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[2000-IWA-PR] Ricky Banderas vs Head Hunter A


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A promo from ‘Mr Everything’ Ricky Santana’s stable (Rasta Man, Sean Hill and the Head Hunters) which is primarily in Spanish.  The two US speakers do say a few lines but it’s nothing of importance or note.  Banderas ducks under the clothesline, running flying bodypress, however the Head Hunter catches and slams him to the mat.  He goes for the splash but Banderas moves out the way, avoiding it, and a spinning heel kick sends ‘A’ under the bottom rope and to the floor.  Twisting plancha over the top rope to the outside.  Banderas just about manages to roll the big man back inside and pounds away on him with a series of punches in the corner.  ‘A’ gets a shot in of his own, dropping Banderas with a left before aimlessly looking around like he’s in a trance or something (totally stealing a page from Abdullah the Butcher).  Big avalanche splash in the opposite corner and the Hunter is back looking around and talking to himself.  Banderas blocks the attempted superplex and ‘A’ takes a spill backwards from the middle turnbuckle to the mat.  Missile dropkick but before he is able to go for the pin, Head Hunter B is out and in for the DQ.  He is very quickly followed by someone that I don’t recognise who runs the twins off.

I’ve couple more Head Hunter matches in IWA-PR to watch, I just hope that there better than this one was!

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