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[2014-08-10-PREMIER VI] Nicole Savoy vs RAZE


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RAZE’s PREMIER debut and the second appearance of Savoy after her match against Cole Pistol was cut short.  Savoy throws some kicks at RAZE’s thigh and when she ends up catching one of them, looks for a flying arm bar that doesn’t quite come off.  RAZE escapes the side headlock and then crowbars Savoy’s arm, pulling it all the way back into a regulation cross arm bar but has to let go as her own shoulders are to the mat.  She uses her size advantage to bully Nicole around, throwing some knees to the mid-section weakening her stomach ready for an abdominal stretch.  Savoy powers out, hip tosses RAZE to the mat and goes for a cross arm bar of her own, however RAZE maneuvers her own position so that now it’s Savoy’s shoulders that are to the mat.  They trade forearms and RAZE eventually lays Nicole out with a stiff clothesline.  Savoy fires back with some jumping knees and locks on what I thought at first was a standing guillotine (there’s only one hard camera filming and no close up shots) but think is actually a standing Kimura.  RAZE bulls her back into the turnbuckles forcing Savoy to let go but then gets met with a kick to the side of the head.  She swings aimlessly, failing to connect, as Savoy snatches an arm, flying arm bar into a cross arm bar and RAZE is forced to tap.  There’s a great touch right at the end here as RAZE is about to reach for the ropes with her leg but Savoy controls the leg with her left arm to prevent her from doing so.

I thought this was a decent little match and an improvement on Pistol/Savoy (even taking into account how that one finished due to the unfortunate injury).  They eliminated the pure ‘pro-wrestling’ that was prevalent in that and concentrated more on the worked shoot aspect which, considering the size of RAZE and how she can use that to her advantage over her opponent, was a smart call.  I mentioned it in the play by play, but I really liked the finish with Savoy controlling the leg with one of her arms to force the tap.

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