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[2000-12-04-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg vs M.I. Smooth


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Lex Luger has requested some interview time and believes that with Starrcade just 13 days from now, the sands of time on Goldberg’s career are slipping away.  He says that Bill is a “great guy” but he wants to talk about the man who played an integral part in making him the superstar that he is today, DeWayne Bruce, affectionately known as ‘Sarge’.  ‘Sarge’ is in the front row and Luger gets everyone to give him a round of applause.  Lex has got Goldberg’s autobiography with him and reads a few passages from it that put over ‘Sarge’.  This is dying on its arse.  He then accuses Goldberg of living the high life and ditching ‘Sarge’ who has to work all day in the dingy Power Plant just to make ends meet.  Luger claims that he would never treat someone like that although Scott Hudson has serious doubts that he looked after Hiro Matsuda!

M.I. Smooth’s entrance theme is a ripped off version of Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’.  I’ve never noticed that before, or maybe I’ve never heard his theme previously.  He’s not backing down here and is nose to nose with Goldberg.    Smooth throws some forearms to the jaw that stagger his opponent but the kick to the stomach has no effect and Goldberg responds with one of his own.  After Smooth runs into a big boot, Goldberg with a great looking spear, lifting Smooth high off the canvas and then driving him to the mat.  You should know what comes next by now.  Before leaving he heads over to ‘Sarge’ gives him a hug and raises his arm.

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