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  1. Just rewatched this tonight and my God, is the Kofi-Bryan stuff absolute magic. As soon as Orton got eliminated, the crowd got behind Kofi 100% and anything Bryan would do was the worst thing possible. Kofi's fire, daring Bryan to kick him some more, is the stuff dreams are made of for what you want out of a babyface. Determined, strong, and not willing to take any shit. Bryan on the other hand, a perfect heel. Taking any opening given to him and being relentless. His "OH NO" Running Knee kickout face might be the best the original Undertaker iteration. The way he builds up energy to hit that final Running Knee, he's just so instantly hateable. ****1/2
  2. Loved Sabre working over the neck. It was fascinating how both men used their legs to their advantage. Sabre constantly grabbing a scissor hold on the neck and pulling Ibushi and every which way to twist him about was fun. Meanwhile Ibushi relying on his kicks and strikes to knock Sabre down a peg made for great transitions. I particularly enjoyed Sabre thinking he can bully Ibushi only for Ibushi to channel fighting spirit and beat the piss out of Sabre. One of my favorite moments was Ibushi distracting Red Shoes so he could kick the shit out of Sabre in the corner. That's some straight up William Regal goodness. ****1/4
  3. This shit is fucking wild. From that first big punt Shibata laid in, this was just pure magic. I'll admit, it loses me a little in the grappling section but even those at least build up to a big strike laid in and then Shibata's fantastic comeback and combination. The finishing stretch of Fujita punting the shit out of Shibata until he stays down is really one for the ages. One of the best New Japan matches out there and I'd like to thank @ShittyLittleBoots for the recommendation. This was awesome. ****1/2+
  4. SmartMark15

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    This is what really gets me. This is the same company that gave us Bryan's historic 06 title run, Nigel's turn on the fans, Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer murdering each other all over the country, one of the hottest interpromotional feuds in history, and so much more greatness.
  5. SmartMark15

    AstroBoy's 2019 MOTY tracker

    Masashi Takeda vs. Jonathan Gresham (GCW 4/4) Masashi Takeda vs. Jimmy Lloyd (GCW 4/6) Ishimori vs. Lee vs. Bandido (ROH/NJPW 4/6) Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi (ROH/NJPW 4/6) Jay White vs. Kazuchika Okada (ROH/NJPW 4/6) LAX vs. The Rock N Roll Express (GCW 4/7) Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (WWE 4/7) Tony Nese vs. Buddy Murphy (WWE 4/9)
  6. SmartMark15

    Current New Japan

    That's just straight up sexual assault then.
  7. SmartMark15

    NXT talk

    Even with the varied views this match got on this forum, this is truly kind of absurd.
  8. Seeing the card on paper, I always figured Rey-Joe would go short. It's very like Rey to have extremely short Mania matches and I thought they'd pull a JBL-Rey situation here. I was right except for the outcome.
  9. SmartMark15

    The mOveZ Appreciation Thread

    Lee vs. Everett vs. Cedric Alexander from the second Mystery Vortex PWG is a great one. Stole the show that night and put all three guys on the map.
  10. I'm judging this match as a full whole, from both guys coming to the ring all the way to the pinfall. I did not believe in Seth at all coming into WrestleMania and I sure as hell didn't think he was going to win this match. I loved the kayfabe reason for having this open being Lesnar not wanting to wait around backstage if he wasn't going to main event anyway. The beatdown Lesnar gave him to open was great. Rollins bumped his ass off and that was really the best thing he could have done during this match. It also made a nice callback to the Balor match with Lesnar ensuring that he got the momentum early. Rollins making his comeback and hitting three Curb Stomps clean to finally get that sweet pinfall on Brock was fantastic. Again, this from someone who doesn't even think Rollins is the right guy to pull it off. But in that moment, with the way they structured that match, it was fantastic. ****1/2
  11. An insane 10 minute sprint that opened with some good grappling but quickly dissolved into a brawl of strikes once blood got introduced. An awesome display of economy of time. ****
  12. SmartMark15

    [2019-04-07-WWE-Wrestlemania 35] Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

    Watched this twice, once at a bar with a live crowd, and another time at home alone. The reaction to the match in the bar was raucous and wild as everyone was 100% behind Kofi. I thought coming home that the lack of atmosphere might diminish the match but it didn't. Bryan laid out a fucking masterpiece here. Starting with a strong shine, marred only by a blown double stomp spot. Quickly rectified with a brutal cut off with the dive into the announce table, allowing Bryan to go after the ribs with laser focus. His immediate running knees to the ribs, the kicks and diving knee off the ropes, the elbows while applying the Lebell Lock, all pristine offense on Bryan's part. This leads into one of the best finishing stretches in WrestleMania history. Bryan turning up the heel antics, making the climax of his assault the brutal head stomping he was known for on the indies. Then Kofi powering out of the LeBell Lock to just PUNCH BRYAN IN THE FACE. Kofi getting his revenge with head stomps of his own and following up with a Trouble In Paradise and you have the match of the year, a modern WrestleMania classic, one that I do believe will only get better with time. *****
  13. Guys, I'm sure no one here is surprised by me saying this but I'm claiming it: Daniel Bryan is the greatest pro wrestler of all time.
  14. SmartMark15

    [2019-04-05-WWE-NXT Takeover: New York] Matt Riddle vs Velveteen Dream

    Thought this was excellent. Riddle turned up the heel persona by being extra relentless and bringing some fantastic offense to contrast nicely with Dream's 80's meets modern era style. The fact that Dream's offense isn't the best (especially with those axe handles) actually kind of added to the match for me? It made Riddle feel like an even bigger mountain to climb. That Dream got the quick pin to counter the Bromission for the victory was surprising and so satisfying that I didn't even mind that Riddle settled back into a face persona after the match. Great stuff bell to bell here. ****1/4
  15. SmartMark15

    ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard at MSG

    The two big NJPW title matches were both amazing. Okada looked like a fucking megastar, he always turns up the crowd playing when he's in the States.