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[2000-11-27-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle


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Kurt has a lot of complaints and says this is a hazardous work environment. Not the most groundbreaking promo from Angle but the heat is there so kudos to him. Foley and Debra come out and pervy Jerry is crazy over Debra. Crowd drones out Mick talking with a we want puppies chant. Foley brings up Stephanie and Kurt correctly points out that Steph hasn’t been there in a month and he is still champion. Angle insults Iowa and says he doesn’t need Stephanie anymore. Foley says Kurt is going to have a match tonight which has Angle all out of sorts. We see Rock pulling up with a limo. Interview with E&C and they suggest maybe Taker is getting the shot. Then we get Kurt and Kane talking and this set up the Taker/Kane match where Kane gets invited to Christmas at the angle household. We then see the attack on Taker again. We found out from Foley that Austin is getting the shot. Angle is waiting to the ring when Rock attacks from behind. Foley throws him and E&C out of the building. Foley forcibly shoves Angle out towards the ring. Austin is still working out the kinks but he is getting better and better. These two match up in their signature series next year at SSlam and afterwards but besides that, I didn’t remember much interaction and this showed they had chemistry together as Kurt is able to control the match well and show resourcefulness with stuff like a rolling cradle for a pin and a series of suplexes. Austin is able to make his comeback and looks like he could win the title which isn’t unheard of given Austin’s Raw title wins the past couple of years. Steph comes out and gets the bird from Austin and then HHH attacks from behind and lays out Austin. Kurt tries to jump in but gets shoved away so he bails. Of course, this is pretty ridiculous since HHH was left for dead a mere 8 days ago and they should have milked this for at least 1 more week and even then HHH could have been more damaged or taped up. HHH stands tall to end the show. Good match between Angle and Austin. *** (6.2)

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