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[2015-05-05-Dragon Gate-Dead or Alive] Akira Tozawa vs Dragon Kid


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If you removed the first five minutes of this you would have a really good jr style title match. For the first five mins Tozawa has his leg picked apart by Kid and then Tozawa gets some space and then sprints to hit a dive and never sells his leg again. It is on the level of something Omega or Ibushi would do it is that useless. The rest of the match is pretty good with the two working well. You still have some of the usual Tozawa issues that he is still really annoying and his chops and a couple of other of his moves look like shit and are stupid, but everything DK does is really really good and Tozawa does not drag it down too much with his inane mannerisms. Decent title match but take that start bit off and you could have a match nearing great match status. ***

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