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[2000-10-02-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg vs Meng


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Vince Russo is in his office backstage along with Jeremy Borash and has a pre-prepared speech for everyone.  He says that he’s not an athlete, never claimed to be one and is therefore relinquishing ‘his’ WCW World title, before announcing a match for later in the show to crown a new champion between the top two contenders, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner.  Russo then turns his attention towards Goldberg and how he proved to everyone last week what a coward he was in the way he took advantage of an innocent, fallen and helpless victim.  He talks about how he could have filed charges against him for assault but he’s not that kind of a person.  That brings out the man himself and he tells Russo that he’s here and waiting.  A confident Russo announces that his future is in his hands and he’s got no problem coming out there to tell him what those plans are face to face.  He was confident because he is safe and out of harms way in a Perspex box that is being driven to the ring on the back of a pick up!  Goldberg takes care of R&B security (including Ali from MPPW who made it to WCW after all) who are escorting the truck.  Russo states that he can fire Goldberg right now but that’s the easy way out, he put his hands on him and now he wants him to feel his pain.  He informs him that he will only get another World title match if he breaks his previous streak of 176 victories, however if he loses, just once, he’s gone from WCW.  Goldberg kicks the driver’s window out of the truck and snatches the keys as Borash (who was driving) high tails it out of there.  Before he can get his hands on Russo though he’s attacked from behind by Meng who puts him in the Tongan death grip.  Madden says that there is no tougher foe than the monster Meng on the way to 177; so this streak should be a doddle then if he can get past him then!

Meng gets the video package treatment and we even hear some words from him as he’s interviewed by Pamela Paulshock.  This is his last chance and for him to stay in WCW he must destroy Goldberg.  It’s his life and Goldberg must die so he can live!

Meng attacks Goldberg the moment he steps through the ropes and they swing, exchange blows and hammer away on each other.  A couple of hard knife edge chops and some shots to the mid-section by Meng as he mixes his strikes up.  Irish whip, Goldberg ducks under the high kick and responds with a spear.  A jackhammer and the new streak is off and running in double quick time.  Kronik jump Goldberg after the match as it looks like Russo has some added insurance to make sure he gets nowhere near 177 after all.

As fun of a thirty second match as you’re likely to see

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