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[2000-05-26-NWA Southwest] Samir vs Joey Corman


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NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight title match with ‘Playboy’ Joey Corman challenging the champion, Samir.   Some lovely grappling at the beginning between these two, ending with Corman taking Samir down and the shaven headed champion complaining to the official about a non-existent hair pull.  Nice press slam into a Michinoku Driver by Corman and Samir takes to the floor for a chat with his manager after kicking out of the cover.  He counters the attempted DDT with a fireman’s carry take down but then fails to connect on the dropkick as Corman holds onto the ropes.  Death Valley Driver and this time Samir barely kicks out of the lateral press.  A quick fire series of pin attempts and exchanges and they put a black mark on what I’d been enjoying with a ‘stand off’ as both men then bow to the crowd!  Samir with a thumb to the eye before tying Corman up in a submission.  ‘The Playboy’ counters the huracanrana with a powerbomb as they add touches of Lucha Libre in there all whilst maintaining this break neck pace.  Corman heads up top, but Samir dropkicks the ropes causing him to lose his balance.  He rushes in, however Corman kicks him away and then snatches him for a Tornado DDT.  Samir counters that with a Northern Lights suplex and that’s enough to get the three as he retains his Junior Heavyweight title.

That finish felt flat and came out of nowhere, as if no-one was expecting it to be over after a Northern Lights suplex, yet despite that and the feeling that this was only just starting to get going, I enjoyed it.  Two guys who I’ve never heard of, who were both technically proficient and worked a fast paced enjoyable match, mixing in aspects of Lucha Libre there too.  Negative marks for the unnecessary and unwanted ‘stand off’ but this was a pleasant surprise.

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