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  1. These two guys just beat the shit out of each other in this match. Ilja gets the jump on Starr on the ramp and they just go into a strikefest bombfest for a good 12 minutes. What elevates this for me is that brief bit of character work at the end with the dastardly sell out Ilja playing the coward to cut off Starr's momentum. A compact match that just went a hundred miles an hour. ****1/2
  2. Kenny got a much better reaction than I expected during this match. Really enjoyed this as neither guy seemed particularly interested in killing time which is when they're both at their best. Kenny worked over the back early with a really great looking backbreaker. Fenix got his beautiful dive spots in. But things really kicked into the next gear when Kenny started throwing the V Triggers and busted Fenix's nose up. That combined with the big bombs Kenny threw at the end there really did a lot to elevate the match as Fenix did his best to try and weather the storm of Omega's brutality. Great match, my favorite Omega match since he left New Japan. ****1/4
  3. SmartMark15

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    That was probably my favorite Kenny Omega match since he left New Japan. The busted face did a lot to enhance that finishing stretch.
  4. SmartMark15

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    Holy crap, did Kenny bust Fenix's face with a V Trigger? Or was it something else I missed?
  5. SmartMark15

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    Tuned in just now for the Omega-Fenix match.
  6. SmartMark15

    AAA Heroes Immortales 10/19

    They seem to be actively promoting it on online and even mentioned it on commentary before tv began.
  7. Nice little narrative thread here of Starr having the harder hits but Deppen having the ability to string together flashier offense in order to get the better of him. All the offense looked great here, with some nice looking strike offs. I liked Deppen's crazed coffin drop off the top to the floor and I really loved Starr's whiplash bump into the second rope. Really great atmosphere and it escalated nicely. Dope match. ****1/4
  8. This was a really great piece of work with Gresham frustrating Starr on the mat to open. The arm work is really compelling and creative which is what Gresham excels at. The character work of Starr getting more frustrated with Gresham added a nice layer but the best narrative thread here is the arm work which Starr sells incredibly consistently throughout the whole match. And of course when the big bombs and dives started coming out, it escalated into a really exciting bit of indieriffic fun. Awesome stuff. ****1/2
  9. SmartMark15

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Not sure if I've done this yet but I'd like to throw my own channel into the ring here. Been doing video essays on anything that particularly interests me in wrestling that day. https://youtube.com/JosephMontecilloYT
  10. SmartMark15

    AEW Dynamite Week 3 - 16 October 2019

    Great opening segment to build to SCU-Lucha Bros down the line (kind of telegraphed how the other tournament match is gonna go though). On top of that, I like the addition of a quick squash plus that awesome vignette for Cody-Jericho.
  11. SmartMark15

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    I did a video talking about how much I loved the closing angle. Check it out.
  12. SmartMark15

    AEW Dark Megathread

    Janela-Omega in a Lights Out match is on tap for next week. Holy shit.
  13. SmartMark15

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    Janela-Omega Lights Out was the dark main event.
  14. Seems pretty telling to me that NXT is already cycling back on rematches with Lee-Dijakovic next week then Strong-Dream the week after whereas Dynamite continues to promise fresh cards each week.
  15. SmartMark15

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    That show ending brawl was so delightfully layered and paced to get the maximum reaction for everyone and to move everyone's stories forward. It's crazy how well booked that was.