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[2000-10-23-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg vs Shawn Stasiak


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The Natural Born Thrillers and ‘Coach’ Nash make their way to the ring as Mark Madden says that there have been accusations flying about that Stasiak isn’t really on the team and that Nash is going to show him ‘tough love’.  ‘Coach’ name drops Scott Hall, saying how when the two of them arrived in WCW four and a half years ago they exemplified what a team was “both shoot and work”, before going onto claim that they were arguably the greatest tag team of all time.  The three suck ups on commentary agree with that statement!   Nash tells Stasiak that standing before him tonight is the elite, the future of this business and for some reason he doesn’t want to be a part of that.  Seeing that he wants to be alone, tonight he stands alone.  Cue Goldberg’s music with Madden now claiming that it was Mike Sanders’ decision to feed Stasiak to him.  Stasiak jumps Goldberg as he slides into the ring, however his flying back elbow has no effect.  He thinks he’s dropped him with it, when in reality Stasiak just bounced off him and Goldberg didn’t even go down.  He plays to the crowd as he believes he’s got this under control, but when he turns around he walks right into a spear.  Goldberg with the jackhammer and it’s over already.  Post-match he grabs the microphone and warns Kronik that in six days at Halloween Havoc “they’re next”.

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