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[2001-10-26-APW-King of the Indies 2001] Low Ki vs Vincenzo Massaro


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With his bad bleach blond haircut and leather pants, Vincenzo Massaro looks like an ECW jobber. He is called The Innovator, although I'm not entirely sure what he's responsibly for innovating. You can tell who is winning this just by looking at the wrestlers.

They start with some heavily shoot-style influenced grappling. Props to Low Ki for working an enziguri into the opening exchanges and it not looking a touch out of place. This match is all Low Ki. Masaro is able to jump through the hoops that Low Ki sets up, but the meat of this match is the future Kaval looking like a total badass. He may look slightly cringy nowadays, but it's easy to say why indy crowds were so enamored with him during this time period. He's nothing like anything American wrestling companies were offering at the time. One spot sees Massaro get Dragon Sleeper'd from the tree of woe position. I can't say I've seen that before.

This works exceptionally well at putting Low Ki over while also not looking like a total squash match.


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