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  1. I'm not quite seeing what most of you see in this if I'm honest. This was a good brawl, but I feel that the Dibiase/Duggan matches smoke this. Sawyer gets his head violently thrown into the barricade a number of times. I liked that Sawyer will happily get himself counted out if it means that he has a chance to blindside Duggan, shows what a nasty bastard Sawyer was. Simplistic brawl with a super hot crowd. ★★★¼
  2. I'm starting to feel like Mick Foley might be a better worker than Shawn Michaels. Shawn beats on Mankind's leg for a solid ten minutes and never once do I feel like that I'm meant to be rooting for the psychotic Mankind. He puts himself through hell and only he could make it work because of his gimmick. I'd find any other wrestler getting up from the damage that Mankind takes here would take me out of the match. That table bump might be one of the best ever as it felt organic and not forced. Even the run-in finish couldn't sour this for me. I remember this being great, but I shocked by how brilliant this was. A serious contender for best WWE match ever. ★★★★★
  3. Any time Foley has a big weapons match with a younger guy, he ends up kick starting their ascension to the main event. It happened with Triple H and Randy Orton and on this night, Edge would be taken seriously as a main eventer. They felt like they were going through the greatest hits of Mick Foley's hardcore spots and they upped the ante with the flaming table spot. Edge takes a nasty bump onto thumbtacks and brings some harrowing facials to the mix, Lita played her role as an interfering valet well and Foley continues to gross me out whenever he takes a steel stairs spot knees first. This was a compact hardcore match which blew me away the first time I saw it. ★★★★
  4. JBL might not be the best wrestler in the world, but his character work sure is brilliant. He's not playing a heel for cool points, he's just a right bastard. Sadly he's not all that interesting when he's working down Eddie, slapping on long headlocks and bearhugs. I found myself wishing for the referee to get taken out so that they could move on to the infamous spot where JBL splits open Eddie's head with a disgustingly loud chairshot. I don't think I have seen a more sickening bladejob in all of wrestling. He paints the ring like a canvas with his crimson mask. Eddie's eventual comeback is a good example of why he was so well loved. JBL brings in Eddie's championship belt to use, but Eddie gets hold of it and nails JBL causing a disqualification. I thought finish was weak, but the post match brawling more than made up for it. Man, you could never see a match like this these days. ★★★★½
  5. cactus

    [1989-03-18-NWA-Landover, MD] Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair

    It's crazy to think what other great matches that these two had that have been lost to time. It's a godsend that someone filmed this, as it shows that these two go full on regardless if it's a PPV, TV show or just a live event. The chops here look just as hard as the ones they do during the Chi-Town Rumble match. This was worked slower than their last match, opening the match with some house show stalling. I thought Steamboat's selling was great, he wobbles all over the place and Flair's work is clearly having an effect on him. There's a lot of borrowed spots from Chi-Town. Steamboat having a comeback that solely consisted of dropping elbows onto to Flair's leg was a neat spot that paid off from all the leg work that Flair had been doing to Steamboat. The finish wasn't as perfectly executed at their last match, but you can't win them all. ★★★★½
  6. Gave this a rewatch. Going to go ahead and give it the full five. I sometime overthink things when I'm watching a critically acclaimed match like this or Steamboat/Savage. I feel like I have to like it, but truth be told, it's as good as it's repetition suggests. It's simple pro-wrestling storytelling done to perfection. The high roller yuppie versus the humble family man. ★★★★★
  7. I checked this out as it was getting a lot of praise online, saying it was one of Jericho's best singles since joining AEW. This was probably the straightest that Orange Cassidy has ever played it. He does his pockets spot at the start of the match and he fakes out Jericho by starting his shin kicks shtick, before nailing him with a surprise superkick. OC is a decent babyface, he takes some nasty bumps into the barrier and get some decent-ish hope spots, with the best one being when he kicks out of the Codebreaker. This is a match that would benefited greatly by having an actual live crowd, as a lot of the reactions here sounded forced and inorganic. ★★★¼
  8. Sometimes there's little point in trying to explain why a match is good and just let the match do the talking. There's nothing deep here. This is a spotfest that wowed audiences back in 1996, and would continue to do so if they had it in 2020. This doesn't quite have the breakneck pace that other big spotfests have, but some of the spots (Rey launching Psicosis into the the turnbuckle from a monkey flip is a personal favourite) are phenomenal. ★★★★
  9. This is one of those matches where the crowd go into this having zero interest, but are on their feet cheering by the time things wrap up. This is Rey's debut and he's definitely walked away from this with a lot of new fans. Not only are his high spots impressive, but he's one hell of a seller here too. Malenko works on his arm and Rey sells by screaming his little lungs off. Malenko might be technically sound, but he is also the wrestling equivalent of a Ryvita. The guy is way too dry and lacking in charisma. He keeps Rey grounded for far too long and it's clear that he's starting to burn out the fans. At least his finish was cool, hitting a nasty snap powerbomb to pick up the victory. ★★★½
  10. Perhaps it's because I knew this was going the time limit, but there are parts of this match that struggled to keep my attention during this 45 minute epic. However this was an excellently worked match that did what it set out to do; make Sting look like a megastar. He no sells some of Flair's chops to make himself look indestructible and knows when to show vulnerability to keep the fans engaged, as noted by that clothesline to the ring post spot that takes out his arm. Props to them for keeping the crowd hot during the entirety of the match. The last five minutes are incredible, with many convincing near falls. ★★★★
  11. cactus

    GME Project: Greatest Match Ever 2020 Ballot

    I'm interested in this. I've started cataloguing every match that I've rated ★★★★½+ in the past few years. I'm not going to be able to watch every recommenced match, but with 70+ matches already on my list, I should be able to submit a halfway decent ballot by August.
  12. cactus

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    With WWE purchasing Evolve, what do you think the chances we will start seeing Evolve matches/shows on the Network soon?
  13. Jesus, how have I not heard of this match before? Might be one of the best ever US tag matches I've ever seen and it totally eclipses the already excellent Fantastics vs Midnights match from the same show. Lex Luger gets a lot of shit for not being as good as his contemparies, but he looks good here. The audience go apeshit for his shine segment and even buy into some of the early near falls. AA & Tully take out Luger's leg, as J.R gives us a lesson on autonomy and explains how sound the heel's strategy is. Windham gets in, but it's not long before he's taken out by a beautifully executed Spinebuster and a DDT from AA. Windham and Anderson are such great sellers that they can even make those double knockdown spots look believable. Dillon ends up accidentally costing his team the win and the crowd explode, reaching a level that could even exceed Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Kroffat/Furnas. ★★★★¾
  14. This is a textbook example on how you do tag team wrestling right! They all time their transitions perfectly and the crowd are molten hot whenever The Fantastics are able to make a comeback. Cornette was a treat to watch at ringside. Him mouthing off to the camera after he realised that he's been caught assisting The Midnights with a table spot was gold. I can take or leave the Dusty Finish, but I did wonder why the referee didn't disqualify any of the times for using weapons at the start of the match. ★★★★
  15. I didn't hate this, but it was rather hard to follow. The wire is wrapped around the ring, and is mostly there to keep everyone within the ring, so I didn't go into this expecting a crazy FMW deathmatch with crazy spots. I like how hot the crowd was, how badass the Road Warriors looked and how they made Dusty an honorable member for this match. The only barbed wire spot I can recall is when Koloff goes arm first into it during the post match. Never thought I would see the 3rd ever WWWF champion do a spot with something that's mostly associated with deathmatch wrestling. Barbarin kicking off Animal's protective face mask was oddly satisfying. ★★