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[2017-05-28-PWR-Live: Resbak] Jake de Leon vs. Ralph Imabayashi


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Probably some of the cleanest footage of local wrestling I've seen with commentary as well as instant replays. Also some of the cleanest action I've seen from the local footage of this new era of wrestling as well. JDL's strikes looked pretty damn good and he hit everything pretty strongly and cleanly. Aside from the slight misstep doing the springboard clothesline, his stuff looked great. Imabayashi looked pretty decent here with some good stuff like kicking JDL mid-hand spring. I liked JDL's arm work although Imabayashi's selling of it was in and out. When he did sell it though, it came off really well especially after the hip toss armbreaker. The shenanigans at the end played off well enough and it's a nice way to start off the heel run Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba have been going on and continue to have to this day.


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