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  1. cactus

    [1995-09-11-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger

    Fresh off his jump to WCW after a failed 2 year run in the WWF, Luger takes on Hogan. It's crazy to think how big of a deal this match would of been in 1995 as these two have never crossed paths before this. This was a compact version of your typical Hogan match until the DOD runs in to cause the DQ just as Hulk had the match won.There's not much here and the DOD were unbearably cheesy and camp, but I did enjoy the spots where both Luger and Hogan no-sold each other's slam at the start of the match. ★½
  2. cactus

    [1995-09-11-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Sid

    Sid does a kip-up in this. That was not a sentence that I thought I'd ever type. Michaels' bumping was a tad over the top, but he has the crowd in the palm of his hand. After getting his ass beat for a majority of the match, Michaels puts away Sid with a barrage of superkicks. Decent enough TV bout, although I could of done without Shawn stripping off after the match. ★★½
  3. cactus

    [1995-09-11-WWF-Raw] Davey Boy Smith vs Razor Ramon

    Solid stuff that kept the crowd hot. They don't do anything too fancy here, but everything works and they tell a decent story about the tension brewing up between 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon. ★★½
  4. This was a lot of fun despite it's short length. Everything is done and dusted within ten minutes as it closes off a very memorable Raw completely rehabbing and refreshing DX after WM 14. Seeing the blue cage on the Raw Is War ring feels out of place. Funk and Foley get little offence in and eat plenty of brutal chairshots. Funk hung on the cage made for a great visual. It's not long until the returning X-Pac, Triple H & Chyna head on out to assist The Outlaws and to firmly establish this new edition of DX as a threat. ★★½
  5. This is neither man's best match, but they both put in a good performance and churn out a enjoyable match given the circumstances. The crowd is fully invested in Austin's rise to the top the Tyson stuff adds a lot of drama. They work around Shawn's hurt back by starting the match off with some stalling before having a brawl around the arena. Shawn even eats a back body drop from the ring to the floor, an insane move to take when your back is literally broken! The match quality takes a dip once they get back in the ring as it's becomes apparent that HBK can't wrestle the pace that he's used to. After a ref bump, the enforcer Mike Tyson to count Austin's pin. This is a the moment the Attitude Era truly begun. Just imagine how good this could of been if neither man was injured! ★★★
  6. A fun garbage brawl. I thought Funk & Foley carried this a tad, with Foley taking some nasty bumps and Funk perfecting his middle-aged and crazy shtick. Terry Funk is so good at wrestling that he's even entertaining when he's just driving a folk lift. ★★★
  7. cactus

    [1998-03-29-WWF-Wrestlemania XIV] The Undertaker vs Kane

    Much better than any other big man match Undertaker had at this point in his career, but it's obviously not a technical masterclass or anything. Kane's character being over certainly helps matters. He's perfected his Michael Myers influenced act. There's a lot of sub-par brawling, broken up with some decent spots. There's enough big moments like the table bump, cinematic entrances and the barrage of Tombstones to keep you distracted from the fact that there's not a whole lot of worthwhile wrestling in this. The ending worked well as it gave Undertaker a win, while keeping Kane strong and giving them a reason to continue their feud. ★★½
  8. I don't think time has been kind to a lot of Rock's material, but this was great. He's still a heel here, but a heel that you can't help but love. Much like his backstage promo at No Way Out the month previously, this shows you why the 'E are so hot on The Rock.
  9. A fun Attitude Era brawl with a hot crowd and plenty of things for me to nitpick. From Savio Vega's infamously flat reveal as DX's mystery partner, Steve Austin's limited involvement, and the illogical uses of tags in this supposed 'unsanctioned' match, but there's still fun to be had with this one. Terry Funk bumping around for the heels and Billy Gunn getting a trashcan lobbed at him were two particular highlights. ★★★¼
  10. When this started I had minimal desire to see Naito become Tetsutya Two Belts. When Naito attempted a Stardust Press (the move that cost him during his last IWGP match with Okada), I didn't want anything more than Naito to get his moment. Okada works as a heel here as he tears about Naito's knee after violently dropping him on the announce table. This damn near gave me an anxiety attack. That's when you know you've created great wrestling. ★★★★½
  11. I saw someone saw this is carried by both men's charisma and I couldn't agree with them more. The workrate is nowhere near as heavy as you can come to expect from a big NJPW match in this era, but they keep you engaged by building up to their big signature moves at a methodical pace and making everything count. Jericho's character work is sublime as flips off the crowd and mocks Gino Gambino. I had little desire to watch this as I was burnt out by all the wrestling I had consumed over the past two days, but these guys brought me back with a well-crafted match. ★★★★¼
  12. The once-disgraced shooter takes on the golden boy in an effort to finally complete his redemption. I was worried this wouldn't hold up as a lot of the NJPW main events struggle to stay engaging on rewatches as you are just waiting for them to get to the good stuff. Shibata is clearly fucking with Okada as he dominates him during the opening matwork and this keeps the first 15 minutes engaging and is essential to the story they telling. The finishing stretch is more typical for your usual Okada IWGP bout, but with added legitimacy as some of the strikes are mortifyingly stiff. This is a match you can show someone who scoffs at wrestling for being fake and they would walk away with some newfound respect for this crazy art form we all love. I'm struggling to think of a better 2010's NJPW match and I can comfortably say this is both guy's best match. If this is Shibata's last ever match, what a note to go out on. ★★★★★
  13. cactus

    Wrestle Kingdom 14

    Night two was indefinitely better than night one. I wasn't even that hyped about the idea of Naito winning both belts, but both guys made me care. White/Ibushi and Jericho/Tanahashi were both better than they had any right to be.
  14. cactus

    Wrestle Kingdom 14

    Eh I found the first show to be underwhelming. I loved the main event, but I couldn't get invested in the other matches. White/Naito was decent, it just went way too long which is a common complaint I have with a lot of NJPW's big matches. I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's main event though.
  15. This technically only goes two minutes, but Lesnar pummels Show with a chair before the match starts. Lesnar does a sublime job of getting over the fact that he's scared of Show. Show hits his finish as soon the bell rings and this gets a huge pop, although he's too hurt to capitalise. Lesnar takes a few body shots before sneaking in a F5 to wrap this one up quickly. The highlight of this is Lesnar's selling of Show's body shots. Lesnar's fantastic when he has to show signs of vulnerability. This is fine for what it is. ★★¾