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[2013-12-15-PREMIER IV] Cole Pistol vs Nicole Savoy


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Savoy with a nice Judo throw off the opening lock up to drag Pistol to the mat.  Cole escapes the headlock by grabbing the arm and Savoy backs her up against the ropes.  The Irish whip is reversed and they go for a simple sunset flip spot, however Pistol loses her balance and falls on her opponent.  Savoy scrambles to the ropes for the break whilst trapped in the cross armbar and when Cole says something to the referee, she clotheslines her in the back of the head.  High bridging German suplex for a near fall.  Savoy tries to lift Pistol up for something, but again Cole falls on her.  Sliced Bread #2 by Pistol for a two count.  Cole with another cross armbar and this time Savoy taps, even though she could’ve easily outstretched a leg to reach the ropes.  Pistol ends up helping Savoy from the ring as it looks as though she might be legitimately hurt the way she’s limping and certainly would explain for that finish coming out of nowhere.

Off the back of that Baszler/Schneider match that I really enjoyed I thought I would check out some more of the women’s matches from PREMIER and this one, from their fourth show between Nicole Savoy and Cole Pistol, is the very first in the promotion.  I’m still not fully sure what PREMIER is going for, it’s certainly heavily ‘worked shoot’ based, but then you’ll get an Irish whip spot or a shiranui!  I didn’t spot it initially, it was only when I re-watched the match did I notice that Savoy’s leg bent awkwardly when Pistol fell on her the second time and the finish had to be an audible (both in how early in the match it was and that Savoy could’ve reached the ropes if she really wanted).  Due to the injury, bar Savoy’s throws and suplexes, there wasn’t really much to this.  Cole Pistol was never invited back (understandable really blowing a sunset flip and then injuring her opponent) while Nicole Savoy goes on to be the backbone of the division.

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