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[2000-12-18-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg vs Buff Bagwell


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You can’t fault WCW’s efforts at plugging Goldberg’s book as they’re at it again here, this time incorporating it into the Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell interview.  Bagwell explains that WCW has ran him into the ground for nine years and he’s finally had enough.  What better way to start things off than aligning himself with Lex Luger in a team they’re calling ‘Totally Buff’.  Luger says that Goldberg might’ve thought it was over but it’s only just begun and they’ve plenty of surprises in store for him, starting tonight.

As the bell rings to get this underway Bagwell immediately takes to the floor.  Goldberg follows suit and chases after him, however lying in wait hiding behind the apron is Lex Luger who attacks him with a chair.  The ref calls for the bell and this is over without either man putting a hand on the other, Buff DQ’d for the interference.  Lex clocks the official with the chair too and they double team Goldberg until DeWayne Bruce makes the save.  The man who has been a jobber in the company for over ten years is now singlehandedly taking care of two of the top heels.  ‘Sarge’ eventually succumbs to a chair shot, although by which time Goldberg is back to his feet, kicking the chair in Luger’s face and nailing Bagwell with a standing side kick.  That’s the signal for ‘Totally Buff’ to get out of there having had enough for today.

I couldn’t believe that they continued to run the Luger feud after Mayhem, now they’re continuing it after Starrcade?

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