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[2000-12-11-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg vs DeWayne Bruce


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Nitro opens and we catch the end of a conversation between Lex Luger and Mike Sanders with the Commissioner telling Lex not to worry as he’ll make the match tonight.

DeWayne Bruce arrives at the arena and is looking for Sanders.  Disco Inferno sees him and wonders if the Power Plant is closed today, before questioning why has he got his bags with him “have they let midget wrestling back here?”  ‘Sarge’ grabs him around the throat, slams him up against a door and starts brow beating him.  Please don’t tell me they’re going to push ‘Sarge’?

‘Sarge’ ends up finding Sanders and starts throwing his weight around telling him that he wants Lex Luger.  Sanders tells him that they have rules and procedures around here and one of them is that you can’t come in here and bark orders at the Commissioner.  If he wants Luger that is fine with him, however he explains that tonight’s show is already booked so it will have to be on Thunder, but in order to get that match he has to do something for him in return.

‘Sarge’ is on his way to the ring dressed to wrestle while the commentators are still wondering what it is that the Commissioner wants him to do.  It’s only when Goldberg’s music plays signalling his entrance does the penny drop, although they think he’s unaware that it’s his mentor who he will be taking on.  Goldberg passes through the pyro and finally sees who is waiting for him.  He makes it into the ring and says what he’s not wrestling him while ‘Sarge’ repeatedly tells him that “we’re doing this match”.  Lex Luger is out and informs Goldberg that unless he “gets busy” his little buddy won’t get his match with him on Thunder, before reminding him that the bell has already rung and if he lays a hand on him he’ll forfeit this one and be gone from WCW.  Goldberg is about to leave when he’s attacked by ‘Sarge’ who windmills him, laying in punches and kicks as he tries to get Goldberg to fight back, “C’Mon Bill.  Fight me Bill” “It ain’t happening” “Yes it is”.  Something eventually snaps and he spears ‘Sarge’ after reversing an Irish Whip.  No spear though, thinking ‘Sarge’ has had enough.  Goldberg is about to leave for the second time when ‘Sarge’ grabs his ankle preventing him from doing so.  Now we get the jackhammer as it’s put across that ‘Sarge’ sacrificed himself to both get to Luger and to also protect Goldberg’s career.

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