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  1. SmartMark15

    Philippine independent wrestling

    Last night was Manila Wrestling Federation's last show for the year and it featured what might just be the best match in Philippine wrestling history between Mr. Lucha and Jake de Leon. I've been told that footage will be made available soon at which point, I'll make a much more objective review based on the footage. Live though, it was a legitimate MOTYC for the world and not just locally.
  2. SmartMark15

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    WWE Crown Jewel What a rotten display of some of the absolute worst practices of the biggest company in the world. A cash grab of billions for an oppressive prince who cares nothing for the industry and even less for the basic human rights of his people and citizens. It's disgusting that WWE chose to continue this show despite the overwhelming call for them to cut ties with Saudi Arabia and it continues to send the message that dollar rules over all even some basic decency. On the show, you need only read the results to understand how shit it was which is all I did considering what a nightmare everything about this show was. Opening with Racist American Hulk Hogan coming down to tell us that forgetting the past is okay as long as we get a few brother brothers in. Then Shane McMahon makes reality of an internet joke and gets crowned the Best in the World because screw that Phil Brooks guy. Brock Lesnar continues his reign of terror by burying the hottest babyface to challenge for his precious spot and bringing us back to a world where the Universal Champion shows up six times a year. Then finally four men who should have picked up their ball and gone home years ago to let their legacies lie decide that wrestling 30 minutes for a dead crowd is the best idea. And a few minutes in, Triple H tears his boob. Hate everything about this show.
  3. The start of the red hot stretch that was the second half of Survivor Series. Second time in a row that Buddy Murphy has come in to completely steal the show. Ali took insane bumps to wake up this crowd and really what more can you ask from a cruiserweight title match. Murphy on offense just looks amazing and like an absolute beast. What an excellent champion for the division. ****
  4. Rousey rookie of the year vs. the motivated Charlotte Flair makes for some magic. These two go out and earn their lost spot as the WrestleMania main event. Rousey is just so scrappy every time she goes out there. There's struggle behind every movement that even her collar and elbow tie ups look absurdly aggressive. Despite that aggression, she also has some of the best bumping and selling in the game? It's a spectacular combination that creates a match where everything felt earned and there seemed to be a feel that anyone could nab the advantage at any second. Not because of any your turn-my turn booking but because both workers were just so determined to just dog it out. That finishing angle was hot as hell and the path to a Rousey Mania main event seems clear. Return to us oh Becky soon, please. Awesome stuff. ****1/4
  5. Daniel Bryan is the man and a motivated Brock Lesnar is one of the best in the world. Loved the atmosphere these two were able to create especially with Bryan actively taunting Brock to start, something we haven't really seen anyone do to Brock since his return. Then we went into the Suplex City horror show before kicking one of the greatest comebacks in wrestling all year. The low blow created a believably vulnerable Brock and Bryan's added aggression in his kicks made it even more believable that he just might sneak the win out. Bryan crossfacing Brock in the Yes Lock is one of my favorite spots all year. Yes, it more or less follows the same formula as the AJ match last year...but that match was awesome too. Easily my main roster WWE MOTY. ****3/4
  6. This is a correct statement. Obviously my avatar reveals my huge bias but the guy has been (for me at least) the best wrestler of the millennium since the mid 2000s and he's back in a spot to help him highlight that.
  7. SmartMark15

    WWE Survivor Series 2018

    Best main roster show of the year. Just edges out Evolution for me. Those last four matches were crazy good and I'm in the camp that has Bryan-Lesnar solidly up there with Lesnar-Styles. Were they formula-wise the same match? Yes. But the addition of Bryan's low blow made for the most believable Brock opponent comeback for a long damn time, even more believable than Reigns' attempts this year. Crazy good show.
  8. SmartMark15

    2018 Wrestler of the Year

    Here are two guys I hadn't considered simply because I haven't seen enough of them. However both their matches with Omega have been excellent and I thought they brought new life to some of the Rush-Park trios matches too. Definitely need to look into them more.
  9. SmartMark15

    2018 Wrestler of the Year

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling on this. I think Seth Rollins, WALTER, and Johnny Gargano have strong cases off of their match quality alone. Kenny Omega might be having an overall better year than Gargano simply for being booked better. Thoughts?
  10. SmartMark15

    WWE NXT War Games 2018

    Easily one of the weaker Takeovers of the year. That being said, individually, I thought all the matches were fun and some were really great too. WarGames itself, I thought, was about the same as last year's all things considered. Dream continues to look absolutely amazing. Thought that title match did start slow but the finishing stretch was as excellent as anything.
  11. Big strikes and heavy hits. What's not to like? Loved how they built to the big bumps like the Nodowa Otoshi and the Lariats towards the end. The visual of their reddening chests mixed with their selling created a strong sense of danger. ***3/4
  12. This match felt huge. WALTER doesn't ever wrestle like he has something to prove. His fundamentals and basics are so sound that when he goes out to perform, he looks like he could be legitimately the best in the world at any given time. The dominance with which he handles Tyler Bate makes Bate's scrappy babyface offense and fire look even better. Bate really is easily one of the more sympathetic babyfaces in the world and that was on full display here. He's incredibly generous with his selling as WALTER just ragdolls him around but when he gets to those big power moves, the crowd just erupts. Fantastic title match up from bell to bell. ****1/2
  13. SmartMark15

    [2018-11-09-NEW-Redemption] Kenny Omega vs Fenix

    Definitely better than the All In match since we're not bogged down with Penta's repetitive taunting. Instead what we get is Omega trying to dominated Fenix with his strikes and suplexes only for Fenix to use his agility, speed, and risk taking to sneak the advantage at points. It makes for very fluid, very exciting wrestling. The set up to the table spot was a little distracting but it didn't eat up too much time and once it did pay off, it felt earned and entirely shocking in the moment as well. From there, the finishing stretch was just the kind of goodness that Omega typically delivers and with a good counterpoint in Fenix who does much more high flying offense than most of the people Omega works with in New Japan. Makes for an exciting dynamic that allows both guys to shine really well. ****1/2
  14. SmartMark15

    2018 Match of the Year

    From what I observed on the website, this 4th match was the most universally praised of their matches here outside of the 3rd. I saw enough people on here saying they didn't like the original trilogy and were surprised by the 4th one and its quality. Not to invalidate your opinion, of course, this is just what I've seen.
  15. SmartMark15

    [2018-04-14-Triple W-Total Rumble 8] A-Kid vs Zack Sabre Jr

    While I disagree with Meltzer's 5 star rating, it's nice that his discussion of this match draws eyes to a small indie that wouldn't normally receive that attention. Lots to enjoy here. The opening grappling looks crisp and when Sabre bothers to stick to a hold, it looks damn painful. The strikes all look and sound fantastic and as is the case with many smaller indie companies in lesser known territories, the crowd is eating everything up. Particularly enjoyed the finishing stretch especially everything following the first Splash attempt. Very good stuff. ****1/4