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  1. I think they did something similar with Murphy? at the MGC show
  2. Richeyedwards

    Wrestle Kingdom 16

    So did last year's pandemic two night. The difference is that the attendance for last year's night one is a only a few hundred down. Night two was over 1500, a 9% drop in attendance from the same show last year. Still about a thousand more than a dome show run in the middle of last year. Had no idea that show happened Jan 4th is the traditional wk night and people will care about that one more. Also it is a night where they know what the card is with night two you are still unsure of the main event.
  3. Richeyedwards

    Current New Japan

    They have a streaming service, it has plenty (but far from all) of their past library going back to 1999. I dont have it myself but I imagine Inyourcase would be able to talk you through it if you message them https://dragongate.live/
  4. Richeyedwards

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Masashi Takeda Someone primarily known as a deathmatch guy this student of jun kasai, while excellent at that has also had good runs as a straight laced jr heavyweight in both singles and tag in all japan from around 2015-2018. He also in more recent years gained some measure of notoriety among watchers of American indie wrestling where he took part in a couple of bloodsport shows, where he had the opportunity to show off his background of a 16-4 MMA record. His 2017/2018 is a truly exceptional one for a deathmatch wrestler where he held the BJW and Freedoms titles the two main deathmatch titles in Japan at the same time, was BJWs biggest draw, main eventing multiple arena shows and wrestling the likes of Masaya Takahashi, Ryuji Ito, Abdullah Kobayashi, Jun Kasai, Isami Kodaka and Minoru fujita in the process. Recomended Matches: To show off his different styles I will do a few deathmatch ones and then a couple non-deathmatch. Vs Shuji Ishikawa BJW Deathmatch heavyweight title BJW 30/06/2013 Vs Jun Kasai King of Freedoms World Title Freedoms 28/08/2018 Vs Toshiyuki Sakuda Ikkitsousen Death match Survivor BJW 28/02/2019 Vs Jonathan Gresham GCW Bloodsport 04/04/2019 Vs Atsushi Aoki AJPW World Junior Heavyweight title AJPW 25/05/2016
  5. Richeyedwards

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Probably missing some 90s and 2000s Indies.
  6. Richeyedwards

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    On twitter today massaki mochizuki said he has notebooks with all his matches in them. He is up to by his count 3697 matches across 27 years.
  7. Richeyedwards

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    They did the same last year made a bunch of cuts and then announced record profits I expect the same again at the next call whenever that is.
  8. An ankle injury the morning of the show I think
  9. Richeyedwards

    Most unselfish top guy

    His last title reign was there because they lost most of their tv, Kobashi was injured and marufuji+ Rikio had failed. Yes he held it for a year but that was because he was the draw. Noah outsid eof the big markets used sold shows often to people who weren't caught up on wrestling in 2007 they wanted to still see Misawa and Kobashi etc not someone like KENTA. To establish himself as a proper champion not a transitional one so that when he lost it to morishima it as you say meant more. A 400 day reign still seems a little excessive to me but it does make sense.
  10. Richeyedwards

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

    Across two companies but because nearly everyone went from one to the other I think taue counts. He lost the triple crown in July 96 to Kobashi. He beat Rikio for the ghc title in November 2005. Mochizuki went from final gate 2011 where he lost the dream gate to CIMA and then won the title again in 2017 Vs YAMATO. There are probably some others I could come up with but really the point @Stiva Made stands, ten years is a very long time to go between world titles in the same company without long injury layoff or a return from retirement. Especially in a promotion that has as many title changes as WWE.
  11. I think it was at X8 vs flair when afterwards he held up his fingers one by one to count off his victories was the an early mention of it, but yeah the orton match is the first one where it is an important point in the build up. what is that 2005/6?
  12. Richeyedwards

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The phrase "beginning to roll out" implies that it will not all be there upon launch
  13. Richeyedwards

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Sort of like the Baba image on the curtains of AJPW shows in 2001/2 or the photo of misawa at the June NOAH shows but instead it is a giant statue glaring down at everything from the entrance ramp all year round. All wrestlers are required to bow to it while entering and talk to it as if Vince is really there during promos.
  14. Richeyedwards

    Best of 2020

    This is about difficult as 2020 was the year when I watched the least wrestling in years, probably since I started watching wrestling in 2009 I just didn't care about anything even the promotions I actually like and would normally watch (AJPW, NOAH, BJW). I think I watched 3 matches from June to the end of the year. Those being the cc final, Kenoh Vs kiyomiya and shiozaki Vs nakajima from the same show. All three of which got a lot of praise both of which I thought were *shrug*. That is the same way I have thought about all wrestling apart from one match since march. That match being shiozaki Vs fujita from march, if you have watched that match you know if you don't know anything about it it really helps going in blind. That was a very long and roundabout way of saying Moty: fujita Vs shiozaki for actually entertaining me despite the lack of crowd. They did something with it that would be impossible to do with a crowd. There were some I remember with crowds, kiyomiya Vs shiozaki January and suwama Vs kento march I both remember being great but they feel like from a different world. As for wrestler and promotion, I guess NOAH and go shiozaki pretty much by default. Haven't watched anything this year yet, I honestly don't know if I will for a good while yet. I still read about wrestling but in terms of watching anything there is no drive for me to care to. Is anyone else in the same boat as me where they haven't watch much at all?
  15. Richeyedwards

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    Shuji is still fine in tags but his singles matches have not been consistently any good since the second Kento TC match in 2017. He just feels so tired to me, especially compared to his partner SUWAMA who despite being in AJPW far longer and being a lot slower than he used to still feels like he has more to give. As for Styles I haven't seen anything of his since the Nakamura match at mania and he looked lethargic to me then, if it is worse now then it would strike me as sad.