying for some wacky limb taps. At one point, he spikes Tamura with a hanging necklock and turns it into an armbar but Tamura gets to the ropes. He keeps after Tamura's arm but Tamura is slick as always, and mostly stays in control. He stuns Mishima with a slap and rocks him with a high kick in the ropes and doesn't let him up, backing into a corner. Mishima's roll-through choke sleeper was dope but he's determiend to get that arm and armbar it. In the end, Tamura turns the tables on him and gets Mishima in the armbar before turning into some kind of modified double wristlock for the submission? Hard to tell from the camera angle.
  10. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Over the weekend, Wrestle and Romance held a special ceremony to "officially" crown KUSHIDA as the 20th J-Crown Champion. Genichiro Tenryu and Yoshiaki Fujiwara were in attendance, as well as KUSHIDA's stablemates, Yuji Nagata and Tomohiro Ishii. However, the master of the ceremony was none other than legendary junior heavyweight, Jushin "Thunder" Liger. Liger spoke briefly about his run with the J-Crown back in 1997 and his feud with Ultimo Dragon at the time. As he was about to present the title to KUSHIDA, however, the ceremony was interrupted by Daisuke Sasaki, Dick Togo and TAKA Michinoku AKA the BAD HOMBREZ. The trio stormed the stage, confronting KUSHIDA and Liger, and Sasaki went on a small tirade about how he was screwed out of the tournament and how KUSHIDA shouldn't be the champion. Daisuke said he already had two legends at his side (referring to Togo and Michinoku) who could beat KUSHIDA but that he had an ace up his sleeve, which nobody would see coming - especially, KUSHIDA. Sasaki told KUSHIDA to "turn around and smile", and when he did (not smiled, necessarily), Liger blasted KUSHIDA with the title belt! Those in attendance were baffled and shocked, and as Liger stood over KUSHIDA with the J-Crown title belt, Sasaki told KUSHIDA "Welcome to your DAMNATION!". Ishii and Nagata hurried to the stage and Nagata and Liger briefly locked eyes before Sasaki and his crew fled through the crowd and disappeared.
  11. I love the chemistry between Okabayashi and Hideki -- throw them in a six-man and I'm sold. Kikuta's bald and wrestles in track pants now but he's at least up'ed the aggression with his strikes. Nomura is still "Hi, I'm cute with a chip on my shoulder". Uto's the loveable lug. Kawakami is...just there. But everyone is hitting hard and having fun with a cameo by Abby as the deathmatch advisor to Moon Vulcan. Loved the finish between Nomura and Okabayashi with Nomura going after the arm...Okabayashi getting pumped up and suplexing everyone...only ti get caught by Nomura's armbar again. Throw in some crowd work and Hideki using low blows. Tons of fun.
  12. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    Wrestle and Romance's owner, Genichiro Tenryu, held a press conference this morning from the UWF Dojo to discuss the upcoming tour and the tournament to decide the new WAR World Six-Man Tag Team champions. Tenryu revealed that the short tour would culminate in Osaka at EDION Arena Osaka on 2/24, with not only the finals of the tournament taking place but Hideki Suzuki defending the UWF Heavyweight Title against the top contender to the belt, Minoru Suzuki. He also confirmed that WAR Jam would be replaced in the tournament with a team from WAR International, consisting of Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak and newly-added member, Jonathan Gresham. Other news and notes from the press conference include: Munenori Sawa will be training junior heavyweights in the UWF Dojo, bridging that gap between traditional pro-wrestling and the UWF style Akito will be working in DDT for the months of February and most of March Shotaro Ashino was reported to be "building" a new unit for him to lead after his abrupt departure from WAR International Matt Riddle is heading back to the United States but will be involved in the show at EDION Arena Osaka on 2/24 Tenryu then revealed the cards for this month's tour, featuringthe first round match-ups for the six-man tag team title tournament. Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/15/2019 Dream Messe Miyagi Main Building Exhibition Hall C 1. Keisuke Okuda vs. KENTA 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Timothy Thatcher, Drew Gulak & Jonathan Gresham vs. Daisuke Sasaki, Dick Togo & TAKA Michinoku 3. Katsuhiko Nakajima & SHO Tanaka vs. Kengo Mashimo & Kota Umeda 4. UWF Rules: Jun Akiyama vs. Yukio Sakaguchi 5. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Yuji Nagata, Tomohiro Ishii & KUSHIDA vs. Takuya Nomura, Koji Iwamoto & Fuminori Abe Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/16/2019 Chino Citizen Pavilion Multi-Hall 1. UWF Rules: Takuya Nomura vs. Timothy Thatcher 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kazusada Higuchi & SHO Tanaka vs. Kengo Mashimo, Kazuki Hashimoto & Kota Umeda 3. Hideki Suzuki & Koji Iwamoto vs. Minoru Suzuki & Hikaru Sato 4. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament: Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki & KENTA vs. Yukio Sakaguchi, Keisuke Okuda & Shinya Aoki Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019 Tour", 2/22/2019 Osaka Edion Arena #2 1. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: 2. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final: Wrestle and Romance "WAR IN OSAKA 2019", 2/24/2019 EDION Arena Osaka 1. WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament Final: 2. UWF Heavyweight Title: Hideki Suzuki © vs. Minoru Suzuki
  13. Kota Umeda is one part KENTA, the other Hayato "Jr." Fujita. He's the underdog going into this match but he's such a little prick to the Big Dawg that you can't really root for him. The insolence with his stiff ass kicks and then the way he throws himself wildy into his counter elbows and flying knee strikes. But Shuji's here to teach him a lesson, as this is part of Umeda's trial series, and boy, does he. Mean surly bastard Ishikawa slangin' elbows and Fire Thunder Drivin' Umeda's hopes out the window. Simple, hard-hitting, classic story with the obvious end result but its's a fun trip. Good stuff.
  14. superkix

    NJPW (Project 19)

    Hell yeah, Okabayashi in the final. Pulling for him to win it. He's the best.
  15. superkix

    Wrestle and Romance (PROJECT19)

    The UWF Rules and J-Crown Tournaments concluded today in front of a capacity crowd at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Genichiro Tenryu and Yoshiaki Fujiwara opened the show by once again thanking the fans for their support. Tenryu, holding the J-Crown title belt, said he was very excited to reinstate the junior heavyweight championship and crown the new champion tonight. He praised both competitors for their past accomplishments and said that he was confident either man would represent the company well as J-Crown Champion. The show opened with a big eight-man elimination match featuring Hideki Suzuki’s Moon Vulcan against the Kingslayers. Plenty of action throughout, as one by one the competitors were taken out. In the end, the UWF Champion went toe-to-toe with Shuji Ishikawa, ultimately pinning Ishikawa with a dragon suplex hold. Hideki then joined commentary for the remainder of the show. In a UWF Rules match-up, Munenori Sawa defeated Drew Gulak when he was able to lock him in the octopus hold. The match was mostly a ground affair, although Sawa was sure to throw out a number of nasty strikes, including his signature baseball punch, which kept Gulak off his feet for an eight count. Gulak and Sawa shook hands after the match, and Sawa announced that he would be working primarily as a trainer in the UWF Dojo along with Katsuyori Shibata and Josh Barnett. With that, WAR Jam was disbanded. Backstage, Gulak and Timothy Thatcher offered Jonathan Gresham a spot in WAR International - to which, Gresham accepted, shaking hands with both. This, however, didn't go well with Shotaro Ashino. Ashino told Thatcher that he is the leader of WAR International and when that doesn't go over well with the other members, Ashino flips everyone off and leaves, saying that the group was only holding him back. Thus, Ashino has left WAR International... In tag team competition, the veterans of Yuji Nagata and Tomohiro Ishii took on Katsuhiko Nakajima and Kazusada Higuchi of Escalante. As expected, the match was very hard-hitting, especially when it came to the exchanges between Nagata and Nakajima. Ishii and Higuchi also chopped and elbowed each other silly but Nakajima was especially feisty and seemed bitter about having not reached the finals of the tournament. Ishii, however, picked up the win for his team after pinning Higuchi following a vertical-drop brainbuster. KUSHIDA was crowned the 20th J-Crown Champion in an excellent back-and-forth match with KENTA. KENTA was the dominant aggressor for much of the duration as he tried to overwhelm the more mat-focused KUSHIDA with stiff kicks, knees, and slaps. Finally, KUSHIDA let KENTA have it with some big slaps of his own before trying to destroy the arm to set up the Hoverboard Lock. At one point, KENTA had KUSHIDA up for the Go 2 Sleep, but KUSHIDA countered beautifully into a headscissors takedown into the Hoverboard Lock for the submission. KUSHIDA celebrated in the ring and backstage, told reporters that he was very proud of this moment in his career. The main event determined the top contender to the UWF Heavyweight Championship as Minoru Suzuki and Matt Riddle battled it out on the mat and on their feet. Riddle’s speed worked to his advantage as he kept taking Suzuki down to the ground and working his way into a front mount. The ground and pound approach didn’t last forever, as Suzuki was able to counter his way out and lay into Riddle with dirty open hands and knee strikes. He tried spiking Riddle with a shoot Gotch-style piledriver but Riddle avoided it and in turn, caught Suzuki with a gnarly high knee which nearly scored Riddle the victory. Suzuki’s experience led him to his victory as he was able to snag the sleeper hold off the ropes and kept it locked in until Riddle took a nap. After the match, Hideki Suzuki entered the ring with his title belt and stood face-to-face with Minoru to bring the event to a close. Wrestle and Romance "UWF RULES! 2019 ~ FINAL", 2/3/2019 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,768 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House 1. Elimination Match: Hideki Suzuki, Takuya Nomura, Koji Iwamoto & Fuminori Abe beat Shuji Ishikawa, Kengo Mashimo, Kazuki Hashimoto & Kota Umeda (18:33). Nomura pinned Umeda (5:23) with the PK. Hashimoto pinned Abe (7:59) with a running buzzsaw kick. Iwamoto pinned Hashimoto (9:11) with a judo throw hold. Mashimo pinned Iwamoto (12:14) with a brainbuster. Ishikawa pinned Nomura (14:05) with the Fire Thunder Driver. Suzuki pinned Mashimo (16:12) with a double arm suplex hold. Suzuki pinned Ishikawa (18:33) with a dragon suplex hold. 2. UWF Rules: Munenori Sawa beat Drew Gulak (11:27) with the octopus hold. 3. Yuji Nagata & Tomohiro Ishii beat Katsuhiko Nakajima & Kazusada Higuchi (14:52) when Ishii pinned Higuchi with the vertical-drop brainbuster. 4. J-Crown Championship Tournament Final: KUSHIDA beat KENTA (17:48) with the Hoverboard Lock to become the 20th J-Crown Champion. 5. UWF Rules Tournament Final: Minoru Suzuki beat Matt Riddle (19:10) with the sleeper hold.