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[2016-03-06-PREMIER XII] Shayna Baszler vs Colleen Schneider


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This is Schneider’s debut in what is a rematch of sorts as they previously faced each other in a qualifying fight for the Team Tate vs Team Rousey season of TUF (Baszler winning by arm bar).  Shayna grabs a single leg and they scramble on the mat as both try to gain control.  Colleen manages to take her back, but Shayna blocks the German before a hammerlock take down forces the escape.  Kicks are being pulled here or look like they have nothing behind them.  Colleen grabs the arm, an axe kick to the head flips Shayna over and she looks for the cross arm bar.  That was one cool little spot.  She elbows Baszler in the chest trying to get her to release her grasp so she can lock it in and in the end Shayna goes to the ropes for the break.  Baszler avoids a soccer kick, rolls Schneider up however she then counters with a triangle.  Shayna frees herself from that one and looks for a Kimura but Colleen with a side headlock as they continue to fight and grapple on the mat.  Ankle lock by Baszler and she’s really applying the pressure the way she’s bending her foot.  Bodyslam in what is our first pure pro wrestling move of the match.  Shayna moves her attention to the upper body bending Colleen’s fingers back, manipulating her joints before finally being her arm backwards and stomping on the elbow.  They’re back throwing out kicks and I wish they wouldn’t.  Colleen ducks out the way of one and catches Baszler with a German suplex for a two.  Kick to the chest followed by one that takes her legs out from under her and these are much better.  A great looking knee to the downed Baszler takes the wind out of her opponent.  She persists with these knees which look brutal.  A forearm backs Shayna into the corner and she’s trapped there as Schneider lays in another knee.  Spinning high kick fails to connect and Colleen gets her foot caught over the top rope in the process.  Stuck, Shayna powerbombs her to the mat and the tap comes soon after on the arm bar submission.  Schneider is hesitant to accept Baszler’s hand but does so in the end as the two embrace and Colleen leaves to a hearty round of applause.

Not only is this Schneider’s debut, but according to CageMatch it’s only the eighth match in Baszler’s career.  I liked this one a ton and the fact that it’s a pair of rookies makes it even better.  I’d say that Schneider was actually the more impressive of the two which makes it a shame that it appears this is the only pro wrestling match she’s done.  There was so much to enjoy here with the grappling, that cool axe kick spot into the arm bar, the triangle counter, the upper body work, those knees and that powerbomb.  My sole criticism is the kicks from the early portion of the match, although those Schneider threw before she moved onto knees looked much better.  Highly recommended.

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